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Hii guys!!! Surprised??? Actually I too didn’t thought that I will post it but as u can see I m back with the next part of my os …hey guys I know I was very unfair being this much late but still my project is pending and my exams r too on so I m not getting time at all neither for commenting nor for replying….but I have commented some of the articles and read many of them also liked it….they all r mindblowing!!! Thanks a lot guys for ur love and comments…I was really overjoyed reading it….
Omg! Now enough of my bak back and let’s start the story….
Let’s start…..

Sanchi was still in shock was was looking at him giving unbelievable look….
Sanchi’s pov- whats this??? M I dreaming? Or my ears r ringing???…he is my Mr.k…!!!
Kabir- you heard right love or can say u guessed right! I m ur Mr.k….
Kabir turned his body to face Sanchi and gave a peck on her lips…(they r still lying on bed with blanket covered on them)…kabir screamed in excitement (not so loud…only audiable for Sanchi) Omg! I still can’t believe u r with me….we have spend night together….u r mine now…..I think I m gonna go crazy!!! Its a really great feeling…its like I wanted to touch the moon and the moon gathered in my house!!!!
Sanchi was still staring him shockingly…
Sanchi’s pov- have he gone mad?! I thought I m crazy for him but he is looking more crazy for me!….
Sanchi -(clearing her confusion) wa…wait a minute… U love me?
Kabir- no my Jaan!!! I don’t only love u….I madly love u! He said with a broad smile on his face as if he has got bharat ratana or more valuable than that!!!
Sanchi was still in confusion and it was looking clearly on her face….kabir noticed it and to make her understand he first holded her bare waist tightly and brought her close to him and then he started to tell his love story which was now complete!…
Kabir- sanchi to clear ur confusion I will tell u the whole thing what happened! So it starts from when we were in ukg!!!(he is one step ahead from sanchi! Mr great kkk!! Hahaha!) Don’t u remember our ukg? She nods no! But I do! Let me tell u…when we were in ukg I was madly behind u! I don’t remember why ur innocent face attracted me soooo much! I just wanted befriend u! Kuch yaad aaya buddhu? But I don’t know why u was always running away from me!

Sanchi ( tube light switches on)- yaaaaa…I remember…it was obvious haa! What did u expected me to do when a stranger was behind me! Of course I was afraid of u….
Kabir- whatever…In forth I was cracking jokes in the auto to see the smile on ur face but every time I observed u looked less bothered about my presence! U was soooo dumb that u never came to know how much I loved u! I was sobbing In the auto only to hide my pain from u as I was knowing that it will surely hurt u because from childhood our hearts were connected! When u told about it to auto uncle I saw the careing side of Ur’s for me! I was happy with ur tense look that time and forgot my pain….unfortunately mom made me leave the auto the very next day! Every time I was finding reasons to visit ur class and steal ur glance! The most beautiful year of my school life was eight when we shared same division and on the top we were fileing partners! I was trying my best to impress u with my antics but u didn’t responded…I just got to see ur wide smile and no expressions rather than that! But after few days I started noticing ur gestures towards me! How can u think that I wasn’t knowing how much u stared me in a day! I noticed u taking the rubber…I noticed ur makeover and also the white bandage to ur finger in the morning…it pained me a lot…I feeled uncontrolled and took out blade of my sharpner and made a cut on the same finger!!! The pain of the cut gave relief to my heart! Do u remember once we had a seminar were we both were in same group…I was discussing the plan with our group and u was standing very far from me…I called u and made u stand beside me giving the reason that my voice would be inaudible for u! I did it purposely!!! And when again we were in the same group for the project I observed u decorating the papers with the same spreader which I was using before! Ur reaction after realizing that I used it before made me more crazy for u….! On the day when I was getting drenched in rain…I was wishing god to drench me and u the same way in the rain of love….day by day I was reaching to the height of love…I always wanted to confess u my love but ur silence never gave me chance to speak! Once I think u would be remembering it that I was involved in the fight with one of our classmate! It was just because the were commenting on u badly! It was unable for me to bear….I was hitting him when I saw your face…the eyes of urs were requesting me to stop fighting…I became helpless in front of ur wish! U never noticed that I was noticing the every movement and feelings u were feeling for me! I saw ur happy face than ever on Valentince day when I drawed ur pic on board and was laughing like idoit thinking what would be ur reaction if u came to know that my each and every drawing book was filled with ur beautiful face!!! Even if I wasn’t expert drawinger! Day by day my feelings were getting uncontrollable as I was dying to touch u once in a day and talk to u freely without bothering our surrounding or without anyone’s permission! Urs too!!! I was sure u loved me but wasnt expressing so to make u jelouse and confess ur love I proposed our classmate but u still didn’t reacted on it…just glared me angrily! When our class again changed I was disheartened! I thought to propose u after tenth as I felt that u needed to concentrate on studies! I don’t know why in ninth and tenth ur glare was pinching my heart a lot….after our tenth last paper I hurried to u to confess my love but u were gone! And one of your friend told me that u got settled in a other state….Then too I searched for u a lot but didn’t get u….when u joined sdch I recognised u bit late but I was sure u was my miss silent! I also conformed once from asking u about ur family and all…then finally asked for ur hand to jaya maa and now see we r married! Sanchi was drumstuck hearing the whole story…!
Kabir- oofoo now don’t think much Mrs k! It time for some romance…!
Sanchi has happy tears in her eyes and hugged him tightly closing her eyes and rolling her hands on his bare back to make sure that she is not dreaming! Kabir wipes her tears and kisses her forehead cupping her face….and their make out started again….! Their happiness knew no bounds as they got their love unexpectedly….
The end….

