Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 18


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 18
Hi everyone sorry for late update I have been busy next update will be on Monday or Tuesday since my school is about to end. Thanks for the comments and support please keep on commenting

Ishita: Raman
Doctor: Ms. Ishita
Ishita: Raman
Doctor goes outside
Amma: How is my Ishu
Doctor: She doesn’t look okay who is Raman
Shivanya: Where is Raman sir
Raman: Im here
Doctor: She keeps on mentioning your name in the sleep please go in maybe itll help her
Pragya:Yes please go in
Arnav: Raman please

Raman goes in
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita
Ishita hand moves
Raman: Ishu wake up or ill never talk to u again
Ishita eye opens and then clooses
Raman: Ishita the times I yelled at you since from the first day I thought you were my friend and I felt a strange connection with you Shagun is my ex wife who left me and my kids when I saw you I felt like my heart was ticking Ishita look im sorry for my behavior its just that I love you
Raman cries
Ishiyta eyes open
Ishita: Raman please dont cry your making me upset
Raman: Ishita did you hear everything I said
Raman: even when I said something
Ishita: Yes Raman I heard everything your not bad from heart and I also heard The I love you
Raman: okay then let me leave
Ishita: Wait till my response to that ill tell you
Raman tells everyone
Doctor: She is fine now you can meet her

Pragya and Shivanya are seen happy
Abhi: happy now Fuggi
Pragya: yes I am
Pragya hugs Abhi
Pragya lets go off Abi and they stare at each other
Shivanya hugs Ritik
Ritik: OKAY sHhivu
Shivanya smiles and goes

Khushi goes to Arnav:
Arnav: Im so happy ISHITA IS OAKY
Khushi hugs him
Khushi in her mind
OI have to protect you from Sitara

Eveyone go to see Ishita
Amma hugs her
Shivanya and Pragya hug her
Arnav also hugs her
Arnav: we trthought we had lost you
Ishita: Im okay I have returned

Ishita gets discharged after 2 days
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and Khsuhi go toward a house
They ring the bell
A tune plays
Shagun opens the door
Shagun: Pragya Khushi Shivanya come in
Ishita is hiding behind them
Shesha Siatara and Tanu come out
Shagun: What happened \did Isdshita die
Shesha: my poison did it kill her
The womans walk toward the villans
Ishita comes and walks toward Shagun
They all slap them at once
The villans are shocked

Shagun: Ishita your alive curses
Shesha: I will kill you
Shivanya: Today I will end your story Shesha
Shivanya reads something
Shivanya turns into a naagin and then uses her powers
Shesha gets hurt
Shesha: You shouldnt have these powers
Shivanya: I have shiv ji with me now you will die
Shesha runs but vows revenge
Shivanya scares the other villans
Shivanya turns to a humanb
All at once
Its time for cleaning villan cleaning your ALL GONNA BE GONE


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  1. VarshaVenkat

    it was lyk….wowow…….its really gr8…..nice precap too…….update sooon n do well in ur school also as u told dat d ur school is ending……tc

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ishra scene was lovely.waiting 2 ishita’s reply.glad that ishita is fine.loved d heroines slapping vamps.shivanya turned in2 a snake n hurt deserved it.shivanya scared all vamps.hope shesha’s revenge wont b successful

  3. Wow nice bt plz update soon

  4. Nice episode

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