Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 4

Ishra, Abhagya, Arshi and Naagin love story part 4
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Khushi: this arnav full of attitude
Arnav: excuse me are you talking about me
Khushi gets shocked and turns and sees Arnav
Khushi: O Arnav ji you here
Arnav: I was walking by and heard you say something about me
Khushi: I was joking you know jokes
Arnav: your full of jokes
Arnav leaves
Khushi makes an irritated face
Khushi goes from there

Ishita; Raman
Raman: sir to you what is it
Ishita: I need to talk to you about your meeting you have one right now
Raman: why didnt u tell me before
Ishita: sir I tried but you didn’t listen
Raman: o just be quite
Ishita: sir you should hurry
Raman leaves
Ishita: ego ego ahhh I hate exotic people
Raman: Ishita your coming with me since you are my personal assistant
Ishita: o God shoot me
Raman and Ishita go in the car

Pragya: abhi sir are you sure you want me
Abhi: of curse I’m sure you will be a great model
Pragya: so thank you sir
Abhi: no big deal
Pragya: what date is today
Abhi: the 16 of May
Pragya: it’s been 7 years
Abhi: of what
Pragya: nothing

Shivnya: sir
Ritik: just call me ritik
Shivanya: sir could you tell me what date is today
Ritik: 16 of May
Shivanya: sir I have to go home early today
Ritik: sure you can go

Abhi shivanya pragya and Ishita reach home
Amma is there and in. Tensed mode
Amma: ayo they’re you all are I was getting worried
Amma: itS been 7 years of that incident I am never gonna forgive myself
Shivanya: Amma that was my fault I should have never done that I wish now I wasn’t borned
Amma: Shivanya never say that again
Arnav: shvu please don’t say that
Amma: but it’s been 7 years do you think that it happen again
Arnav: Amma we should never discuss this
All nod and leave
Shivanya feels dizzy

Raman sees Khushi upset
Raman calls abhi and ritik
All of them go to khushi
All: khushi
Khushi: don’t talk to me you all have forgotten me
Mrs. Bhalla: what’s happening here
Khushi goes to Mrs. Bhalla
Khushi: Mumyji these people don’t care about me
Mrs. Bhalla: why what did you three do that hurt your only sister
Raman: nothing
Khushi: they have all ignored me
Raman: ok baba sorry we’ll take you out to dinner tonight fine
All agree khushi gets happy and hugs her 3 brothers at once
They wow never to let anyone harm khushi

Shivanya feels dizzy and dizzy
Shivanya turns into a snake
Amma comes there and sees it and screams
Everyone gets shocked and come
Everyone sees a snake
Arnav: what is this snake doing here
Shivanya turns back
Ishita: shiva what is this
Shivanya turns back into a snake
Shivanya: I feel weaker and weaker like I can only pick that I will be a human or nagin
Ishita: shivanya 17 May is your birthday your 22 that means a big decision
Amma gets restless
Amma: hey mata rani I will never forgive that cow looking woman
Ishita shivanya pragya and Arnav laugh

Precap: shivanya to make a big decision shocking everyone
Ishita to get annoyed by Raman
Khushi and Arnav cute argument
Pragya and abhi concert twist
Ritik on a business trip for a week
Amma seesthe person she calls cow lookingwoma

In this fanfiction they’re are many twists to come don’t forget to read my next part on Tuesday

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