Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 5


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 5 (Arshi Added)
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Ishita: Raman sir
Raman: what
Ishita: you need to give me my payment check
Raman: o shut up I give it to you when I want
Ishita: sir you have to pay me today
Raman: ahh come tomorrow and now leave before i cancel your payment
Ishita leaves irritated
Ishita going out bumps into Khushi
Khushi: Ishita what happened
Ishita: nothing
Khushi: something happened or you wouldnt be irritated
Ishita: nothing Khushi
Khushi: fine dont tell me you dont trust me
Ishita: fine Raman is not giving me my pay check
Khushi: I know he has a ego due to some reasons hes not bad at heart he will give you your payment watch
Ishita; thank you khushi
Ishita goes home
Khushi: tell Shivanya happy birthday

Kushi without loking bumps into Arnav
Arnav: seriously why cant you see where you walk
Khushi: excuse me
Arnav: what excuse me
Khushi: you bumped into me i didnt bump into you
Arnav: whtever
Shivanya comes there
Shivanya: Khushi do you know where Ritik is
Khushi: o yeah hes out on a buisness trip for a week you can work with me
Khushi: Shivanya by the way Ritik left thois birthday gift for you
Shivanya takes the gift
Shivanya: tell him thanks
Khushi: o yeah happy birthday
Shivanya: thank you
Shivanya leaves with Arnav

Pragya: Abhi
Abhi: we have a concert
Pragya: i might have to leave early its my sisters birthday
Abhi: fine lets just finish the concert
Pragya and Abhi perforrm on TUNG LAK from sarbjit
Abhi: my fans this is my model Pragya Iyer
Everyone claps
Pragya sees the time and leaves
Abhi tries to find her
Abhi; she left well ill thank her tomorrow

Iyer family
SHivanya: Heloo anyone hear
Shivanya turns on the lights
All: happy birthday to you happy birthday Shivanya happy birthday to you
Shivanya sees Arnav Ishita Pragya Amma Akka Mr. Iyer and Bala and gets happy and teary eyes
They bring the cake
She cuts the cake
Amma gets tensed looking at the time
Amma: 10 pm o dam
Shivanya starts to turn to snake
Amma: Shivu if you dont make a option today you will be a snake for the rest 100 years and you pray and pray to SHiv idol
Shivanya: I know Amma
Ishita: I feel so bad when you were young it shouldnt have happened
Shivanya: I shivanya Iyer pick to be a human and marry a human and love a human
A light glows Shivanya screams in pain
All shocked
They see SHivanya in a human avatar
Amma: i think its done noe you cant be a snake for along time
Shivanya goes in relief
AMMA: For the pain you got that cow lookiung woman will pay

Precap; Amma sees and meets the cow looking women
Bhalla fmaily momets
Abhi and Pragya come cloose
Ritik returns makes Shivanya happy
Ishita gets her check

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