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Hii guys! I m back with my new os! I m really overjoyed friends with ur lovely comments and ur constant love….thanku soooo much for commenting it really means a lot for me…..still I m not getting time to reply u all but whenever I will get time I will surely reply u all… first lets start…..

Lets start the story…..

The story starts with a lady dressed in beautiful bridal attire is sitting on the bed which is beautifully decorated with the petals of red roses and the room full of fragrance due to lit fragrance candels…..she is waiting for her just married groom in the center of the bed with her lehenga spread on the bed in circular shape and she has held her long ghungat covering her adorable face and her tears!!! (She is ofcourse our sanchi) lets see why she is crying…..
Sanchi’s pov- why?!….why does I still remember him?! Why does his memories still splashes in front of me when I close my eyes?!! Why did I fell for him when seperation was written in our destiny?! She goes into flashback and his face still clear in her memories came in front of her and a smile along with tears crept on her lips! She remembers the time and memories spend with him….she repeats her story to herself for the last time….the love story which was incomplete for her….
Lets listen to her story….
Sanchi (in mind closing her eyes)- it started from when I was in first standerd!!! Just in first! When I saw him for first time! We were in same standerd but in different divisions…it was the occasion of musical instrument competition…I only remembers that he was sitting on the stage with his simple instrument singing a beautiful hindi poem and playing his instrument with his hands…that was the sight when my heart told me that he will do something big in his life….years passed and I was learning in forth when he suddenly joined our comman auto for school…he used to crack jokes and tell stories to the small children sharing the same auto but then too his presence never and not at all bothered me till that incidient took place….one day one of the boy of our auto hurted his leg and it went unnoticed to everyone as he was sitting in a corner and sobbing….mistakely my eyes went to his wound and his pearl like tears…it became unbearable for me and first time the silent girl like me opened her mouth in front of auto uncle and he punished the boy….that was the first time when I cared for him! I was surprised with his silence and bearing the pain as he was a active boy! I was wanted to know him further but unfortunately he left our auto the next day!… the time passed I forgot everything about him but my memories freshened when for the first time we both came in the same division! I was in eight standerd when we were in same class….I would have not given attention to him but when my friends started teasing me because we were fileing partners it made me blush for first time!!! Day by day my feelings were changing for him….he was the leader of our class and one day madam assigned him the work to tie pony of boyes hairs who havent cut their hairs ignoring their constant warnings….his hand was full of rubber bands but when he saw everyone talking in class he patted his hand angrily on my bench to make them silent…some of the rubbers fallen down…he collected it hastily…I noticed one of the rubber lying near my leg and quickly grabbed it without coming in notice of anyone! I kept it with me as the sign of his anger!….the days were passing and I was becoming much bothered about my look! It was the first time when I did some makeover and went to school and he spoke few words with me! It was the happiest day of my life! I also remember my silly wish when I asked god that he should be alone in the class and we get time for some talks! And it actually happened when I reached school earlier when only we both were present in the class…at that time my eyes widned and my heart started beating faster and faster but the time passed with the akward silent!…I patted my forehead….dont know what was the plan of destiny that once unknowingly we got cut on the same hand and the same fingure of that hand….

