Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin – Love Story (Intro)

Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story intro
Hi friends Im starting a new fanfiction please please support me and comment and let me know if you like it Our 1 part will be posted thursday or friday please comment so lets began

Ishita Iyer- a buisness woman works in Raman company and hates him because if ego
Pragya Iyer- a typical buisnesswoman who works with ishita
Shivanya Iyer- a naagin who came into the family because will be revealed in the story
Amma- mother of ishita pragya Shivanya
Mr. Iyer- a typical persom Amma usband

Raman Kumar Bhalla_ A buisness man who owns a buisness and is egotic
Abhi Bhalla- Raman brother doesn’t go to office is a rockstar
Ritik Bhalla- Youngest of them and goes and works hard
Mrs. Bhalla- A punjabi woman who loves her family and doesn’t want them to seperate
Mr. Bhalla:- Buisnessman loves his family

Shesha- Sister of Shivanya falls for Ritik
Shagun: Raman Ex wife enemy of Raman
Ashok_ Raman buisness rival
Tanu- Abhi ex girlfriend wants Abhi

This story revolves around 3 girls and 3 boys and their family one shivanya is really rear because of being a naagin This wont be a typical love story it will start in a dramatic way and will end in a dramatic way

Let me give you a promo
A girl is infront of Shiv idol
Her face is shown
Shivanya is shown
Shivanya: Shiv ji give me power to help and protect my family
Shivanya turns into Snake
Shivanya: I have earned to love a human ‘
A woman comes
Woman: SHivanya
Shivanya: Im here ishita
Ishita comes with Pragya and the sisters walk

This is just an intro a real drama will begin with boys and girls in the story
Please comment if you want this story

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  1. S I really liked ur ff it was very nice

  2. pls update tdy itslf …

  3. Pls do continue.. its sounds interesting☺

  4. Samreen Chougle

    Its really noce u should update next part early and iff u want more reader than plz post it on insta bcoz this story will touch all hearts

    1. On I stage am but how will people read it

  5. Nice dr its quite dif n u pls post the nxt epi dr

  6. Hey plz add arshi too plz even it will be more amazing plzzz add na….

  7. Hey plz add arshi too plz na even they r the best plz add arnav n khusi plzzz. ….n if u don’t mind adding them then u can add them later as they were in college or any trip n u can introduce both them but plz add them na……plzzzzzzz

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