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*Oberoi Mansion *
Shivaay’s sudden decision of giving up the surname Oberoi and leaving the post of CEO of Oberoi Industries didn’t go well with the family members.

Dadi: Billu, why are you saying like this?
Shakti: Yes, Shivaay. Now toh Pinky is also not here that she will do harm to Anika when why are you saying like this?
Tej: Shivaay, I know I have always been hindrance in your professional life and didn’t want you to be connected with OI but I have understood my mistake. Then why are you doing this?
Om: Shivaay, I have always supported all your decisions but I won’t agree to this one. Never.
Rudra: Bhaiya, why are you doing this?
Shivaay: If you allow me then only I will be able to say naa. Baade Papa, I know that you were concerned about OmRu that’s why you had grudge against me and now you have understood your mistake and are repenting it. Papa, I know you haven’t looked into any of my matters since childhood because you thought Mom…. I mean Mrs. Oberoi was looking into it. I didn’t have any grievance. OmRu, I know I have done so much for you all and I don’t regret it. In fact I loved doing or being the eldest son of Oberoi family. Dadi, is it my fault that I want to be free from all these for sometimes? Am I being selfish? Am I running away from my duties and responsibility?
Dadi(carenessing his hair) : What happened Billu?
Shivaay(defeated voice) : I am tired Dadi. Thak gaya hu….. I want to be alone for sometime. I want to live like Shivaay and not Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I want to experience life being a commoner. Is it too much that I am asking? Or am I being selfish? Am I trying to run away from my duties and responsibility?
Dadi(with tears) : Nehi Billu. You aren’t being selfish. For the first time you are thinking about yourself and I don’t have any problem in this. But why do you need to give up your surname and CEO post?
Shivaay: Jeena chahata hu mai Dadi. Isliye sab kuch choor diya. Sab……
Tej: But I warn you Shivaay, no one is going to take up that seat.
Shivaay: Baade papa, OmRu are there, they will look after the business.
OmRu: Never. We won’t do anything. That place was your and will remain yours.
Shivaay: But I don’t know when will I return?
Shakti: We are letting you go so that you return back to us.
Tej: I am growing old Shivaay. How do you expect me to handle everything alone? No, you want to go, go but return back with my daughter and soon.
Shivaay: I will try to come back soon.
Dadi: Putter, Anika kaha hai?
Shivaay: Dadi, she is in my farmhouse with Mahi. She is under medicine effect so that I can come here and solve all the problems. I need to go back now.
Dadi: Mahi? How did you find him?
Shivaay: That day when I went missing , I was actually trying to find this out and later found out that Mahi is my twin.
Dadi: But how is it possible? You were only child of Pinky and Shakti.
Shivaay: Mrs. Pinky had given up her second child to Kamini because she didn’t wanted two children.
Dadi(shocked): What? Pinky did like this. How can she be so heartless. Beimg a mother, didn’t it pain her heart to part her child away from her?
Shivaay: It didn’t matter to her. She wanted to get rid of one and she did it.

The atmosphere feel into silence until Shivaay’s phone rang up.

Shivaay: Mahi, is everything fine?
Shivaay: Okay, I am coming. …….(cutting the call) Dadi, Anika is awake and isn’t listening to Mahi. I need to go to her.
Dadi(carenessing his hair) : Jaa putter. Aar haa, Anika ke saath hi wapas aana.
Shivaay(hugging her) : Haa Dadi.

He hugged everyone and left the Oberoi mansion to start his new life.

*Farmhouse *
Shivaay entered and saw Anika sitting on the sofa with a pout on her face and was complaining to her teddy.

Anika: See teddy, prince said he will not leave me. But we went away. He did not even take me with him. You know what when he will come back naa, we will not talk with him. He left me with his same same looking person like prince. He thinks he can fool me. No…. I know prince has blue-green eyes but this same same person has black eyes. He is not my prince. I know.

