Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 27


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 27
Heloo friends sorry for late uodate lets begin thanks for the comments and suppport and keep on commenting and giving support it is making me sad to end this but I will be back with season 2 this season 1 will end july 2

Ishita: Raman I always thought of having a great husband who will take care of me and will treat me as his queen I think my wish has been furfiled
Raman: Ishu baby dont think about it I promise you ill be a great husband and we might have a baby
Ishita blushes
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Raman: what YOu dont want a child
Ishita smiles
Raman: leave that smile on IShita it suits you
Ishita Raman honey I love you
Raman: Luv you more n

Pragya: ABhi
ABhi: Fuggi sometimes I wonder will you go awayfrom me
Pragya: what no not in a billion years
Abhi; promise me
Pragya: I promise you not to go away from you
Abhi; I love you alot
Pragya: I love you as well
Abhi and Pragya smile

RItiK: After a few days you will be mine
SHivanya: after a few days im already yours
RItik: no I mean you will belong to me forever
SHivanya smiles
Ritik points at her lips
RItiK: let me kiss na
Shivanya: Ritik stop na after marriage we will se
Ritik: you will be mine then i can do what i want
Shivanya blushes

Khushi: mein lovely made for you
Arnav: Khushu can I kiss you on the lips
Khushi: NO not now after marraige i will be yours ] Arnav: Khushi meri jaan homey
Khushi: Ok fine I love you lots
Arnav”: what did you say
Khushi (loud): I love you
Arnav: I love you to
Everyone around them looks and laughs
Arnav and KHushi blush

Shagun: tomorrow is the day the death day
SHesha: tomorrow our biggest enemys will breath their last
Tanu: and we would havewom
Sitara doesn’t say anything
Shesha: why aren’t you saying anything SItara
SItara: you already said everything what am I suppose to say
SHagun: she has a point

Wedding day
Ishra, Abhagya, Arshi and Rivanya marraige day

Precap: The vamps come to stab the 4 goodies
The goodies look in shock seeing them with knifes and red dress ] Someone gets stabbed by all 4

Who is that person? WHo gave the sacrifise?

Guys tomorrow will be no post Satirday will be maha twist day and thats when you will know what happens

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  1. Siddhi

    Nice episode and please update soon can’t live with suspense

  2. Nice so what you think about season 2 it would be pregnancy twist of all heroins or what

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Rivanya n Arshi were very romantic.Abhigya dialogues indirectly pointed out that pragya is going 2 b in danger.feeling tensed that all heroines r going 2 b in danger

  4. superbb yarrrrrrr

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