Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 12

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 12
Hi friends Im sorry for not posting lately due to exams and now to post this story that I left so lets begin

Sitara comes to Arnav
Arnav: Sitara
Sitara: Arnav doll how are you you
Arnav ius shocked
Sitara: did you find your true love
Arnav: I have
Sitara gets angey
Arnav leaves shocked and angry

Shagun goes to Raman cabin
Shagun knocks on the door
Raman: come in
Shagun: Heloo Raman
Raman turns and gets shocked to see Shagun
Raman: Shagun
Shagun:L Raman
Raman: get out of here you ruined my life once now et lost shagun
Shagun gets angry and leaves

Shesha goes to Ritik
Ritik sees a lady
Shesha: Heloo sir
Ritik: Aren’t you that Naagin get out of here befoire I do something
Shesha: Sir
Ritik: Security take her out
Shesha GOES OUT angirly

Tanu: Abi bravo perfornmance
Abhi turns and gets shocked
Abhi: Tanu I have no relation with you why are yu here
Tanu: Abhi I know the past has hurt has bu now we will change it
tANU: aA bbhi
Abhi: I dont wannthere you get out
Tanu leaves angirly

Shesha Tanu Shagun and Sitara land up in the same place
Shagun”: who are you
Shesha: Im a naagin here for Ritoij
Shagun: Im here for Raman
Tanu: Abhi
Sitara: Arnav

Sheha: Why dont we combine hands and work
Shagun: But Naagin how can we be sure your a Naagin
Shesha turns into a snake then back to a human
Tanu: and Sitara stare at shock
Tanu: Fine lets comnbine hands well all earn our destiny easier
Sitara: yES
Shagun: we all pledge to destroy the lives of who comes in my way lets say the name of the target tat will come inour way Ishita
Sitara: Khushi
Tanu: Pragya
Shesha: Shivanya
Te villans laugh as they plan

The men are sitting alone shocked
Ishita comes To Raman
Ishita: Raman
Raman doenst say
Ishita is about to leave
Raman holds her and hugs her
Ishita feels Raman tear and hugs him
Yeh hai mohabatein plays

While Shivanya Khushi Pragya console the other ones
(I couldnt write this scene since I have to go do something sorry)

Precap: Villans to start targeting
The womens to start protecting the men
Ishra Abhagya Naagin and Arshi moments

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  1. nice one!!

  2. jasmine Rahul

    All d 2nd ladies were kicked out by our they all joined 2gether 2 kick their lady love out.Oh!hope they fail.Ishra scene was so emotional n beautiful.

    plz update ur SNS ff regularly.u r the only one who is writing a ff on d current scenario of SNS

  3. Loved IshRa scene….want more …..

  4. nice epiiii

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