Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 10

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 10

Hi everyone sorry for late update tomorrow is my other fanfiction today is a fresh start

Ishita: raj what did you get for me
Raj: here ishita
Ishit gets shocked
Ishita hugs raj
Conversation muted
Ishita: raj you can’t
Raj: I can ishita
Ishita: fine I’ll go with you
Raman: no ishita don’t
Ishita: bye Raman
Raman: ishita
Raman runs after ishita
Ishita goes away with raj
Ishita in her heart
I am sorry Raman I love you only and always will

Shivanya talks to Viren
Shivanya: what happened
Viren: I love you Shivanya
Ritik is stunned to hear it
Shivanya: I love you too
Ritik: Shivanya what about our moments
Shivanya: what moments
Viren and Shivanya walk ritik cries
Shivanya in her mind
You I love ritik your my life but we have had to do something I love you
Viren smirks

Khushal: pragya my dol your mine
Pragya: I am I know
Pragya hugs him and kisses him on the cheek
Pragya in her heart her heart cries
Abhi: fuggi
Pragya goes
Abhi cries
Pragya sees him and feels a tense in her heart

Virat: do you love me
Khushi in her mind says: I have to say yes or
Khushi: yes I love you a lot
Virat: Khushi
Khushi hugs him
Arnav: I’m shocked you did this Khushi
KhushI: what were you gonna give me go away come let’s go virat
Arnav cries Khushi goes

Janam janam plays
Daayre plays
Tujhe bula diya plays couples cry

Precap: 2 days later
The ladies are seen crying
The men are still shattered

Why did the ladies do it is a a suspense till next time

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  1. It’s too short yaar

  2. its too short

  3. Shocking episode

  4. Jasminerahul

    Oh all the girls pretended to be in luv with the other guy who loves them n hurt their lovers.why?Did those guys blackmail the girls?jenem song in d bg was nice.

  5. sooo nice dear bt plzzz update ur other ff to

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