Ishra abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 4

Ishra abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 4

Ishita and Pragya come out

Shivanya: di

Ishita: your a Naagin

Pragya: we’ve seen everything

Shivanya: actually there are some circumstances that led to this

Ishita: are you the one who killed our mom

Shivanya: no

Pragya: why are you a Naagin I’m not a Naagin she’s not a Naagin why you

Shivanya: di

Ishita slaps Shivanya

Ishita: you killed Amma this tells me

Pragya slaps her also

Pragya: Amma died your a Naagin and a naggin and human never get along so it’s you

Pragya and Ishita turn to leave

Guru: wait Pragya and Ishita

Pragya and Ishita turn

Guru: your mom mistakenly gave birth to a Naagin it was a miracle so she hid it she always asked me for advice and when your Amma died she saw Santoshi and 4 people so it means ritik raman Abhi and A random killed your mom

Pragya and Ishita fall

Ishita: no no why Raman

Pragya: no Abhi

Shivanya: now I will take revenge one by one each will face my wrath

Ishita: I will help you

Pragya: same here but how can Abhi be defeated

Shivanya: killing cost is killing they wanted naagmani now watch

Ishita: let’s go now we will do plan marry then one by one deAth

Pragya nods

Pragya screams and says: you killed our mom now watch one by one you all will die

Guru: revenge isn’t easy may god be with you remember Shivanya secret can’t be out for a few months then she will become naagrani

All nod

A few months later

A Sangeet is happening

Ishita Shivanya Pragya and Khushi are seen dressed in beautiful gowns

Ishita- red

Shivanya- green

Pragya- blue


The boys come wearing suits and their waist coats are the colors as their brides

The couples get ready to dance

Someone starts dancing on

Gallan Chudiyan

Ishita Pragya Shivanya Arnav recall Amma

Ishita Raman dance on pee loon

Ishita doesn’t want to but she feels the love and keeps on dancing

Pragya and Abhi dance on sans

Pragya and Abhi eyelock makes it look hot

Shivanya and ritik dance on hawayein

Arnav and Khushi dance on gal ban gaye

Shivanya Pragya and Ishita recall their mission and are ready for action after marriage

Promo for upcoming parts

Inteqaam as in revenge begins

Wedding of couples

A person is seen running towards a jungle

Inteqaam begins

First target Mrs. Bhalla

Ishita : killing

Pragya: costs

Shivanya: killing

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  1. What about Khushi and Arnav in this ff ??
    What roles do they have in this revengful saga….
    BTW it’s interesting ??

    1. AHT

      You will read it next week when I update Khushi and Arnav saga it’s different but it will happen

  2. It’s seems intriguing ??
    Initially, I thought there are 3 pairs, going by the heading….
    But, when I read further, even ARSHI is present in this fiction.
    So, I guess, the heading should also contain ARSHI’s name….
    It’s just an advise, I hope you would not mind ??☺️
    When will you post the next episode, dear AHT???

    1. AHT

      Hi thanks for the comment soon I tried to include arshi it becomes too big name but next part I will try I have been busy with family will update this week so stay tuned thank you

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