Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 14


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 14
Heloo friends thanks for the comments and support and please keep on commenting and my SNS i wont be posting for a while since im busy thats why i ended it season 2 youll see in 2-3 months this ishra, Abhagya and Naagin is the only one im focusing on

Shesha: these womans are gonna come heavy on us we have to find a right plan
Shagun: I have done manything evil so I can do anything to get what is mine
Tanu: Yes actually we need a plan
Sitara: We have to get rid of these 4 womens or we might be the ones paying a price
Shagun: Sitara yur right
Shesha: But if I give poison to one theyll play a flute to kill me
Shagun: Thats our plan
Shesha: What you want me dead should I get rid of you first
Shagun: no
Shesha turns into a snake and is about to bite Shagun
Shagun: Wait let me explain
Shesha: What is it
Shagun: you will give poison not by going there in there drink you will add poison one should go for a while
Shesha: They will be able to cure it
Shagun: It takes more than 3 days until then one of us can get cloose to the men our destiny
Shesha: Not a bad idea
Tanu and Sitara agree
Shesha: Ill give my deadliest poison who will our target be
Shagun: Ishita
Shesha: Fine first Ishita \
All villans laugh

Ishita: we have to be ready to protect them
Khushi: Yes we will
Pragya: We dont even know their next plan
Ishita: We will figure it out
Shivanya: As much as I know Sheha she wont rest or sit down she will attack us ‘
Ishita: Thats why we stay alert
All nod and go

Ishita: Raman
Raman: Yes
Ishita: I would like to invite on a dinner on my behalf yu saved my life last time
Raman: Sure Ishu
Ishita falls and sprains her ankle
Raman puts tube on it
Ishita in her mind
To keep Raman cloose I had to act
Raman tickles Ishita and they laugh
Yeh hai mohabatein plays

Khushi: Arnav ji How about we go on a dinner tonight
Arnav is shocked by the ji
Arnav: just call me Arnav
Khushi: Okay well see you tonight
Khushi leaves
Arnav smiles so is Khushi smiling

Pragya: Abhi
Abhi: Fuggi Fuggi how are you
Pragya: What is with this Fuggi Fuggi
Abhi: thats your name
Pragya: my name is pragya
Abhi: Fuggi stop fooling
Pragya: im fooling
Pragy starts to hit him
Abhi holds her hand
Pragya and Abhi stare

Shivanya: Ritik isnt in his office let me wrte a note
Shivanya: meet me in garden house hotel tonight at 7

Maha promo
Shesha poisoned drink goes infront of ISHITA
While other couples are getting clooser
Will this be the end of Ishita? Will The villans suceed in their plans?
What will happen stay tuned

Credit to: AHT

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    in d previous part it was me who commented as was an error.

    these evil women r planning big.ishita was ptretending 2 get raman’s care.romantic scene.waiting 4 arshi dinner.abhigya scene was cute but their stare was passionate.will ritik get shivaya’s note..will ritik shivanya meet..

  2. Wat will hppn ti Ishu???omg shocking news

  3. No update until Monday I’m going out of town

  4. No update until Monday I’m going out of town sorry guys

  5. Show some romance between rivanya

  6. aht y are u not writing ishita raman is it love ?

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