Ishqbazz ( two shots ) by pari episode -1

Hi friends i’m pari. I’m not new in tu but new in ishqbazz page. I used to write ff for swaragini. So its my first ishqbazz ff. I love swalak and ishakara alot but don’t know why the writers always separated my fav couple. Now its confirm that shenu will entred as om’s love interest. And hearing this i stopped watching ishqbazz as im a fan of ishakara. So its a two shot from me. .

Okay so much of bakbak let’s come to the story..

Ishana pov

I’m a orphan Infact i’m not because after death of my parents some relatives put me in an orphanage. It’s not like i don’t have a big house, I have them but after my parents death all changed that time i was 10 yrs old. I understand everything but i didn’t reply anyone because i don’t have money nor i have anyone’s support.  And my parents died because of a girl yes, she was nearly of 15 yrs old but due to her harsh driving i lost my parents. Now also i can recognise her . Offo sorry it was a big intro happened na let’s come to the main part.

After coming from orphanage i took a small house in a chowl and started working in the nearest houses. And the money i got it was enough for me to live. That day also i returned from my work. One of my friend told me that she wants to go to the sea shore as it’s her bday I couldn’t refused her. I went with her. When we entered there there were many boys are there who were taking drugs by sitting in the benches. While i was entering i saw a boy i think he was elder to me,  he as also taking drugs. My friend drags me from there but don’t know what happened to me i saw him again and again by turning back . Then we went and sit there for many time.

I was planning the whole month buget etc. After sometime my friend told me that it’s already 10 pm and we should go home as it’s not safe. I told her yes. And we started walking. While returning i saw all the boys were went except that boy. He was lying in the ground. I told my friend to let him help but she didn’t agreed. She drags me from that place. I know i was going away from that person but someone inside me was telling to go and help me. There was a battle started and finally my heart won. And suddenly i free myself from my friend and runs back to him. And took him in my lap. I was continuously asking him to wake up as i was a stupid. Then i thought something and hired a auto and took him to my house. With much difficulty i help him to sleep in the bed. The whole night i sat beside him. But he didn’t wake up. Next morning i called one of a boy who was staying in my neighbourhood to come and change his dress and that also i borrow one dress from him. After sometime he comes back and informed me that he had changed his dress. As I’m getting late for my work i kept a letter beside him by giving him a lecture about the things where they were placed and then i leave. That day evening when i came back i saw him sleeping. I was shocked but thought may be he had taken overdose. That night also i didn’t sleep. At the midnight a thought came on my mind that if he became ill then i have to call the doctor so to give him money i thought to do overtime. Don’t know when i slept beside him.

Next morning

Person pov

I wake up in the morning with a heavy headache. I just don’t know how much time i slept. I turned round and was shocked because I’m not in my house. It was someone else house. Then i feels someone’s breathing on my hand. I saw it was a girl. Oh god she was looking soo gergeous. And the sunlight were falling on her they were looking more beautiful. I couldn’t stopped myself and tossed her hair back . And due my this stupidity she wakes up. I saw a smile on her face so i thought she knew me but after trying to remember many times also i couldn’t remember her.

Girl – hey hi finally you wake up.

Person – hi. Yah i wake up but..

Girl – i’m ishana and you. She said cutely and forward her hand.

Me -god she was looking so cute. I forwarded my hand and did handshake with her. Hi im omkara. You can call me om.

Ishana -om if you want to die first.

Om -no but why you asked?

Ishana -no really. Have you gone mad. You were sleeping from last two days.

Om – what?

Ishana -yah. I was thinking to call doctor today but thank god you wake up.

Om -but how come i was here?

Ishana – then i told him how i saw him and everything.

Om- he smiled. Thanks for helping me.

Ishana – go and get freshen up i’m making breakfast.

Om -okay and saying this he stands up.

Ishana pov

Soon he stands up he screamed loudly. I asked him the reason and he started telling that i took his ijjat. Then i understand and told him that it’s not me one of neighbouring boy had changed his dress. Now he became silent and went to washroom. After sometime we have our breakfast and i told him everything about me . about my job,about my family everything. When i asked him about his family he didn’t reply. I thought he need sometime and i left for my work. When i returns back i saw he wasn’t there. I wait for him don’t know but i was praying to god that he should come back. After at night he comes back.

Om pov

When i came at night i saw ishana was sleeping in the sitting position only. I understand that she was waiting for me. I wake her up and i told her that i went for shopping and then we slept. But the whole night i couldn’t sleep. I was staring her only. How can be she was sooo beautiful. Don’t know when i slept.

It’s already been one month both of them were staying together. Now both love each other alot but they were afraid of telling may be they lost each other’s friendship.

Ishana pov

Today i came back early but couldn’t find him. After sometime he comes back but he wasn’t in his sense. He had taken drugs. Seeing him like that i lost my temper and slapped him hard but he replied me that when i wasn’t in house at that time he was taking drugs. I cried but didn’t utter a single word. He slept and i also slept.

Next morning

I woke up and saw om was already waken up. He comes near me with a cup of coffee.

Om – mam take it here is your coffee .

Ishana doesn’t reply him and started to going towards washroom. Om went near her and holds her closely.

Om – what happened? Why you are avoiding me. But again she didn’t reply. I ask her many times.

Om – ishana tell me what i did that you are not talking with me. I’m crying now in the fear of losing her.

Ishana – what I’ll tell you om? I consider you my life, I told you everything about my life, when i asked you you didn’t reply. I thought you need time. All the time i spent with you i thought you had stooped taking drugs. But yesterday when i saw you in that condition i couldn’t sleep all night. She holds his face now she was crying alot. Om please tell me why you are taking drugs what problem you had. Please om i want to know it.

Om – it’s nothing like that. And what’s the big deal in taking drugs.

Ishana – what? its a very big thing om. Taking drugs is not good. If anything happens to you then what I’ll do?now you became a part of my life. Now i can’t live without you. Please don’t take drugs om. I love you and i can’t stay without you. I want to tell you before only but i was afraid that may be ill lose you. Please om stop these.

Om – I really love you ishana and i also can’t live without you. I promise from today onwards I’ll not take drugs. And he hugged her tightly. Ishana also cried happily and hugs him back.

After some days

Ishana pov

Today i came back after my work but i didn’t found om. I thought he went for his work. I wait for him the whole night but he didn’t come. Now I’m worried for him. The next morning i got a letter under my bed. It was from om. He had written that he was going back to his life and thanking me for everything. Just this much. Nothing more. Again i became alone. Om also left me.

It ends with ishana ‘ s crying face.

Precap – if both ishakara will found each other anyday? If their love will be fulfilled or it will stay unfulfilled. …

Guys it was first shot. If I’ll get response then I’ll update the next part. As it was of only two shots. I hope you all like it. Please give me reply. Okay guys bye and take care.

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  1. it was amazing dear

  2. Samm

    it was such a nice take on ishkara, pari 🙂 i too was wishing for vrushika’s return in the show, but let’s just go with the flow and see how it turns out, right? 🙂

  3. Aarti32

    By reading dis, my wish to see Vrushika Mehta back as Ishana, has doubled..But it won’t happen..?
    Anyways it was awesome n I’m waiting for the next part..

  4. Yashu

    It’s was very very fab….no words to express my emotions….it was awesome dear….

  5. Fenil

    It’s awesome dear….u have a great writing skills….u gave us a unique story lines….thank…waiting for next

  6. Amazing episode… loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. plz post asap…

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