Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 10


Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 10
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A woman is walking toward darkness
Woman: darkness is my game and what I do you will regret
Woman: I have returned to get what was mine before I want full money and everything
Woman laugs
Woman: Raman Abhi Ritik I have returned to get what was mine
A boy comes to her
Boy: Excuse me did you cricket ball come here
Woman: does it look like it did and if you mess with me Shagun Arora you will pay
Boy runs
Shagun face is shown
Shagun laughs
Shagun: get ready Raman someone is coming

Shivanya is seen in the office and is walking toward Ritk room
Arnav: Shivu you just got well why did you come to office
Shivanya: Brother let me do work I get bored sitting at home
Arnav: okay
Shivanya reaches Ritik room
Shivanya: Ritik
Shivanya sees a black snake and gets shocked
Ritik comes Shivanya hugs him
Shivanya: there is a snake there
Ritik: ok let me check
Shivanya doesn’t let him go and hugs him tighter
Pehli Nazar main kase jaddo plays
Shivanya lets go off him and leaves blushing
Ritik smiles

Khushi is walking and this time purposely bumps into Arnav
Khushi: o cant you see where you watch
Arnav: here we go again right
Khushi: o shut up you dont know where to walk to
Arnav: be quite i know how to make yu kind of girls quiet
Khushi: how ha
Arnav kisses Khushi on the cheek stunning her
Arnav: come lets have cofee
Khushi goes with hi,m
Khushi and arnav talk about their lives and how they manage it

Ishita osomes into Raman cabin and sees no one
Ishita: sttrange he called me here and he himself isnt here
Ishita is about to leave when someone boos her
Ishita gets scared
Ishita tries to run hiigh heels slip her and Raman catches her
Yeh hai mohabaten plays
Shagun who has a video camera there and sees it and gets snnoyed and shocked ] Shagun: o so ms ishita will take Raman that wont happen

Abhi: Figi did she come
Pragya: im right here
Abhi: Fuggi please come in
Pragya comes in and they start practicing
Pragya foot gets sprained
Pragya: ahhh
Abhi: come get up
Pragya: i cant i sprained my foor
ABHI: What am i suppose to carry you now
Pragya: wait
Pragya tries again
Abhi without looking picks her up
Kumkum Bhagya plays

Another woman is seen walking toward A picture
Woman: your mine just mine I want your property
Woman face is shown
Its Tanu
Tanu: I have returned to get Abhi and property

3 villans who are ready to attack love stories
Shesha Shagun AND Tanu pledge to get back and win what should be there
Shesha: Kuckh kuch hoa hai now I need him im falling for him
Shagun: Raman your destruction begins
Tanu: Abhi your mine

Precap: Another Villan to come for Arnav and Khushi
Ishita to see a gon following her Raman goes to help her
Pragya and Abhi romantic concert
Shivanya and Ritik on a dinner date

Credit to: AHT

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Shagun Tanu have come 2 get Abhi Raman’s property?Shagun saw ishra 2gether n is angry.Oh now she will trouble them.Arnav kissed khushi 2 make her quiet.OMG!Ishra fall scene was romantic.Abhi carrying pragya.too sweet.Feared 4 Ritik Shivanya hugs him.pehli nazar song.loved it

  2. Wow…..villians roles r cmg….twists waiting ahead….eagerly waiting

  3. It’s brilliant.Pls continue.

  4. Dimple(kanishka)

    Superb nice recap waiting for next

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