Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 11


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 11 (Arshi)

Hi everyone thanks for the comments and support guys im sorry for late updates but important announcement this saturday sunday monday you might not see a part since im going somewhere im sorry please forgive me you might not see anything until tuesday thank you and please keep on commenting

A woman is walking toward Raman office
Woman: I have joined just for you Arnav
Woman: And I will have you back
Woman goes into flashback
Arnav: yo where are you im in collage waiting
The woman comes
Arnav: Where have you been Sitara
Sitara face is shown she is seen wearing a designed suit
Arnav: Sitara I passed I can move onto my dreams of becomming a CEO
Sitara gets happy and hugs him
Sitara in her mind
Does he love his profession more than me Does he even love me he has never told me it
Sitara: Arnav
Arnav: bye sitara im going to USA good bye
Arnav leaves Sitara heart gets broken and she cries
Sitara goes home and puts heavy make up and pledges to get arnav
Flashback ends
Sitara: I have returned Arnav just for you

Shagun: My first plan wou;ld be to get rid of Ishita
Shesha: My will be to get rid of Shivanya
Tanu: I have to get ridd of this pragya thats doing concert
Sitara: I will have you arnav your mine

Ishita; Raman
Raman: yes
ISHITA: do you have any work for me
Raman: no i dont think so
Ishita: it is soo boring
Raman: Ishu
Ishita gets shocked to hear ishu instead of You
Ishita: did you just call me Ishu
Raman: Isnt that your name Ishita but Ill call you Ishu
Ishita smiles
Raman: You want to go to dinner tonight
Ishita: Sure why not
Raman: ok then ill see you at Hotel punjabi today at 7
Ishita: okay
Ishita is going home on the way at 6
Someone starts to follow her
Ishita senses someone while driving
Ishita: Who is following me
Someone comes infront of her car
Ishita gets out
Ishita: what is your problem
Person: O beautiful come kiss me
Ishita tries to run
Raman is on the same way and ses this and gets out and slaps the person
The person hits Raman on the head
Raman beats the person
The person runs
Ishita ses the blood on Raman and hugs him
Aj unse milna hai hamein plays

Shivanya and Ritik are at hotel punjabi talking and eating and laughing
Shivanya: I never knew that you could make me laugh
Ritik: i am shocked that I can make people laugh
Shivanya and Ritik get lost into each other thoughs
Pehli nazar plays

Pragya and Abhi concert
Pragya and Abhi perform on Gerua from Dilwale
Pragya smiles and leaves
Abhi: Fugi thanks
Abhi givces her a flying kiss

Precap: Sitara goes to Arnava and Khushi shocking Arnav
Tanu comes infront of ABhi
Shesha plans to harm Shivanya
Shagun comes to Ishra and Raman gets shocked

Spoiler: Soon the villans will combine hands and cause a big war like mahabarat where it will start a big twist in lifes

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Dimple(kanishka)

    Very nice waiting for the twist

  2. Waiting for villians play

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Unexpected entry.Sitara.Guess arnav n sitara used 2 b good friends n when Arnav left she was sad as she loved she wants him at any cost.plz tell which atress plays Sitara.Raan called ishita sweet.Raman saved her from that goon n she hugged emotional.Rivanya scene was cute.Abhigya performing on gerua was so romantic.Abhi gave her flying kiss?OMG!Did he fall in luv with her?

  4. Wow superb episode but please post long episode and yeah waiting for the big war

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