I noticed it as we both had a white bandage tied to our fingures! Daily in the class my eyes were stealing his glance every second and sometime it became uncontrolable for me to avoid him staring!….I still remembered that once madam gave us group project and we both were in same group! Once I was asked to blow the sketchpen spreader to decorate our project papers and I also blew and decorated it but afterwards I came to know that before me he was blewing the spreader and decorating the papers at that time my face turned completely red and I touched my lips as it was unbelieveable for me!!!….we were totally opposite he was north and I was south….while the period of our exams…in the morning he would enjoy the warmth of the baby sun on the ground holding his book and reading it….and I was happy with the cool breeze under the shed of tree also studying and rolling my eyes on him occasionally….first time I felt to drench in the rain when I saw the sight in which he was welcoming the drops of rain on his body with his open arms…I was lost in staring him and wanted to feel the same rain drops on my body….I was really totally mad in love…it was not like we never talked but the silent between us spoke more than words…once I was having high fever then too I went to school just because it was our fileing day and we got chance to sit togather…ir wasnt easy for me as I cried a lot infront of my mom and dad to permit me to go to school that day! ……I still remember my silly attempt of stealing the flower which he brought as activity given by madam and kept it in my diary… diary still has the sweet and pleasent smell of that flower….on valentiance day I especially tied my pony with the rubber(sign of his anger) and in the class eventually it broken out! At that time he was writing names on board to maintain silence in class…I got up from my place and went to my friend to take extra rubber from her! Everyone complained about me to him but he explained them by drawing my pic on board showing my broken pony due to which all understood the reason and kept quite….it was the biggest valentine gift for me that he drawed drawing of me for the first time…..but one day my heart got broken when he proposed one of our classmate but it was his bad luck that she already had a boyfriend…..the day were passing by like bullet train and I never left chance to drool him but the next year when our divisions again changed I got to hear many of the rumors about him! Which strongly effected my mind due to which in anger I earesed and burnt everything his thoughts that flower and all those memories but my heart! My heart wasnt ready to listen even if it was broken into thousand pieces…it always kept trust on his innocence….(kabhi kabhi khyal aata hai ke mere dil mai iss ishq ki wajha se ittna dard wala sukoon kaise saas leta hai?!) ….I still remember each and every movement spend with him….I still remember his first touch which shivered my body! I still remember each and every word of him which he spoke to me…..I never expected him to accept my love even if I proposed him because somewhere I was knowing that our love was impossible! I always prayed for him to stay happy with whom he will love! Because my happiness was lying on his happiness…from when I have started loving him till now I have never missed praying in front of god for him on the occasion of his birthday! I was wanted to say with his memories in my whole life but destiny forced me to marry someother guy! Now my love is taking its last breath because after this night only my betterhalf would have right on my soul! I will be completely of my husband after this night….I will become of my husband with every passing movement of this night…..

And she got disturbed with the sound coming from the doorway…..her husband (none other than our kabir entered the room) he closed the door and locked it! He went near to his very newly married bride and his to be soulmate! He sat beside her as she wiped her tears quickly! He told her to change and come the heavy bridal attire! She obeyed him . Till then he too changed his sherwani! She came out wearing a beautiful and simple red sari with fashionable blouse! He was mesmerised seeing her in simple look! He started forwarding his steps towards her and she started stepping backside….he could clearly see her nervousness….finally he caught her and pinned her to the wall! And they both shared a passionate kiss which started turning wild as if he was waiting for this movement of his life to come….she too reciprocated his kiss and she was feeling one kind of relife in his embrance like someone has appilied medicine to her wounded heart! After few minutes the both aparted! Again he was about to kiss her but suddenly her love’s face splashed in her mind and she pushed him! He understood that she dont want all this and she realised her mistake….he was about to go when she caught his hand and pulled him towards her with bulshing but bold look! She caught his collar and placed a peck on his lips and hugged him tightly….he was easily feeling her increasing heart beats….finally he carried her in his arms and placed her on bed….the screen got darker….aftersometime due to moonlight the screen got lil bit visible where they both were covered with blanket and her head was resting on his arms and her one hand on his chest… both were still awake….
Kabir-sanchi! Can I ask u something?!
Sanchi(with closed eyes)- hmmm…
Kabir-why did u stole my flower which I brought for the activity?!
Hearing this sanchi’s eyes got wide open and she stared kabir with shocking expression!

Hahahaha!!!picture abhi baki hai mere doston!


The end….

Hey guys thats it….
Some of my friends asked me for romantic os as I alway write emotional one! So this is it….please please guys comment and sanu dear I was writing mysyery os but I think none of u liked it so I m not getting the mood to continue it….also feel free to share ur opinions or my mistakes dear as I never mind…..O my dear sissys I think after this I wont be able to post something for long time so sorry in advance….

Love u all loads…
Good night….
Sweet dreams…

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  1. Fntrtstic,,u made me speechless bt plz really want it’s 2nd shot plz sweetie.. Update sooooon…

  2. Rajnandini how this type of idea came into ur mind. U r mind blowing, Osm, And about ur writing skill I only can say ki Gajab Dhaa Deti ho hamaare dilo? pe

    1. and is next part is there
      plzzzzzz dear update next asap
      can’t wait
      wanna see kabir pov

    2. and ha dear plz next shot post karne ke baad take your own time and come
      really can’t wait for next one dear
      plzz ek request samazh lo
      itna acha hain ki no words to describe i loved this dear