Shivaay chuckled as well as was amazed that she had keenly observed the difference between him and Mahi. Was she recovering? This mere thought gave a light of hope in his heart and he smiled.

Mahi(placing the plate on the table) : Bhabi, here have this. I made it for you.
Anika(nodding her head as NO) : No. I will not have. You know my prince makes food so so tasty.
Mahi: Really?
Anika: Haa you know, he even knows how to tie my hair. He is so sweet.
Mahi: You love your prince?
Anika(spreading her hand) : So much…… I love him so so much. But you, same same looking friend he is bad.
Mahi: Why is he bad?
Anika(sad pout) : Because he left me and went. He promised me, that he will not leave not. But see, he is bad and he went away.
Shivaay: Is it? So I am bad. Right princess?
Anika(looking away) : Yes, you are bad.
Shivaay: Mahi, you know I had brought chocolates for princess. But seems like she is angry. Will you have it?
Mahi(playing along) : Sure. Give me I will have…..

His words were left unsaid as Anika snatched the chocolate from Shivaay’s hand. She gave him a huge smile and started eating it like a kid. Seeing her, Shivaay left so good. She was eating it like a kid and was spreading it all over her mouth. He chuckled seeing her childish antics. He sat beside her and cleaned her cheeks and mouth wherever she had applied it. But she was too busy to even acknowledge his presence. Shivaay left a constant stare at him and he looked back to Mahi staring at him with ‘ You need to give a damn good explanation about this ‘ look while Shivaay stared back with helplessness. He again went back to his princess’s antics.

Shivaay: Now also you are angry?
Anika(thinking while tapping her chin) : No.
Shivaay(beamed with joy) : Really?
Anika: Yes. But you will get punishment.
Shivaay(fake scared face) : Punishment? But why princess?
Anika(laughed out seeing his scared face) : Ha….. Ha….. Ha….. Prince got scared…. Prince got scared…… Yeah……
Shivaay: Aacha, toh princess is in masty mood. Wait I am telling you.

And he started tickling her. She laughed and the whole house echoed with her sweet voice.

Anika(gasping): Prince…. Please…. No stop it……
Shivaay(stopping): So will you do any more mischief?
Anika(showing her teeth) : I will do more….. He… He…..

And she ran upstairs to the room with her teddy. Shivaay chuckled seeing her childishness and went into thoughts.

Mahi(keeping his hand on his shoulder) : What happened Shivaay?
Shivaay(with tears) : Anika thik toh ho jayegi naa?
Mahi(squeezing his shoulder) : Saab thik ho jayega….. But how did this happen?
Shivaay: After dinner I will say you everything. Let me prepare dinner for us.
Mahi: Bhabi?
Shivaay: She will be fine. She has her toys. She will be busy. Don’t worry.
Mahi: Should I help you?
Shivaay: Sure, cut the vegetables dear brother. (with a smirk)
Mahi(narrow eyes) : Why do I find mischief in your eyes?
Shivaay: Well…..
Mahi(wide eyes) : Onions and those leaves. No ways……
Shivaay: Come-on I know you like doing it.
Mahi: That is the saddest part of it.
Shivaay: Now come-on.

Shivaay pulled Mahi to the kitchen and both of them started making dinner. They were about to complete it when Anika came down running.

Anika: Prince…….
Shivaay: Anika, how many times have I told you not to run like this in the stairs.
Anika(sticking her tongue out) : Sorry…… Actually….
Shivaay: What?
Anika(grinning at him) : TV…..
Shivaay(sighing): Go. But for half and hour only. Then you need to have your dinner and then medicines.
Anika(running away) : Okay Prince……
Mahi: She surely is cute.
Shivaay: I never knew kid Anika would be so cute.
Mahi(smirking): Is Mr. Oberoi falling for her?
Shivaay: Not Oberoi Mahi only Shivaay…..
Mahi(confused): But why?
Shivaay: Actually…..
Anika(shouting): Prince, see you are in TV.
Shivaay: Let’s go.

