Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 29 & season 2 promo

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season finale part 29
Hi friends thanks for the comments and support Season 2 promo is at the end Please comment and support and season 2 will be big and a continuation that will be shocking I know you will hate this ending but there is a big twist with sitara death

Ishita: Why did Sitara give up her life
Doctor: excuse me
SHivanya: yes
Doctor: She has dies im sorry we couldnt save her
Doctor: She said to read the letter and died
Khushi opens the letter
Dear Khushi Shivanya Ishita Pragya
I never ment any harm to you all I was on their side because I wanted revenge I used to go to Arnav college where I used to be friends with all of them then My sister Hira and Arnav were getting married then all 4 of them took my sisters life together they all killed my sister Hira sje never did harm and I didnt want to harm anyone so I sacrifised myself to save you all I hope you understand this I wish you the best in your lifes and live a happy marraige life or maybe its up to you

Ishita Pragya Shivanya and Khushi are shocked
Ishita: how can this happen my Raman did this no this cant happen
Pragya: I dont belive this but she sacrifised her life to save us
Shivanya; Im now unsure if i wanna marry
Khushi; Arnav did this I cant believe it
Ishita: We cant do this its time to leave this marraige and move away from here forever and start a new life i know this will be a hard decision

Khushi: its so hard to choose
Pragya: I dont know
Shivanya: what should we do
Ishita Khushi Pragya and Shvanya cry as they recall the moments spent

Ishita: girls its time now we have to not do this marraige
Khushi: I agree
Pragya: even I agree
Shivanya: yes

Ishita Pragya Khushi and SHivanya write their letter and pick up the suitcase
Kabhi Alivida na kehna plays
Ishita Pragya Khushi and Shivanya leave the houses

Mrs. Bhalla: GO call the girls
Amma goes in and sees no one there
Amma sees 4 letters Labeled Raman ABhi Arnav and Ritik
Amma takes the 4 letters to them
Raman ABhi Arnav and RItik are shocked and break down
Mrs. BHalla: what ahppened
Arnav: AMma
Amma: Arnav my son what happened
Arnav: they left and went away from this marraige
Mrs. BHalla; your daughters left how dare they betray my sons
Amma: how dare your daughter betray my son
Mrs. Bhalla: we have to find them
Raman: no I dont wanna see Ishita now

Ishita in her mind on a plane
I know you cant forgive me but im sorry I love you and always will
Ishita send Raman that text
Raman sees the message and cries in his room

Pragya sends the message to Abhi
Abhi This is fuugi I know your angry but know I love you and will always I have my reasons
Abhi sees the message
Abhi cries and says your not my fuugi

Khushi also sends a text to Arnav
SOrry Arnav ji I had to do this I have my reason I love you alot
Arnav cries and hugs Amma
Amma: my daughters left its because of the bhalla no its my daughters fault
AMma cries

Shivanya sends a message to Ritik
I am sorry for this I have hurt your feelings Im sorry I love you and always will
Ritik cries and says Have a wonderful life I will always love you as well

Khushi Pragya Ishita Shivanya reach London

Promo for season 2
A few months later IN london
Ishita: I have never forgetten you Raman
Pragya: Im sorry ABhi I have never forgetten you as well
Shivanya: I love you RItik and will always
Khushi: Arnav Im sorry for it Aranav

Raman ABhi Ritik and Arnav come to LOndon
What has Destiny planned for THe 4 pairs?
A girl looking like siatara is also in london
Who is SItara look alike?
Will a big truth and will the pars reunite?
Season 2 comming on AUgust 27 2016
Lets see what will happen

Thanks for the comment and support THis whole season has been wonderful thanks to your Patience and thank you all for commeting

LOts of love until next time August 27 2016 season 2 returns

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  1. mouni roy fan

    Fantastic AHT.Looking forward to season 2.Hope it would be more amazing…….good luck

  2. I know you won’t like it the ending is promise a big season 2 with new twists

  3. jasmine Rahul

    sitara says in d letter that all these guys killed her sis n thats y she wanted 2 take revenge?Bcz of this they decided not 2 marry our heroes n so our heroes n family mu them.oh..i think sitara is alive n its not her look alike.she did this goody drama to create mu btw d heroes n heroines

  4. Its too bad

  5. Siddhi

    Vet good ending I was crying but hope they get reunite in season 2 very nice episode and also read my ff a journey from hate to love it’s based on rivanya pls read and comment

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