Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 24

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 24
Hi friends I have decided to extend this season this finale will rock and roll It will have major twists for season 2 please keep on commenting and thanks for the comments

Ishita: Raman dont you think this is happening to quickly
Raman: Baby things happen quickly we are going to become one
Ishita smiles
Ishita: I have to go now
Raman: bye i love you
Ishita: bye sweety I love you as well
Raman and IShita leave while smiling

Abhi: Fuggi we will become one forever
Pragya: I know we do become one but I am thinking of fast this will be
Abhi: when the pandit comes the date will be set
Pragya; IM happy that my 2 sisters will come with me
Abhi; We havent confessed you first
Pragya: Im a girl your a boy you fiRst
Abhi: bye then
Pragya: I love you
ABhi gets shocked
Abhi hugs her
Abhi: I love you too fuggi

Shivanya; DO you really love me
Ritik: of course I do or you would have been a snake
Shivanya: I love you as well
RItik gets cloose to SHivanya
Shivanya: NOT NOW Ritik after marraige
Ritik kisses Shivanya on the cheek
Shivanya leaves

Arnav: Khushi pagal how are you
Khushi: IM okay
Arnav: I love you KHushi tahts why I wanted to spend more time
Khushi: I love you too I used to bump into you purposely because i started to love you
Arnav and Khushi hug

At home
Amma: all my kids are getting married on the same day I will have to give my 3 daughter I willhave to do bidaai and then welcome my new daughter in law
All smile
Amma: Pandit comes tomorrow

Shagun: THis cant happen
Shesha; It has happen but I wont let them suceed this time
SItara: I dont know
Tanu: neither do i
SHagun: what about hmm On the wedding day we make all the goodies faint and sit in the mandap with a cover and marraige completes
All The villans laugh

Next morning
THe doorbell rings
Ishita PRagya Shivanya and Arnav run to the door ]
They open the door
Raman Abhi RItik and Khushi come
Pandit comes
Pandit: The good mahurat will be the 25 of june
Mrs. BHalla: that is comming quickly you all cant meet eacg other until marraige
ALl the couples face turns to sad
All the couples are going apart
Kabhi Alivida na Kehna plays

Precap: Villans start to think about steps for a plan
All the couples sneak out to meet each other

GUys I am posting a maha finale promo as well

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Ishra Arshi Abhigya Rivanya scenes were cute,but d most romantic couple in this ff is Rivanya.R these vamps planning 2 replace our heroines on d mandap?hope they don’t succeed

  2. hahahahh…….d sad faces of all d couples……

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