Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 3

Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 3
Hi everyone thanks for the comments and support happy new year to all so let’s begin

Raman: ishita I’ll tell you why I have been like this
Ishita: why
Raman goes into flashback
Shagun: Raman you shut up I married you for your property I never wanted a child ruhi I never wanted her but she’s mine I want property
Raman: your my wife shagun
Shagun: I want divorce
Raman raises his hand
Raman: shagun
Shagun holds his hand
Shagun: don’t dare I feel nothing keep your daughter I don’t want her I will get her eventually I want your property
Shagun leaves
Raman: shagun shagun
Raman breaks down and cries and decided to continue his studies for business
Raman has tears in his eye
Ishita: I’m sorry I didn’t no we have to go I will tell you what’s happened to me it’s a long story

Abhi: so my story pragya is I was cheated
Pragya: really
Abhi: it was along time ago
Abhi: tanu my love
Tanu: I’ll back in going to meet a friend
Abhi: okay
Abhi was seen shooting for a music album and then he sees tanu with some guy
Abhi sees them going ina hotel
Abhi then knocks on the room
Tanu opens it
Tanu: abhi
A guy says Jaan who is it
Abhi; don’t show me your face again I hate you i will continue my studies
Abhi leaves
Flashback ends
Pragya: I feel bad is worse than mine
Abhi: what happened to you
Pragya: I’ll tell you but right know it’s class time

Ritik: let me tell you a story
Shesha: ritik my darling
Ritik: shesha I’m here what’s up baby
Shesha: I wanna tell you something I am a snak
Ritik: wait
Shesha: I cant harm you I have to leave o want money
Ritik: what
Shesha: I want money
Ritik cries while shesha leaves
Flashback ends
Ritik cries
Shivanya hugs him
Shivanya: come let’s go

Precap: Arnav and the girls story
The couples feel bad for each other

This will bring them close but will it?

Next part will be soon

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that Raman and ritik were cheated by their beloved shagun and shesha for money.raman shagun have ruhi as daughter too.but how come raman is a single father?he is a college student. Right?poor abhi was also cheated by Tanu. Shivanya hugging ritik after knowing his story was beautiful. Why didn’t you include arshi?please include all pairs in every part

  2. superb episode interesting

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