Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 6 promo (arshi added)


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin part 5 promo (Arshi added)
Hi friends unfortunately I cant post any part today im sorry since school work and its been and will be much a hectic day so sorry here is a glimpse of whats gonna happen thanks for the comments please keep on commenting and i love the support i get

Ritik returns from buisnesstrip
Ritik hugs sHIVANYA
Tum hi ho plays
Shivanya: Heloo sir
Ritik: o god how much times did i tell you its ritik
Shivanya: okay ritik
Shivanya slips Ritik catches her
Shvanya in her mind
What is happenening to me

Pehli nazar me asa jadoo kar diya plays (In first sight you have done magic now im yours and your mine)
Scenes have been cut for a promo

Khushi: I wont bump into Arnav
Khushi is looking and walking
Khushi then is looking at her phone bumps into Arnav
Khushi: Arnav ji
Arnav: I dont even have words how many times are you gonna bump into me
Scenes have been cut since its a promo

Ishita: Raman sir

Raman: o yeah your payment youll get next week
(Scenes cut) Promo it is
Ishita walks out angirly

Pragya and Abhi meet
Abhi thank you
(Scenes cut since a promo)

Amma bumps into the woman
Woman: o you
Amma: cow looking woman
Woman: are you calling me fat
(Scenes Cut)

Stay tuned until tomorrow

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Promo is very good.Please update part 6.I am excited to read part 6.

  2. The ff is very thrilling……i am very excited to read the next part….. waiting for the update…. please update the 6th part as soon as possible……

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