Shivaay and Mahi went towards the hall and saw that the interview was being telecasted. Mahi heard each and every word of it and was shocked. He looked towards Shivaay and he nodded as if he understood what he was about to ask. Suddenly, Anika screamed.

Anika: Aaaaa….. This…. This….. Aunty….. She is…… She is……
Shivaay(hugged her) : Sshh…… Calm down princess…. Nothing happened….. Sshh……
Anika(shaky voice) : Prince, she is bad….. Very bad…. She…. She had sent me to that bad man saying that I was going to meet you. She is….. She is…. Bad……
Shivaay(tightening his hold) : Nothing will happen princess. She is with police now. Okay….. Don’t worry……
Anika(scared): Police? Why prince? She is so bad…..
Shivaay: Nothing…. Now calm down…… Okay…. Sshh…..

He kept on carenessing her hair until she visibly relaxed. He broke the hug and looked at her.

Shivaay: Are you fine now?
Anika: Haa….
Shivaay: Chalo let’s have dinner and then medicines.
Anika(pleading eyes) : Story?
Shivaay : Of course. But first dinner and medicines.

His stern face made her pout but he didn’t burg. He made her sit on the table and placed a plate full of food. She made faces seeing it but ate it ultimately. After feeding her, he and Mahi ate while she continued her usual work of playing.

Mahi: But Shivaay, why did you give up your surname and CEO post?
Shivaay(sighed): I am tired Mahi….
Mahi(confused): Tired of what?

Shivaay then explained what ever he had said to the others. Finally he let his head down to the back of the chair in defeat.

Mahi: So you want break from all these and want to lead a normal life? (Shivaay nodded) I understand what you want but how will you take up bhabi’s treatment money?
Shivaay: You don’t need to worry about it. I have everything set.
Mahi(raised eyebrows) : What is it?
Shivaay: You are more stubborn than Anika. I will tell you when time comes. (looking at Anika) Princess let’s go. Medicine and story time.
Anika: Only story time…..
Shivaay(stern look) : Did I hear something?
Anika: No….. Just saying…. Let’s go…..

Shivaay smiled and went to the room with her. He forced her to take the medicines while she made faces. He made her lie down on the bed and sat beside her. She kept on looking at him. She suddenly got up and checked her pillow, she frowned.

Shivaay: What happened?
Anika: It’s not soft.
Shivaay: You do this everyday, just to sleep on my lap.
Anika(grinned widely) : You know me too well Prince…..
Shivaay: Who else will know? Come sleep on my lap.

She smiled and layed down on his lap. He started stroking her hair slowly and started saying her story. Mahi peeped into the room to see the scene. He smiled looking at them. Shivaay gestured him to come in. Mahi entered and sat down at the end of the bed. He saw that Anika’s eyes were almost drooping.

Shivaay: The Prince saved the princess from the evil witch……
Anika(sleepy voice) : And then what happened?
Shivaay(dreaming): And they got married and lived happily ever after…….
Anika(murmuring): Prince married Princess…… My prince will marry also……

Shivaay and Mahi were shocked to hear her. Shivaay looked at her and saw her sleeping peacefully.

Shivaay(thinking): What did she say? She wants me to marry her. Is this some kind of indication?
Mahi(bringing him back) : Shivaay, bhabi wants to marry you.
Shivaay: That is what I also heard. I think by reversing the events of our life, I can bring her back.
Mahi: I also think. But you need to explain me how did this happen?
Shivaay(sighed and looked at Anika) : It is all because of me….. If I hadn’t gone out that day then Anika wouldn’t had to go through so much.
Mahi: Which day?
Shivaay(carenessing her hair) : The day when Anika had said about her fake fiance, Vikram Aditya Thaapa.