  3. Riyarocks

    Vrushti dear……itna romantic………iss se zyaada romantic os……..cute & innocent love story shayad abhi tak nehi padhi hai……….itna simple, itna pure……..ek dum khidkitod, amazing………loved it to the core of my heart……..kya kahoon, I’m speechless after reading this………..luv u dherrrrrrrrr saara meri CVR……..ek badi si teddy hug tere liye…….have a nice day………

  4. Prachi

    I am lil bit confused is kabir saachi’s child hood love but rather than it was awesome

  5. Anee

    Hey Vrushti yeh sab kiya tha yaaarrrrr…………………………….apna dilll toh second part… other words…..fulll picture manta hai bossss…..hahaha……realllyyyyy yyyaaarrrrr you rocked it……&&&& the most special….scene….when kabir asked question by saanchi….seriously yaar….that is increasing my curiosity to read further from you……Luvvv you soo mucchh…and thanx for share this one wd us….was miss you so mucchhh.

  6. Guli

    Wow yaar…. Amazing???. Plz write its 2nd part

  7. Aafiya

    Wow.. Awesome…
    Please continue this shot ☺

  8. Priyanshipp

    I’m speechless dear. What to say. Amazing. …awesome. ….phadu. …fabulous. ….fantastic. …mindblowing. ….zhakaas …..superb os tha. If in one word then it’s a PERFECT OS. Bole to superrrrrrr se bhi uperrrrrrrr tha ye os. Yaar kaha se lati ho itne awesome ideas. I enjoyed each and every line. Last scene seemedto be like
    But tell me one thing dear if kabir was the one whom she loved then why did u wrote

    “I was wanted to say with his memories in my whole life but destiny forced me to marry someother guy! Now my love is taking its last breath because after this night only my betterhalf would have right on my soul! I will be completely of my husband after this night….I will become of my husband with every passing movement of this night…..”.

    Now I can’t wait anymore for next part. Pls try to post soon. Luv u siso. Take care.

  9. NeonNinga

    Wowwww it’s so amazing outstanding superb mindblowing awesome and many more. Love you loads

  10. Niyaaa

    Amaz yaar per mera dil to nxt part k liye tadap raha h jaldi se nxt post karo nd mystery bhi… i loved ur all ff os Fs plzzz post nxt asap.. bye tc Lovvv u dearie

  11. Negisanyukta

    OMG ,i m speechless.Have no words to describe this os.?????
    Hats off to u yaar.I just loved it to the core.?????
    The way u describe Saanchi’s love from class first towrds Kabeer is really appreciatable.
    And of course u r a brilliant author in romantic as well as emotional.
    Keep writting dear.

  12. Dhruti

    vrushti kya ho tum!!!
    itna romantic………itnaaaaaaaa romantic os kese likh leti ho tum!!!
    this simple and fab os…………………
    it was a pure story……….update next part soon……………..i can’t wait for next one…………….
    at the last kabir gave superb shock to sanchi this was kind of situation like kabir rocks and sanchi shocks
    love you…………………………………….see you……………………

  13. So so beautiful and amazing and fantastic os yaar…….

  14. Amazing….. Plz continue this

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    Fantastic yaar ??? I don’t have words to describe how amazing this is!!! You made me wordless ??? writing to see a second part lil sis ???

  16. Abhilasha

    Oh my god!!!!! Ye kya that???? Itti beautiful story ….yr tu chor nikli ….mera dil chura liya is story se……..wowwww loved it to infinity….. Words km h tuje bolne k liye!!!! It was perfect!!!! Dil garden garden ho gya ……..yr love uh!!!!

  17. Wow awesome dear and plsss I want 2nd shot please and mystery was amazing who told u we don’t like it. I love it

  18. Khamoshi

    RJN… it was anothner masterpiece by u dear.. it was like a loetry for me..such a well written article.. loved the way u shaped up the story.. lots of love to u..sorry 4 late comment. Maaf karna siso

  19. thank god aaj koi nahi daatne ke liye!! Vrushti mujhe ye os bhi pasand nahi aaya!!! Mai kuch aacha kahoo aisa kab likhogi? Me wait kar rahi hoon.

  20. Ok u gave a shock at the end saanchi and kabir met each other beautiful wonderful and love story of childhood loved it ya I wanted u to bring an ending for ur mystery os as I don’t leave any mysteries unsolved I could not comment due to studies but it’s totally ok if u don’t want to continue it it totally depend on u sorry if I hurted u in any manner

  21. Premamohan

    Oh my god …such a cute story ended with lot of happiness bom…wow just awesome Dr….

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