#IshQe Da Rog Seyaana#- kanchi OS by shivanii

Hiii sweet peoples.. I m back with another stupid os. Just a small idea popped in my little brain, so wrote it down. Actually my exams are starting in 3 days, but still writing it. Kya Karu!!! Padha to jaata nahi hain mujhse, so guys pls inspire me to study ????.
Ok no more bakwas, let’s jump to OS.
#IshQe Da Rog SeYana #

Time: romantic!!
Scene: main nahi bataungi! Read it urself??.

Kabir was sitting in his cabin checking some patients files when he heard his phone ringing..
“Roomie” the screen displayed..
He picked the phone from the table and slowly answered the call.
“Hello” a sweet voice touched his ear.
“What sanchi?? ” he replied.
“How much time u will take to come back?? ” she asked.
” an hour for sure! ” he replied sipping hot coffee ☕️.
“I m in bedroom” came her reply.
” will reach home in 30 minutes” he replied keeping coffee mug aside.
” as u wish, i m on ur bed, under the blanket, half naked” came her seducing reply.
” Reaching in 10 minutes ” he said grabbing his car keys.


“Kab tak chalega ye sab, kabir? ” Sanchi asked with her eyes still half closed and struggling to find her clothes..
Kabir, who was breathing heavily; just relaxed himself a bit and looked at her face..
She turned to his side and placed her head on his bare chest.. And looked at him for her answer..
“Jab tak hum dono me se kisiki shaadi nahi ho jaati!! Either meri yaa tumhari.” Kabir slowly mouthed moving his hands through her silky hairs.
Well, they were roommates and shared same flat. They were working in same hospital ans hated each other like nothing!!
Kabir was an orphan and a hardworking doctor! He was having a dream dor which he was working hardly…

Sanchi has a family, but they disowned becoz she took admission for medical, when her mother wanted her to study home science or arts, For some silly reasons like “ladkiyonko yahi karna chahiye” . her father wasnt having such type of mentality, he wanted sanchi to study what she wanted “.
She missed her father a lot after his death..
So both kabir and sanchi were happy woth their unnamed relation.
They were sure that they didnt love each other. But love to please each other.. They spent their nights together cuddling each other and fulfilling each others physical desires..
At the start of their relation, they promised each other to not to get involve in each other by heart and not to fall in love with each other. But may be destiny was planning something else……


Sanchi tried to got up from bed!! But alas!!! Kabir was holding her waist possessively as if not letting her to go anywhere leaving her.
She slowly kept his hand aside and finally got up from bed. She searched her clothes and wore it.
She left to kitchen to have some water.. Then grabbed her mobile for torchlight.
Inside the kitchen,
Sanchi sat in corner! Now sleep was far away from her eyes!
“M i falling for kabir?? No no i cant break our rule! We decide not to fall for eaxh other”she thought.
She sat there for some more time.
Her eyes welled up remembering her dad,
“Meri chidiyaa, doctor banegi!! “. He used to call her chidiyaa.

Some tears rolled down her eyes..
Sanchi opened mobile lock and checked some messages. She then touched my status on WhatsApp messenger
And uploaded a picture of small girl holding her dad’s hand..
With a caption
“Chidiyaa hoti hai larkiyaan!
Lekin par(feathers) nahi hote larkiyonke!!
Mayke hote hai, sasural hote hain ;
Lekin Ghar nahi hote larkiyonke!! ”
All night moon ? was roaming in sky and now it was time to pack-up for it.. Sun yawned lazily stretching his hand and started its duty…

