Ishqbazz: A story and a confession Episode 2

Hello GUYS am back and I have forget to mention Neel. You may consider Neel as Zain Imam or an other actor as per ur wish. For all other characters pls suggest me some actors.

Two years later ….
In Malhotra Mansion :
A girl is shown shouting and jumping all around the house. She is none other than our Bhavya.
B (scolding maids) : Today dii is coming back after 1 year and 6 mnths and 12 days ! Everything should be perfect. I will not compromise on my dii’s things ! Check out everyone !! Go ! Said Bhavya in an angry tone.
BP (Ashwin Malhotra, father of anika : here anika’s mom Riya is dead 2 months after Anika’s separation) : Kya hua meri beti, why are u so angry !!
B : what is this bade papa, you know na dii is coming to us after a long time and no one care about it!! So bad bade papa !! said bhavya with puppy eyes.
BP : it is not like that, we all wanted Anu back but she is the one who didn’t want to come back to India and miracaly, she is coming now !
B : she is coming only by my and bhaiyas insistence otherwise she will never come back. Saying this Neel also has joined her.
Everyone (BP+N+B+B parents (Dev and Preethi)) had a group hug and say today our family will complete because our princess is coming to us.

In OM :
after facing many up and down (probably many down (troubles caused by Neel but he has been stopped by Anika) SSO and others were still same. Here it goes,
in shivaay room:
Shivaay was getting ready where Om came.
Shivay seem to be arrogant and angry but in fact he is broken inside and he didn’t let anyone know because he is the great wall SSO. He is now angry, short tempered and arrogant SSO.
O : Why are you hiding ur emotions Shivaay ? Why do u always put a mask and act as you have forgotten bhabhi ? I know that you can’t live without bhabhi and at the same time you are showing like you dont care about others especially about bhabhi? Do u think that u will get your happiness by changing your room or changing your habbits ? You knw what you’re only living with her memories. Why are you punishing yourself Shivaay ? Why don’t you search bhabhi? And forget what she has done ?
S (stopped Om) : Stop it Om ! I have forget her why are you reminding her. For god sake dont talk about her. I dont wanna listen anything about her. Got it ! Saying this he leave from the room.
Om : I know shivaay that you are running from the truth but believe me once you will get to know the truth, you will never leave bhabhi and her side. And most importantly, you will be the most luckiest and happiest man. Till I am there, nobody can separate you both, even god !

At 5:30 pm (Airport)
Whole Malhotra family were waiting for Anika aka ANU.
There she is …
everyone came and hugged her.
Neel : How are you my doll ?
A : Am fine bhaiyya what about you ? And where is our cutie pie ?
Bhavya : SURPRISE. Saying this she side hugged her then everyone did a group hug and then headed toward their home.

At home (MM)
Anika has gone to her room and had taken rest. 2 hours later, after freshing up, the trio begin to chat in the garden (inside their house). At that time, Preethi came with coffee and snacks for her childreens and has given to them. But only, for anika Preethi started feeding her.
Preethi : See how do you look ? Don’t you eat there ? Am sure you wouldn’t have eat anything and you must be busy with your meetings etc … these servants are gone.
Look at my bacchi ! They didn’t take proper care !
Anika : Choti mumma (anika called her choti maa like this) see now am back. And let them, the poor servants, they force me but it was me who hasn’t eat and where is their fault. Now stop complaning and make fast the dinner am really hungry.
Listenning this Preethi asked for sometime and has gone to the kitchen to cook byself for Anika.
At night, everyone has finished their dinner and went to sleep.

Three days later…
A marriage proposal came for Anu. Everyone was happy
but Anika didn’t want to marry and wasn’t able to forget Shivaay but the she was actually in an dilemma because only because of her, her bhaiya and sister can’t marry (Bhavya being engaged refuse to marry before Anika and same as Neel) and also because her father wished to give her hand to someone who will respect her (unlike Shivaay according to Neel(here Anika’s dad didn’t know about Anika’s past because he may have a heart attack & some kind of that’s why the trio decided to hide her past in front of the family). Being helpless at their condition which is “ if she wants them to marry then she has to marry first” she didn’t know what to do. Then she has decided to do something and to take a firm decision because her answer can affect 6 person including her. Being confused she asked them some time.

Precap : What will be anika’s decision ?

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