Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 20


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 20
Heloo everyone thanks for the comments and support i would like to personally thank you we have reached 20 parts and please keep on commenting and support me No post tomorrow since its my last exam yes then post everyday guys I also have started Ishita and Raman love story New Fanfiction please check it out 🙂 😉

Ishita and Raman are at dinner
Ishita: Raman
Raman: yes
Ishita: I have a reply for you
Raman; that is
IShita in a low voice; I I
Raman: what did you say
Ishita: I love you too
Raman gets happy and hugs Ishita
Ishita and Raman get lost in each others eyes
Yeh hai mohabatein plays
Raman: Ishita you are my queen and my love I cant live without you
Ishita smiles
Raman: Lets go darling
Ishita and Raman are going while holding each other hand

Abhi: Fuggi our next contest will be what
Pragya: lets see it could be a great song
Abhi: BUt what song
Pragya: I dint know
ABhi: What about Janam Janam
Pragya: not a bad idea
Abhi: so let me sing this one but I need a girl to sind with me
Pragya: but who
Abhi: you
Abhi and Pragya sing
Pragya and ABhi pratice they fall into each other thoughts
Pragya and Abhi hug each other
Pragya and Abhi recall the moments Janam Janam

Shivanya: RItik IM scared of becoming a naagin because I Like to be a human
Ritik: dont worry Shivu you will be okay dont worry
Shivanya: im just nervous actually im not scared just tensed
Ritik: I know calm down Shivanya
Ritik kisses SHivanya on the cheek
Shivanya is shocked but smiles and stares at him
Shivanya: Lets go then
SHivanya and Ritik go on with Ritik wondering if he love shivanya

Khushi: Arnav
Arnav: yes
Khushi: YOu know all the times I yelled at you I always thought of you as my friend
Arnav: Yes I know what you mean I have also thought of you more than a friend
Khushi: I think of you as my more than my best friend
KHushi slips and arnav catches her
Iss pyaar o kya naam doon plays

Precap: Villans target Khushi and SHivanya
Ishra moments brings them clooser
Rivanya cute moments
Abhagya Janam contest
Arshi doesn’t let go of each other

Please read Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction and comment

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Siddhi

    Really good episode and all the best for your exam.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita confessed her luv 2 Raman.very romantic.Th arshi didn’t say directly luv was hidden in their words.arnav catching her was romantic.ritik consled shivanya n kissed her tho he hasn’t realized his feelings.their scene was also romantic.abhigya chose janam janam 2 a romantic song.

  3. It was awesome

  4. My best wishes for your exam. Really cool and nice

  5. Sarayumane

    I am a silent reader, I never commented on your ff and I won’t be able to comment also, I just want you say that I like this ff a lot and I am studying it daily.

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