Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 6

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 6

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Ritik returns from England
Shivanya goes into his cabin
Shivanya in her mind
Why is someone here he’s not back yet
The seat turns it’s ritik
Shivanya: sir
Ritik: how many times do I have to tell you its ritik
Ritik gets up and hugs Shivanya
Shivanya tried to go but slips and ritik catches her they stare
Pehli nazar mein Kasa jadoo kar [in first sight you have done magic]
Shivanya smiles and leaves
Ritik recalls and smiles

Khushi: I wont bump into Arnav
Khushi without looking bumps into Arnav again
Arnav: you seriously need glasses
Khushi: be quite I can see sorry
Arnav: what was that I’m sorry I couldn’t hear u
Khushi gets annoyed and leaves Arnav smiles and laughs

Ishita: Raman sir you called me
Raman: yes you’ll get your payment next week
Ishita: what
Raman: you heard me next week
Ishita: but sir
Raman: or do you want it next week
Ishita: no sit ok
Raman smiles
Ishita leaves irritated
Ishita reaches her desk and sees A envelope she opens it and sees her check
Ishita: maybe he’s not bad at heart

Abhi: Pragya I would like to thank you without you my concert wouldn’t have happened
Pragya: thank you sir
Abhi: I feel like you wear glasses do you
Pragya: I used to
Abhi: ok fuggi that’s your new name
Pragya: o god help me
Pragya leaves

Amma is walking and sees a woman
Amma: excuse me
The woman turns
Woman: you
Amma: cow looking woman
Woman: are you calling me fat
Amma: you still look like a cow that’s why
Woman: oye watch it
Amma: o shut up Satoshi bhalla aka cow
Mrs. Bhalla: why are you calling me a cow
Amma: because of you last time my daughter turned to snake and then we got rid of snake powers
Mrs. Bhalla: I know that was wrong but you are stupid

Precap: A new people move in next door to iyer
Amma argued with mrs.bhalla
Ishita Raman come out and get shocked to see each other
Same happens with Abhi Pragya and Arnav Khushi and ritik Shivanya

Next update Saturday or Sunday since my computer and Internet is getting fixed sorry

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  1. superb , so now bhalla’s and iyers are neighbours now great , update next episode soon

  2. i agree with will be great fun. can’t 4 next

  3. i agree with fan. it will be great fun. can’t wait 4 next.

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Ritik shivanya was romantic.Arshi n Abhigya were cute.Ishita feels raman isnt as rude as she thought.How is Toshi responsible 4 shivanya’s snake condition?

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