Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 19

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 19
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Ishita: These villans we have to be careful of now
SHivanya: True

SHivanya turns into a human and faints
Ishita: Shivanya
Khushi: SHivanya
Pragya: SHivu
Shivanya wakes up and notices her on the floor
Ishita: SHivu you okay
SHivanya: ofcoure im okay

Ishita: OKay So what were you saying
Pragya: yeah you were in our dreams saying something about Ishita and
Pragya: Raman
Khushi: yeah what were you saying about my bhai
Shivanya: Ishita I think Raman loves you
Pragya and KHushi are shocked
Ishita smiles
SHivanya: the way he was caring about you proves it
Ishita: he did confess to me but im not sure
KHushi: SHivanya is right I see the love of you in my brothers eyes and your eyes speak it as well
Ishita: im not even sure
KhushiL when your about to sleep today ask yourself who is made for you
THey all reach their homes

Khushi: who is made for me
Pragya: who is it that i love
SHivanya: WHo is my love
Ishita: WHo do i love
ALl 4 womans fall asleep while the villans are shocked and angry
SHagun: I say its SHesha fault she probably didnt give good poison
Tanu: truth
Sitara: thats what she always does back stabber
Shesha: should I give all of you poison and end your lives
Shagun: fine but our next attack will ne on Shivanya or Pragya or maybe KHushi we are gonna use a different plan
ALl the villans go to sleep

Ishita dream
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: Raman where am I
Raman: Ishita I know you love me
Ishita is stunned to hear
Ishita”: am I dreaming
Raman: Your mind created me in your dream to tell you that you love me only and were made for each other
Ishita: I Dont know
Raman: Ask your heart
Ishita clooses her eyes and sees Raman
Ishita wakes up and recalls
Ishita: That means I love Raman now its to hard to confess

Pragya dream
Abhi: Fuggi Fuggi Fuggi when will you learn
Pragya: Abhi sir
Abhi: Fuggi Fuggi
Pragya tries to touch Abhi
They both stare
Pehli nazar plays

Shivanya sees Ritik in her dream
Ritik: Shivanya
Shivanya sees Ritik and runs to him
Shivanya hugs him
Shivanya: where am I
Ritik; I should ask where am I
Shivanya pinches ritik and he disappears ans so does shivanya
Shivanya wakes up

Khushi dream she sees Arnav
Arnav: Khushi watch please who you bump into
Khushi: Arnav ji
Arnav: where am I and with you
Khushi slips and Arnav catches her
Khushi in her heart
I will protect you from Sitara
Khushi wakes up

Ishita goes to office
Ishita goes to Raman room
Raman: Ishu what happened
Ishita: I have to say something to you
Raman: What
Raman smiles
Ishita: I have a response I
Ishita: You know what Ill tell you during lunch today you wanna go out for lunch
Raman: Sure sweetart honey
Ishita hears this and leaves while smiling

Precap: Ishita confesses if she loves Raman or not
Abhagya romance concert
Naagin couple Cloose moments
Khushi and Arnav come cloose

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    Superrrr precap n awesome part…..d way u wrote their dreams was sooo diff n beautifully explained…loved it

  2. so nice plz create some arshi scenes too

  3. i hate this how can you like this its so stupid now i will hate this you ruined all the couples shame AHT stop writing please calm yourself and get ridd of this story see you later when you end this horrible story

  4. hahhaha got you i was just joking i love it

  5. It was awesome

  6. Do give importance to rivanya but though it’s very nice

  7. jasmine Rahul

    vamps 2 make new plans.oh…dreams of all couples were romantic.raman’s dialogues were the best.waiting 4 ishra confession

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