Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 26


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 26
Hi friends thanks for the comments and support I would like to seriously thank all of you people for reading my story we have reached 26 parts this story season 1 will end on July 4 or maybe before well lets get on track

Mrs. Bhalla: Raman ABhi Khushi and Ritik did you get ready already we have to go
All come down
Mrs. Bhalla: Stay happy forever
All touch mrs. bhalla foot
Mr. Bhalla” come on were gettkn g late already

Amma goes to see Ishita Pragya Shivanya
Amma sees them ready and looking beautiful \
Amma gets teary eyed
Ishita: AMma why are you crying
AMma: After a few days ill have to do your bidaai all of you will go at once
Ishita Shivanya and Pragya hug Amma
Arnav: here we go with emotional drama

Amma welcomes the bhalla family
Ishita, Pragya Shivanya and Khushi come down
Raman ABhi RItik and Arnav get mesmerized by their beauty
Guest: WOw the groom and the ladies look the same because of the color
Ishita comes to Raman
Raman: Ishu honey you look beautiful
Ishita smiles
Raman winks at her
Pragya goes to Abhi
Pragya: how do I look ] Abhi: like a fairy
Pragya starts to blush
Arnav: this isnot khushi you are way too beautiful
Khushi: o really Arnav
Arnav winks at her
Shivanya: Hi
Ritik: heloo baby doll
SHivanya: seriusly
RItik: you look so beautiful

Amma: lets get the engagement dome
Appa: Yeah lets start
Mrs. Bhalla: lets start with the old pair Raman and Ishita
Raman puts the ring on Ishita finger
All clap
IShita then puts the ring on Raman finger
SHagun sees this and gets jealous

Mrs. BHalla: Arnav and KHushi your next
They exchange the ring
SItara gets shocked

Mrs. Bhalla: Ritik and SHivanya Abhi Pragya go
They exchange the rings
Shesha and Tanu look in anger from window

Dj: Everyone we will have couple dance starting with Ishita Raman
Ishita and Raman come and dance on Gerua
Ishita and Raman keep on staring after the dance
DJ: heloo
Ishita and Raman blink and get shy

Dj: next we have Abhi and Pragya
They dance Kar gayi chull
ABhi kisses Pragya on the cheek

Dj: Ritik and SHivanya and Khushi Arnav will perform on a song
THe 2 pairs dreamly dance on Janam Janam and HUgh heels from ki and ka

Shagun: they’re engagement happened I wont let them marry
Shesha; I should go kill Shivanya
Tanu: we wont let them marry
Sitara: we can kill them anytkme
Shagun: we have to wait for the right time
Shesha: ON the wedding day I will take her place
Vamps laugh

Precap: Romance between 4 pairs
Wedding Vamps ready to kill

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