Hiii friends. I’m pari here. Here is the character sketch and first part. So please read it and inform me so that I’ll continue it.

Character sketch

All oberoi brothers were same . and as same their family. And anika and shivaya’s marriage has happened just before some days.soumya and rundra were not taking with each other but she is staying in their house only.

After ishkara confrontation om has broken off. And priyanka was taking care of ranveer’s sister.

Now first part

It’s already afternoon. Everyone has taking their lunch. Pinky was serving everyone.

Tej – don’t know when these two will comeback.

Shakti -yes bhai sahab i’m also missing these two.

Dadi – don’t know but why I’m feeling not good.

Tej -maa nothing is bad see everything was good. Why you are thinking like that.

Pinky -jethani ji when will mera shivaya will come. And soumya did also not came. Only you came back.

Anika was present but didn’t tell anyone anything.

Tej -janvi pinky was asking you something. You are silent.

But still there was no answer from janvi.
She was sitting in the table silently.

Shakti -bhabi why you are silent. I also asked you yesterday but you told that they will comeback. But where are they?

Pinky -jethani ji now plz tell na. If they were planning any surprise haan.

Tej -now he was very much angry. What the hell is wrong with you janvi? We all are asking you something from last some times bur you are not answering why?

Dadi – putar please be calm. What happens janvi. If you are not feeling okay.

Tej -what will happen to her? Such a useless and shameless person she is.

Om was listening all these but now it’s enough for him.

Om – Mr oberoi you can’t call my mom like that. How dare you.

Tej -oh so now your son started taking your side. You are a selfish and a bad mother who can’t take care of her child because of this lady my son is not even calling me father.

Om – just stop it Mr oberoi. My mother..was not at all bad. Janvi look at him. Tears started coming from her eyes. Anika came and put her hand on janvi’s shoulder.

Tej -she was a very selfish and bad mother omkara. If you’ll shout on me then the truth will not change.

Om – enough Mr oberoi. We all can’t hear these false against my mom. .
But before he could tell anything more he stopped hearing janvi’s voice.

Janvi -he was right om. I’m really a bad mother. I can’t took care of my children.

Om – mom please..

Pinky -jethani ji please don’t tell like that. You had never differentiate between the children then how?

Janvi -because i couldn’t save shivaya and soumya. In front of me they. ..

Everyone is shocked hearing that. Anika tooks her hand back .although she doesn’t love Shivaya but still….

Pinky -she went near janvi and shakes her. What are you telling? What will happen to my shivaya and soumya. They were with you na. Then why you are telling that you couldn’t save them.

Om and rundra came near them.

Om – mom don’t cry. Why you are telling like that. What will happen to them. Shivaya was not an ordinary man..he was the great wall of shivaya singh oberoi. Nothing can happy to him. It’s your planning na.

Pinny -haan jethani ji my bday was coming that’s why you are planning to surprise me na. But it’s a bad surprise.

Janvi -it’s not surprise. I failed. I couldn’t save them. They died infront of me. Both drowned in the sea .I saw them but couldn’t do anything. And she sits cried hard and broken down.

Everyone is crying vigorously.

Anika came near janvi.

Anika -badi maa what you are telling. It’s not true. I know you are lying right. Just look at every one na all took it seriously they are thinking it seriously. Please tell that it’s a joke. It’s a very bad joke badi maa. Please. …..and she cried.

Janvi -she holds anika ‘ s hand. Kaas anika it was joke. But it’s that bitter truth that i was hiding since i came back. I’m sorry anika i couldn’t save your husband.

Pinky -no it can’t be true .my shivaya can’t leave me like this. And saying this she became senseless.

It ends with everyone’s crying face……

What has happened? How shivaya and soumya died??shocked. … So guys are you interested to know what happened? ?Don’t forger to share your views..
So guys it’s first part with character sketch. Hope you all like or not. If you all Will be interested then only I’ll continue it. Hope to see you all again. Till then bye and take care.

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