“Sweet morning rommie!!! ” kabir greeted her thus latching his lips with hers!!
So , they went for hospital and worked hard for whole day!!
Sanchi observed kabir behaving weired than usual!! He was actually avoiding her!! He didnt talked to her for full day !!!!
Soon she chucked the thought and started leaving from hospital as her duty was over!!
‘He might work some more time as usual ‘ she thought.
But chain of though was broken by his voice!!!
“Sanchi” he stopped her from behind!
She stopped there and waited for him to say!
But he was silent as if finding words to say!
“Say it! I wont overreact ” she assured him.
“Wo.. Ummm… I want to say.. That…. I m getting married soon! ” he uttered..
She controlled her emotions and vieled her sadness with a smile..
“Congrats!! Who’s the lucky girl?? ” she greeted him..
“Thank u so much Sanchi!! And her name is Ria Malhotra. ” he said with a proudly voice..
“Congrt once again ” only she knew, how she controlled her tears!!! She wanted to ran from there as soon as possible, but he again stopped her.
“Sanchi, i told her everything about us and she accepted me if after knowing everything!! And now she wants to meet u once!! So, we have to go to my in law’s house.. So pls, do me a last favour”
“Ok” was the only word came out of her mouth!!!
The drive to his in laws home was all silent!! Aukward silence was grewing between them with each passing second…
Thank god!! Finally wheels of his car stopped, so as her thoughts..
She stepped down from the car slowly and waited for him.
He too stepped down and closed the door if car. He walked ahead and she followed him.
It was big bunglow with small garden infront of it..
They walked together upto the lawn near the door,
“Sanchi give me ur phone pls, i have to make imp call, but my phone is dead u see! ” he asked her for mobile and she happily gave it.
now sanchi was infront of him walking toward the door, she stepped toward the door and got biggest shock,
She turned back to find kabir when he clicked her picture in her mobile phone!!!
The name plate on the side of door displayed ****Sanchi Mishra****
“Kaisa laga mera sasural??? ” he asked her cupping her face!!
” yeh Ghar?!! Tumhara dream tha!! This is ur hardwork!! Then why???? ” she asked resting her forehead on his!!
“Becoz, chidiyaan ke par ho yaa na ho, koi baat nahi!
But Chidiyaa ka Ghar jarur hona chahiye!! ”
Thus he added on more picture to her whtsapp status and thier beautiful memories..
“So ria was a lie?? And u broke our rule ? ” she asked innocently!!
“Offcourse!! Becoz breaking rule is fun sometimes!! ” he said showing his 32 theeth ????..

Done!!! So finally my stupidity is over here. Thanx for reading dearies. Pls drop ur comments and silent readers thanx for reading and liking. Bye bye. Gn

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  1. Soon amazing dear. Loved it very much. Pls don’t end it here, continue it..

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank u niksss. I will try to continue after my exam

  2. Dhruti

    superb and amazing bu please don’t end here continue for 2-3 shorts at least and at least declare that they are couple in sdch please………………loved it…………..post next part soon………….and all the best for exam because mera bhi exam cha raha he to me samaj sakti hu teri halat……………be calm and well studies and give your best in exam………………..love you…….tc……..see you soon…………………

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank u dear…. I will continue this after my exams and will try ur suggestion for sure. Luv u too. Bye dear

  3. Amazing…. Loved it very much

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank u sweetie.. Gn

  4. Aafiya

    Superb and amazing.. Please write 2to 3shots..all the best for your exams.. Take care..

  5. Ashnita456

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww outstandinggggggggggggggggg amazingggggggggggggggggggg awesomenessssssssssssssßssss historic lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy os. Lots of huggs and kisses to u loads

  6. Awesome super fabulous dear

  7. Shining

    Fab dear. Loved reading it. Best of luck for your exam

  8. It was nyc… n mai ky tje motivate kru padhne k liye…mje khud se pdha nhi jata????

    1. Priyanshipp

      So true hum kis muh se kahe. …saara dimaag yhi lagta h kaash padhai me v lgta ?????

  9. Amazing , loved it

  10. amazingggggg
    can you continue its next part if possible only
    loved it dear

  11. Amazing dear ……loved it……continue it…plzz…. Lots of love to u sis ? ? ?

  12. Aarya

    Superb yaar….i loved it …seriously??i donno y two people disliked it…it’s really good..alas everyones taste r diff
    Those lines about girls touched my heart.
    Kabirs dialogues at the end portions was killer.
    Plz write more

  13. Niyaaa

    Awsome..mindblowing os shivanii… so so beautifull uaar especially jab bhi chidiyaa wali lines scene aaye.. ??.. just loved it.. naa mayka naa sasural.?? really so heart touching… plzz plzzzz cpntinue ot atleast 2 or 3 shots.. nd dear exams ki kya kahum m khud itni nikammi hun bina exams k padh leti hu per exams k time to mujhse padhai bilkul nahi hoti??per tum aisa mat krna..prepare hard or wase bhi exams.k baad masti hi krni h.. ok bye.. ?? tc

  14. Supppppppr os,dear nd plz dn’t stop it…

  15. Priyanshipp

    It was mind blowing. …awesome os siso. .pls don’t stop writing. I request if u can extend this os to 1 or 2 shots more. Luv u loads. Post soon. ☺☺

  16. Anu88

    So so beautiful episode yaar…………..

  17. Anu88

    All the best and best of luck yaar for your exam……….mon laga ke par na …………ache se exam dena exam ke bad for story likna………..abhi ke liya no story writing only reading…………love u dear………

  18. Anee

    Best best best …
    Dear .. Best of luck for your exams..
    Oye shivaanii ache se padna…aur Boht acche exams dena okk??

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