Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 2


Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 2
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Raman sees ishita near his home
Raman: you here stalking me
Ishita: your stalking me
Raman: I live here
Ishita: well I live here
Raman and ishita are shocked and angry that their neighbors

Arnav sees Khushi and realises being neighbors and despices it
Shivanya sees ritik and hates it also but she feels a connection
Pragya also finds out and hates it the fact

Mrs. Bhalla is walking down
Amma bumps into mrs, bhalla
Amma: santoshi
Mrs. Bhalla: Madhu
Amma hugs mrs. Bhalla
Mrs. Bhalla: it’s been along time
Amma: yes it has

Ishita pragya and Shivanya see Khushi and go to her
Ishita: hi
Khushi: hi your new
Shivanya: yes I’m Shivanya that’s ishita and Khushi
Khushi: ok well it’s nice meeting you can we be friends
Shivanya: sure
The girls start gossiping
Khushi laughs because of her brother
Khushi: they aren’t bad as you bro he yelled at me
Ishita pragya and Shivanya laugh

Ishita thinks about Raman
Ishita: what’s got into you ishita why are you thinking about him he’s evil
While Raman thinks about ishita
Raman: j can’t wait to meet that madrassan she is really entertaining
Raman: wait why am I thinking about her

Pragya thinks about abhi
Pragya: he’s not that bad wait why do I think about him
Abhi thinks about pragya
Abhi: I should hire her for a concert pragya
Wait abhi what’s up with you

Arnav sees Khushi in his sleep
Arnav: what’s got into you Arnav
Khushi sees Arnav outside the window
Khushi then sees no one there
Khushi: what’s got into me

Shivanya has thoughts about romancing ritik on ki Kareya from Tum bin 2 (mouni item song)
Shivanya: what’s gotten into me
Ritik sees himself hugging Shivanya
Ritik: what with me I love Shivanya no what

Next day in college the couples don’t react to each other

Precap: Raman talks to ishita and tells her his past
Abhi talks to pragya about how he was cheated
Ritik talks about how a girl killed his heart
Arnav talks about how he was embarrassed

This next part will be a flashback about the last of the men and women

I wish you all have had a beautiful year I hope 2017 is a beautiful year for us all I won’t be able to post till January 2 since reply updates won’t allow updates from December 31- January 1 due to new year so happy new year

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  1. so nice loved all the couple waiting for the next episode

  2. Jasminerahul

    They all are neighbours. Cool.they are thinking of each other. Wow.Rivanya imagination is so romantic

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