Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 25


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 25
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Ishita: Pragya why do I feel so upset
Pragya: maybe missing Raman
Ishita: okay enough
SHivanya: Aww you miss Raman
Ishita: your faces show it as well
THey all smile

Raman: I miss Ishita so much
Abhi; look who missing Bhabhi
Ritik: that is so sweet
Raman: OKay you both are missing each other as well

Arnav is hidding and texting Khushi
Arnav; I miss you
Khushi: me too but we cant meet

Amma: Tomorrow is engagement and sangeet combined so people get ready
Ishita: o yeah tomorrow is engagement
Amma brings them they’re dresses
Ishita; I like thos blue lenga
Pragya: I will take the green lenga
Shivanya: o red is my favorite ill take that pne
Amma goes to Arnav and gives him yellow suit

Mrs. BHalla: Raman, ABhi and Ritik come and get your suits
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman gets blue Abhi green And ritik red
Mrs. Bhalla: Khushi gets the yellow lenga

Shagun: tomorrow is the engagement we cant do anything about it
Shesha: I wont let them marry on the wedding day
Tanu: but how ar we gonna replace our selfves with them
SItara: we could get them all to die and take their places
Shagun; We can pretend this
Shagun: first we will all pick up knifes and go and stabb them all
Shesha: we will take the place of them
Tanu: After we get married
SItara: we cook up a story that before dying they told us to marry you all
All the vamps laugh
SHagun calls someone
Shagun: Heloo Ashok I dont have any more powers I need 4 sharp knives deadly ones
Ashok: ill send them
The knifes come
Shagun: get ready to die Ishita after 5 days in the baraat
Shesha; YOu will die Shivanya
Tanu: Bye Pragya
ALl the vamps laugh

Raman, Abhi, Ritik sneak out and Arnav sneaks out from the other place

Raman knocks on Ishita window
Ishita comes out to the balcony
Ishita: Raman baby
Raman hugs Ishita
Raman: I missed you soo much
Ishita: NO i missed you more
Raman kisses Ishita on the cheek
Ishita: Raman
Raman tries to lip kiss ishita
Ishita: after marraige
Raman: now bye I love you see you tomorrow
Ishita: I love you more

Pragya sees someone and screams
ABhi puts his hand on Pragya mouth
ABhi: Its me Fuggi
Pragya: Ap You here
Abhi; I couldnt stay away
Abhi; NOw i have to go I love you
Pragya: I love you more

RItik comes to Shivanya
RItik: HOw are you my beautiful fairy
SHivanya: you here
Ritik: i couldnt stay away from you
SHivanya; PKay now leave before someone comes
RITIk; see you tomorrow i love you
Shivanya smiles

Khushi is seen on the balcony
Arnav climbs up
Khushi gets scared and slips
Arnav catches her
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon plays

Precap: Engagement
COuples dance
Vamps get ready to attack

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    The romantic scenes of couples were beautiful.Vamps planning 2 kill d heroines n marry d heroes making them believe that d heroines wanted them 2 marry d vamps.R the heroes that foolish 2 believe it?Their bonding with our heroines is so strong that they cant marry anyone else even if they lose their ladies.
    Plz tell which actress plays Sitara?plz plz

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