Shivaay: So you are engaged to the business Vikram?
Anika(hesitating): Yes…. Why are you asking me so many times?
Shivaay: Are you sure?
Anika: You are doubting me? And what is expected from you also? You have always done that.
Shivaay: What do you mean to say?
Anika: Nothing.
Shivaay(anger shoot up) : Anika, you are trying to give me hits but you aren’t telling me the truth…. (holding her shoulder) Just say it damn it….
Anika(trying to free her) : I won’t tell you…..
Shivaay(freed her) : Fine. Then you don’t even care that I live or die right?
Anika: How is this related to the truth?
Shivaay: It is…. Just tell me….. Tumhe koi farak nehi parta hai naa?
Anika(trying to say the words that she never means) : Haa….. Mujhe koi farak nehi parta…..

This broke not only her heart but also his into millions and millions of pieces. But his anger overpowered him and he left the mansion in anger. He sat in his car and drove away. Here the moment Shivaay, went Anika feel on her knees and started crying.

Anika: I’m sorry Shivaay…. I am helpless….. I can’t tell you the truth….. It will break you completely….. I am sorry Shivaay…….

Here Shivaay was driving at a high speed recalling every moment spent with her, then her betreal and now her least concerned whether he stays alive or not.

Shivaay: Why Anika…. Why….. Why are you doing like this…… Why are you killing yourself and me…… Tell the truth to me and I will sort everything out……. I promise……

His phone rang breaking him out of his thoughts.

Shivaay: Haa Khanna….. Okay come to xyz road. I will be waiting there.

He parked his car and was waiting for Khanna. He arrived within few minutes with a file.

Shivaay: Was it so urgent?
Khanna: Yes Sir. The new contract that you were working on…. They sent the papers of it today only. So thought of not delaying it.
Shivaay: Fine. Did you bring a driver by any chance?
Khanna: Yes Sir.
Shivaay(to the driver) : Take my car back. I will go with Khanna…..
Driver: Okay Sir.

Driver took the car away while Shivaay completely forgot that he had kept his phone in the car only.

Shivaay: Any coffee shop this place?
Khanna: Yes, sir about 20km.
Shivaay: Let’s go.

They sat in the car and went. Shivaay was so lost in Anika that he failed to notice his missing phone…..

Here as soon as the car crossed the bridge, it blasted. The news spread like wild fire and soon reached OM. When Anika saw the news, she was shocked. She recalled what she said to Shivaay few minutes ago.

” Mujhe koi farak nehi parta….. Farak nehi parta….. ”, these words kept on ringing in her ears.

Anika(murmuring in shock) : Shivaay’s car….. Blast….. No…. This can’t happen…… He can’t leave me….. But I said I don’t care…… No….. For me only this happened….. For me…… This happened because of me……

No one noticed her breaking down. Anika was walking backwards in shock and stumbled. She feel down with tears rolling down her eyes. Everyone was in tears hearimg about the news. Pinky under stress or god knows what started shouting on Anika.

Pinky: Now you are happy right. See what have you done? For you Shivaay is in this condition. If anything happens to my son, I will not spare you.

Pinky’s words triggered her more. She started crying more. OmRu defended for their bhabi. In all this, they failed to notice that Anika had got up and started moving backwards again.

Anika(murmuring): Shivaay ko kuch nehi hoga….. It happened because of me…. I am responsible for it…… It happened because of me….. (started breathing heavily) It is suffocating…… Shivaay…….

And she ran out of the mansion. Gauri noticed her and shouted.

Gauri(shouted): Bhaujayi……

OmRu turned back but they were too late. She had already left.

Om: Choti maa, if anything happens to Anika bhabi, I swear no one will be more dangerous than me.

Saying this they ran out. They looked for her and found her running aimlessly in the middle of the road. They were running behind her and calling her continuously to stop. But seems like her ears have gone deaf to the world. Suddenly, out of no where ,a car came with high speed. OmRu saw it and warned her.

Om(shouting): Bhabi…. Stop….. Bhabi…..
Rudra(shouting): Bhabi….. Ruk jayiye…. Bhabi…..

