Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 1

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 1
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A girl is seen running from someone
The person is chasing her with a flute
Person: Naagin Your gonna get captured today
The girl keeps running and falls
The person gets close
Person: your dead Naagin
Someone comes infront of it
Person: who are you
A girl eyes are shown
Person: since she is a snake and you must be a snake also
Ishita: me a snake shut up and how dare you call my sister a snake
Person starts playing the snake
Nothing happens to Ishita
Person: So your sister is the only snake how is that possible
Another girl comes
Girl: You should watch it you snake catcher you touch our youngest sister
Pragya face is shown
Pragya: Inspector please come
Inspector: I arrest you for doing this to a girl
Inspector arrests the snake catcher
Shivanya: Thank you Ishita Pragya you saved my lives how can I repay you
Ishita: You are our siter we are suppose to help you
Pragy: yes your our small sister
Shivanya: I am a snake and you still helped me
Shivanya starts to cry
Shivanya: people come after me because im a snake
Ishita: Shivanya stop crying your our sister there is nothing to be afraid of
Pragya: And to us your our sister not a snake
Ishita Pragya and Shivanya hug ech other

A person is seen walking into his office
Manager: good morning Raman sir
Raman face is shown
Raman: its sir to you not Raman got it and now go do your work before you get fired
A person comes to Raman
Raman: Ritik where is Abhi
Ritik comes
Ritik: Abhi is kind f in a concert
Raman: okay now lets get to work
Precap” Ishita Shivanya join Raman office While Pragya becomes Abhi model
A new twist is summing soon

Credit to: AHT


  1. aalia

    Hey plz add arshi yar it will be to fun …..plz add na arnav as trio sisters brother n khusi as trio brothers sister plz add them… will be great fun…..n story also with good track yar plzzzzzzz add them….

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