Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 22


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 22
HI friends thanks for the comments and support and I have an announcement I will reveal at the end and a poll as well so lets begin a this love story and please comment and give support if you want 😉 🙂 this is long as promised 😉

Ishita comes home
PragyaL well well where have you been
Ishita: no where had some office work
Pragya: Or were you with Raman jiju
Ishita; Pragu please
Pragya hugs Ishita

Pragya: I know you both love each other
IShita blushes
Ishita: where is SHivu
Arnav comes
Arnav: whata re my 2 sisters discussing
Ishita: nothing have you seen Shivanya
Amma: she didnt come home
Ishita Pragya Arnav and Amma gets worried seing it 12 o clock at midnight
Ishita: OK now its offically getting too late lets go ask bhalla maybe Ritik knows

Shagun: Shivanya should be a snake for a long time
Shesha: she has till tomorrow 12 am 24 hours to return to normal but she wont be able to only A naagin can enter shiv temple she cant tranform into SHivanya if she stays ike this she will be a regular snake
Sitara: That is brilliant i will think about that for Khushi
Tanu: Pragya I should do it on

Ishita and Pragya go to Bhalla house
Ishita rings the bell
A little girl opens the door
Girl: yes
Ishita: beta can you call an elder
GIrl: aren’t you our nice nneighbor IShita
Ishita: i am and you are
Girl: IM ruhi
IShita recalls about the shagun and RUhi Adi thing Raman told her
Ishita: go call your papa or an elder please

RUhi goes to Raman
RUhi: Papa
Raman: Yes
Ruhi: there is an ishita aunty at the door
Raman: Ishita
Raman gets up and goes
Mrs Bhalla is talking to Ishita
Ishita: she hasnt shown up anywhere have you seen her
Raman comes
Raman: Ishita you here
RItik: I saw shivanya going home today
Ishita: thanks

Ishita and Pragya go
RAman: Ill be back
Raman goes to ishita
Raman hugs Ishita
Raman: my baby how are you
IShita blushes
Ishita: jst worried
Raman: nothing will shappen babe
Ishita leaves from there
Raman; love you

IShita: love you too
RUhi comes there
RUhi: PAPA did you just tell that aunty you love her
Raman: NO
RuhiL tell me the truth or Ill tell dadi
Raman: okay yes
RUhi: THat aunty is nice she can be my Ishi ma
Raman hugs RUhi

Khushi comes to Iyer house
Khushi: Ishita Pragya come with me
Khushi: IShita could the villans have something to do with this
Pragya: she is right
Ishita sees a snake behind Pragya
IShita: Pragya there is a snake behind you

Pragya screams
Snake in her head
IShita Pragya Khushi its me Shivanya
IShita: what is it doing here
Snake tries to turn into someone doesn’t happen

Khushi Pragya and IShita leave toward the villan house
SHivanya follows who is a snake
Shesha; what happened you three cant find shivanya hahahahah
Ishita: where is Shivanya
Shagun: dont worry you will see her eventually
Ishita sees Shagun doing magic
IShita; SHagun close your eyes and open them
Shagun: why
Ishita: DO it
SHagun clooses her eyes and opens them
IShita: apple
A apple comes into Ishita hand
Ishita; where is shivanya
Shesha: go find a snake a reguar one thats your shivanya ill kill all 3 of you
Shesha tries to attack a snake attact her and she falls and faints
Ishita KHushi PRagya come out

THey pick up the snake
iSHITA sees Shivanya mark on the snake
Pragya: THis is shivanya

AMma: did you find SHivanya
THey bring a snake
Amma: shivu
IShita: she cant turn into SHivanya
Amma: let me call a baba

Ishita goes out and cries
Raman cmes there and hugs her
Raman: Ishu baby everything will be okay
Yeh hai mohabatein sad version plays

Pragya is seen upset
Abhi comes there and hugs her
Shivanya in her head
Why am I getting so attracted to him why
DO I Love her

Arnav is sompletely silent
Khushi goes there
Khushi: everything will be okay

Precap: Baba tells her tof ind SHivanya true love to bring her to SHiv ifol then sheel be okay
ALL of couples are tensed
Ritik picks up Shivanya Shesha is shocked
Ishita Raman come clooser due to RUhi
Arshi cute date

Friends here is my announcement
THis first season will end in july 15 or maybe 17 of july since my relatives are comming over for a month

Would you friends like a season 2 after august 25 yes or no this is the poll the last episode of season 1 will be ard to write but I will do it

Soon there will be a glimpse of Seaon 2 written is july I am making it like naagin trailer fro october it willl be back in 40 to 45 days so stau tuned and comment if you would like a season 2 in August 2016

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    Wow really good AHT. Waiting for next episode.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    sad that shivanya isnt abke 2 change in2 a human.hopefully with ritik’s help it happens

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