But no use. They ran more faster but too late. The car hit Anika too hard and she went off flying and landed few metres away. Everything happened in front of their eyes so fast that they couldn’t understand how it happened and what happened.

OmRu(shouting): Bhabi……..

They ran towards her and the scene in front made them shock. Anika was lying in a pool of blood. They reacted immediately. Om sat down beside her and started cheaking her pulse while Rudra called the security to get a car.

Om(shivering voice) : Rudra…… I can’t find her pulse…..
Rudra: O…. Check properly.
Om: Haa found it but it’s too low. We need to take her to the hospital immediately.
Rudra : Car is coming O. Try to stop the blood.

Om took out his hanky and pressed it against the wound. Car arrived and they took her to the hospital.

*Hospital *
Doctors took Anika towards the Operation theatre immediately. Rudra was crying seeing his superwoman like this. Om was trying to figure out what to do. He looked at Rudra and saw him crying.

Om: Rudra, stop crying. Nothing will happen to bhabi.
Rudra: O, first bhaiya now bhabi. I can’t see them like this O. Do something O. Bring bhaiya back…..

Om hugged him and tried to console him. He took out his phone and called Khanna.

*On the other side *

Shivaay is fully unaware of what is happening. He was sitting in a table in the coffee shop and sipping his expresso. He was silently observing everyone around him when he spotted Tia along with Dushyant. He was about to go and call them when their conversation halted him.

Tia: You know Robin, I feel so bad for Anika. She did so much just to protect Shivaay. I am feeling so bad for her. You know she did…..

And Tia just blurt out the while truth unaware of Shivaay’s presence behind her. Dushyant beyond Tia and was shocked seeing Shivaay.

Dushyant(scared): Shivaay…….

Tia turned around and saw him standing a few metres away from her. She was shocked to see him and seeing his expression she could decivers that he had heard everything.

Shivaay(broken tone) : Is it all true?
Tia : Shivaay, it’s all fa….
Shivaay (cutting her in between) : Just say whether it is true or not?
Dushyant : Shivaay, I know I shouldn’t be involved in all these. But I can’t see my wife suffering because of this.
Tia: Dushyant please baby no….
Dushyant : No Tia. I know you are trying to help Anika but that doesn’t mean you will take stress and hamper our baby. (looking towards Shivaay) I was also not aware about it. That is today I forced her to say what was bothering her so much and she spoke out the truth.
Shivaay: That means Anika wasn’t at fault and I only doubted her. But her engagement?
Tia: Just an act to show to that she has moved on. Chanda, Anika’s friend actually got engaged and not she.
Shivaay: Then that Vikram….
Tia: She helped him one day after his accident. So that’s why she just used him as her fake fiance.

Every information revolved around his head and it caused a havoc within him. He was shocked would be an understatement. He couldn’t understand what to do.

Tia: Shivaay, I guess you should talk with Anika and sort out your differences. I don’t want you both to separate. When you and Anika help me meet my Dushyant, I also want that you reconcile with Anika again. It’s not late yet just go.
Shivaay: But how will I go and face her. She must be ha….
Khanna(cutting in between) : Sir….
Shivaay: What happened Khanna?
Khanna: Sir, we need to go to the hospital immediately.
Shivaay: Hospital, why?
Khanna(shivering tone) : Anika… Anika… Ma’am met with an accident…… And she is fighting between her life and death…..
Shivaay(shocked): What?

He stumbled back hearing it while Dushyant held him.

Shivaay: How did it happen?
Khanna: I don’t know Sir. Omkara Sir had called me to track your location when I said you were with me. He said me to bring you to the hospital immediately because……

His sentence was left incomplete because he couldn’t frame it anymore. His world collapsed hearing about his Anika. His Anika? Hell of course, she is his. He couldn’t wait anymore. He needs to be with her now.

Shivaay: I need to go. Khanna we need to go to hospital fast.

He was about to go when Tia stopped him.

Tia: Shivaay, inform me about her.
Shivaay : I will let you know.

He went away with Khanna.


