Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 15 and 16


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 15+16
Hi everyone sorry for late update and this parts will from now on be on twists and turns and romance and for not updating ill be posting 2 parts at once

Ishita AND Raman are in a hotel
Raman: So madrassan you here to thank me
shita: Thank you alot for everything
Raman: In friendship no sorry no thank you
Ishita smiles
Raman: Really your my true friend and I treat my friends very well
Ishita: Raman

Shesha is seen miking poison in Ishita drink
Shagun: After this poison your mine Raman
Shesha: Done they’re apple juice will kill her
Waiter: Mam
Shagun: I marked this with black color on the bottom that myst got othe woman or else
Shesha turns into a snake and then a human
Shesha: You wont live long
The waiter agrees

Khushi: Arnav ji thank you for comming with me
Arnav: enoygh with te ji or im leaving
Arnav gets up
Khushi pulls his hand down
Khushi: Arnav
Arnav and Khsuhi get lost in the eyes of each pther
Pehla kumar pehi nazar plays

Pragya: O dam here we go with the fuggi why did I come just to protect him why
Abhi comes to the hottel and sees Ishra, Arshi
Abhi: look its Ishita Raman Khushi Arnav
Pragya turns and sees them
Abhi without taking a chance kisses Pragya on the cheek
Pragya: Serious
Pragya keeps on recalling the kiss and smiles

Ritik sees a note
Meet me at Hotel aT 7 Shivanta
Ritik runs from the office and reaches
Shivanya: What took you soo long
Ritik: I just sae your note so I came
Shivanya: Okay
Ritik laughs seeing a bug on Shivanya face
Shivanya sees it and tries to hit the buig
Ritik gets up and gets rid of the bugg and then kisses her on the cheeck shocking her

The waiter brings the juice to Raman and Ishita
He gives Ishita the black marked one
Ishita”: Thank you I was getting so thirsty
Shesha and Shagun are watching
Shesha: It will be like wine shell go crazy and then white stuff comes and faints
Ishita sips the juice and then feels dizzy
Ishita finishes the juice
Ishita gets up
Raman: Ishita what happened
Ishita goes to the dance floor
She dances on Keech meri photo piya
Arnav Khushi and Shivanya get shocked to see Ishita dancing
Ishita goes crazy
Shic=vanya: Ishita di
Pragya: Ishu
Arnav: Ishu
Ishita ignores and keep on dancing
Arnav: Raman did she have wne
Raman: No juice
Shivanya goes to the juice and smells it
Shivanya: this smells like Poison from a snake
Shivanya: Shesha you hurt my big sister
Ishita gets dizzy and faints and white stuff comes ot of her moyth
Everyone is stunned and shocked
Shivanya: Shesha gave her deadly poison her juice smells like it
Everyone is shocked
Raman picks Ishita up and they ead toward the hospital
No car is working
Raman takes Ishita on foot
In hospital Doctor takes her to ICU
pRAGYA sHIVANYA CRY aBHI AND ritik console them

Arnav is seen worying
Khushi: Arnav
Arnav hugs Khushi and cries

Precap: Ishita health detoriates Raman gets shatteres
Amma cries misberaly
Abhi and Ritik try to cheer Pragya and Shivanya
Khushi console Arnav
Pragya Shivanya and Khushi decide to confront the villans

Credit to: AHT

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Abhi n Ritik kissed pragya n romantic.ishita drank shesha’s poisonous juice n danced on keech was her condition is bad n is taken 2 hospital.hope nothing bad happens 2 her

  2. IT IS FOR RS n UR HATER I thought u will not read this because I commented late that’s why I comment here if u read this then plzzzzzzzzzz comment plzzzzplzzzz
    Don’t fight with UR HATER she don’t deserve this she don’t know only how to write n abusing others mind your language ur hater NO ONE CAN COMPARE RS she writes very well the way she writes no one can write
    N give the name of your ff n vaise bhi nhi dogi toh accha hi hai vaise bhi tumhare ff padke we don’t have to waste time get it so don’t dare to say a word to RS

  3. Good episode plzzz continue

  4. Nothing should happen to Ishu

  5. I’m silent reader
    It’s awesome story bt plz could you upload more ishra scenes I’m big fan of ishra

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