Ishqbazz: A story and a confession

Hi guys ! i am new here and this is the first time am writing something ! am really fed up with the recent updates which has led me post it. I hope you guys like it t continue further this fan fiction. All tomatoes and eggs are welcomed. So here goes the story …

After telling the truth to Om and Rudra, Anika has succesfullly executed her drama and has become bad in the eyes of shivay. Only Om, Rudra, Pinky, Tej and Jhanvi were aware of pinky’s threatning and Anika’s drama. After Anika left Oberai Mansion, Prinku Ranveer, dadi and Shakthi has learnt the truth but they can’t do anything because of Anika’s promise. Many of them were broken and angry on pinky for snatching Shivay’slove.

Two days later…

Bhavya comes to Oberoi Mansion after encounter Sultan gang and another big gang called XY. Here take place,
Bhavya called her team and tell them to gather her team in OM, and DIJ inform her that they will be there before her. So as, all the team member came into OM and were standing in the doorway. when they enter every member of OM didn’t understand why they come for. They were asking many questions but any of them has replied them but only one (head of the team) has told them that they are waiting for their chief ACP Singh Rathore and asked them no to come forward till their chief comes. And then, our most awaited and beautiful ACP Bhavya came in the entrance of OM by running. When she enter, a batallion of police were in position and saluting ACP Bhavya. OM members didn’t understand why these policeman were saluting her and at the same time they were shocked to see bhavya in a such condition. Before letting anyone question her, she asked
Bhavya : Were is my didi, ask her to come, I want to see her, talk to her. Di ! Pls come, come once di! (saying this, she look all around). But no one has responded.
Rudra : Bhavya, what are u saying who is your di and why are you searching her here. Tell us, na !
Shiv + Om : First of all, tell us why did the police salute came here, why are they waiting for u ?
B : I wn’t answer your question till u answer my question tell me where is my di !
Tej : Who Is ur di, tell us god damn it !

B : Yu want to know whp is my di, then know it, my dii is none other than Anika bhabhi i mean dii ! She was near me but still I missed her by focusing on my mission ! Thats why when I talk to di, to my di I was so confortable as I am on my mom’s lap. Now tell me where is my dii ?
R +O+S : Is Anika (baabhi) ur sister ?
B : Yes she is not only my and my bhaiyas fav and lovely sister but my parents, bade parents and grand parents cute daughter too, she is our princess ur life. At the sametime, she is also the first heir of the great and most known Malhotra Empire (A&M, A&I owners etc….). We were searching for her for past 20 years but I can only find her know. Find her and kill by my hands the gang who has snatched my sister from us were my ambition, mission my everything. And for that, I have lost many things but I didn’t ever feel bad but contrary to I was very happy that I was near the day where I can find my sister.
Saying this her voice has broke but still she acted to be strong.
S : Hw is this possible, hw can anika not recognize you by ur name ?
B : My name was Bhavya Shree Dev Malhotra but two months ago I have been engaged with Abhimanyu Singh Rathore. And people call and know me by ACP Singh Rathore. Thats why di couldnt recognize me.
Jhanvi +Pinky +R : R u engaged ? Why don’t you tell us before announcing a fake marriage ?
B : Yes, I am engaged. The anouncing seem necessary for my bhaiya and my fiance. They will never let me achieve my ambition, my revenge with my real identity and I couldn’t accomplish my mission if the gang come to know my identity. Thats why my fiance has said to act and had helped me to take my revenge. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone feelings but at that time I was not ready to think about others only my dii and my revenge were in my mind. I am extremely sorry. When she finished her sentence, the head has handed her phone. She was so happy and were responding the call.
B : Bhaiya, a good news I have found di, I am so happy bhai (Neel). Finally, this day has come and now I can return home with di and face bade papa by saying see I have fulfilled his dreams his wish. I am so happy, I wish you could be at my side today. Di would be super happy, if she see us together, I want to tell her see the two buddy who used to fight alwayss were at others side since she left us and only for her sake. And now, ur chutki has fulilled her revenge too, that I have kill everyone (the kidnappers gang) by my hands.
Saying this, she didn’t let him speak.
Neel : stop it Bhavya ! Let me speak also ! Hw long will u talk ! 1st of all, tell me where r u ?
B : I am at OM pls come fast. Your 2 sisters are waiting !
Saying this she cut the phone and ask them the same old question.
Rudra narrated everything. After listening to him, she was totally broken she fall at her knees and begin to cry!
B : Why always this happen to me ! What did I do ? Saying this she cried hard. All Oberoi member have seen a sight of Anika in a few sec.
At this time, entered Neel. Neel didn’t understand anything and was a little bit shocked to see his sister in her knees and crying. He runs to her and ask her what happen. She explain everything. He was totally broken inside because his dreams has been broken. He was almost dead when he came to know that his life (his sister) was suffering like hell and was thrown outside by her own husband. He wanted to kill Shivay but he has stop himself because he wanted first search his sister, this was his priority. So he has make bhavya stand up and has approched them.

N : Look everyone, you have made a biggest mistake (pointing at Shivaay) by hurting my sister mr SSO and u all are guilty same as him because you all have witnessed my sister suffering and u didn’t stop him. Now u all have to repaid and it’s time to repent for ur mistake . Be ready to see ur destruction Oberoi members, this will be my first goal not only that I will make every oberoi member beg before my house. And most importantly, I will make you (SSO) fall at my princess feet and you will beg my sister to accept u back in her life but no she will never accept you and here I will marry her to a prince who will keep her happy all her life and for whom her smile, happiness matters more than anything. Everything that I said will happen and I am challenging u. You dont who am I ,just wait and watch.
Saying this he has taken Bhavya out and his guard has opened the door and they returned home.

Three months later…

Anika and shivay come to a dargah. There the two will be confronting each other. At that time,
S : I never ever have seen a girl like u. You are so disgusting and so cheap that u can do anything for money (here he has forgotten that anika is from malhotra, he still considers the same old anika who has left him). You are so cheap that you mesure love only by money. Luckily, I got to know ur cheap caracter and thinking thanks to my mom. Actually she was right, I got to know that my mom know only a bit of ur caracter but in fact I cant even imagine. Maybe you did not sleep with anyone for money but I swear you are not better than them.
After listening this Anika broke in tears.
A : So you believe this, isn’it ?
S : Not only believing. I am seeing it. Fortunaly, I have forget you but today by coming in front of you, you have remind this bitter past.
A : Ok I am sorry and I won’t ever come in front of you. It’s my pinky promise.
Saying this Shivay had feel an intense pain.
S : I hope this happen.
And two goes in opposite ways.

to be continued ….

Precap : a leap of 2 years …

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