That’s it guys….
I posted it only on all of urs request…and I know now I will get permission of urs to take a break till march ending….please please guys drop ur comment as ur comment always encourages me a lot and also like it to make me know u liked the story….prachi dear you asked me if kabir is Sanchi’s childhood love…? Yes he is and priyanshi dear by mistake say got typed in place of stay hope u understand and sanu dear don’t be sorry I m not at all hurt…I too wanted to complete mystery but now I m unable to get time so please forgive me…then too if I will get some sort of time I will surely post it as I too don’t like to keep mysteries wrapped! Please guys share ur opinions also suggestions and also comment if u didn’t liked it to make me improve….
Love u all loads my Dearie’s and sweeties
Bye…good night….

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  1. Swethaa

    how eagerly waited for this yaar
    ukg scene is fab Mr.k is fab and u r fab
    outstanding dear

  2. Riyarocks

    CVR……..finally tu aa gayi……….oho………aate hi exit karne ki baat bhi kardi……..kabhi nehi……..hum tujhe jaane ki permission nehi dene waale………..tujhe beech beech mein……ff na sahi, but os toh post kar hi sakti hai naa……..ab chal, sachii bolun………mera ye chotu sa dil aa gaya tere iss amazing os par………kabir ka confession waala part………haye!…….seedhe dil ko choo gaya………..tu na, ek dum khidkitod kamaal ki writer hai & yaar, tareef karoon kya uski, jisne tujhe banaya…….hamare liye……….haha……….luv u Shona & Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna……….phir milenge, break ke baad, wo bhi choti waali break…….tere OS ke saath………..tu jo sochna chahe soch, main tujhe itni asaani se chodnewaali nahi bachchhu……….haha……….luv u meri CVR…………

  3. Ashnita456

    Amazing superb mindblowing awesome lovely khidki tod ravishing outstanding fabulous marvalous and many more. Yaar u r going for break and from today I’m also going for break. Hi 5. Love you loads.

  4. RuCh23

    Oh you had no idea how much I waited for you to post this Vrushi ??? and to get the next part as Kabir’s side of love story is just ??? and ???. Loved it and love you so much. You said till March but if you got time see you soon ???

  5. Niyaaa

    Awsome os vrushti.. nd ye kya aate hi chuttiyon ki tyarri.. sorry boss meri taraf se no permission.. bich bich me ppst krti rahna… march itna lamba gap…baap re baap.. maregi kya.. btw os is super fuper fadoo.. kabir confession part r mindblowing.. childhood love since ukg..????… ok bye all the beast for ur exams.. lovvvu sis????tc

  6. Amazing awesome childhood love really really interesting and don’t worry if u have time then only continue because I know studies are more imp ur os and this was beautifully written

  7. Dhruti

    amazing story and lovely ending superb vrusti……………..all the best for your exams……………………

  8. So so beautiful and amazing episode yaar………we are all eagerly waiting for this episode……….I love it so so much yaar…… u dear…….

  9. Khamoshi

    Hai meri RJN jaa rahi hai … arey bindass jaa.. exams main jhande gaad ke aana.. love u dear and all the best for ur exams. Coming back to ur OS… ut was as usual… DHAMAKEDAR, KHIDKI TOD, DIMAG KA DHAMAKA- Mind blowing yaar.. haha
    Bye u after march

  10. Shivaniiii

    Mastch aahe ekdum vrushti dear. All time smile karat hote me. झकास. Aani i will miss u, come back soon.

  11. Abhilasha

    Vrusti ….mai kya kru tera…….mtlb mere sar me pain hora ta but ise padhke pain to dum daba k bhag gya!!!! Yr seriously it was really really fantastic!!!!! Kash aisa real life me ho jaye!!! But u rocked it!!! Loved it sooooooo muchhhhhhh!!!! Luv uh!!!

  12. Its so amazing….. Good to read from u again…… Loved it

  13. Suppppppppppppr,,os..

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