Om kept the phone and smiled at Rudra.

Om: Rudra, Shivaay is absolutely fine. He is with Khanna.
Rudra: Tell him to come fast.
Om: He is coming.
Rudra: O…. Bhabi thik toh ho jayegi naa?
Om: Kuch nehi hoga bhabi ko.
Shivaay: Om…. Rudra….
Rudra(turning back) : Bhaiya….

He went and hugged him tightly and started crying.

Rudra: Bhaiya…. Where were you ? We thought something happened to you. Your car blasted and we thought you….
Shivaay(breaking the hug): Nothing happened to me Rudra. I am fine. I had left the car and went with Khanna. But tell me how did Anika meet with an accident? She was in the house naa then?
Om: After hearing the news of your car blast, Bhabi couldn’t take the news well and she……

Om narrated the whole incident to Shivaay while he just stood there shocked.

Om: Her pulses were too low when we brought her here. I don’t whether she will…..
Shivaay(shouting): No nothing will happen to her. And how can you even think like that? She is bhabi and she has to return back.

Shivaay was broken and didn’t know what to do. He just sat down on the chair with his head in his hands. OmRu too sat down beside him giving him silent support. Every minute seemed like an hour for Shivaay. Nurses were coming out and going in but no news were being heard about Anika. Shivaay was growing restless with each passing minute. His heart was beating very fast as if indicating that someone very dear is going far away from him.

Shivaay(thinking): Why is my heart so much and why am I feeling so restless? Anika….. Has something happened to her? No…. She can’t leave me…. She said she won’t leave me….. No Anika, you can’t leave me….

Om saw Shivaay being restless and asked him.

Om: Shivaay, what happened?
Shivaay: Om, I am feeling so restless. I don’t know why? Anika thik toh ho jayegi naa?
Om: Of course, Shivaay. Bhabi will be fine. Don’t worry.

The doctors finally came out of the OT while the three of them ran to them.

Shivaay: Doctor, how is Anika?

The doctors exchanged a look of worry between them. Shivaay caught their eye glances.

Shivaay: Is something wrong Doctor? Please tell me what happened…
Doctor: Mr. Oberoi, Miss Anika had not so severe accident but she has lost a lot of blood. That is not the main thing. The main thing is she isn’t responding to our treatments. It seems as if her reason of existence has been lost. I don’t know what triggered her to think like this but she has to gain consciousness within 6 hours otherwise she might slip into coma.

Shivaay stumbled hearing it while OmRu caught him in time.

Shivaay: Anika… She has to come back…. She can’t leave me…..
Om: Shivaay, calm down. Bhabi will be fine.
Rudra: Haa bhaiya you have to be strong for bhabi.
Shivaay: Haa, I have to be strong. I have to be strong. Can we meet her doctor?
Doctor: We will be shifting her to the ICU in sometime. One person at a time can meet her. Excuse us.

The doctors went leaving Shivaay and others in grief. Minutes later, Anika was shifted to the ICU and OmRu met her first because Shivaay didn’t have the strength to see her like this. Finally after so much insistance, Shivaay went in. Seeing her lying on the bed lifelessly with a huge white bandage on her head, oxygen mask and saline. His heart clunched seeing her state. He sat down beside her and held her hand in his slowly.

Shivaay(low voice) : Anika…. See your billuji is here. Get up and through water on me. You were saying naa, I was showing tadi and I took the decision of getting engaged to Ragini. But it wasn’t true Anika. You have and always remain in my heart. Get up Anika. See, your Shivaay is helpless without you. I got to know everything why you left and what all had forced you to leave. I promise I won’t be angry on you and will always be my your side. But please open your eyes Anika….. Please……

He kept his head on her hand and cried silently.

*Four hours later *
Anika was still unconscious while Shivaay was looking at her without even blinking his eyes. It seemed like if he closes his eyes then she will vanish from here. Suddenly, she started breathing heavily and Shivaay panicked.

Shivaay: Anika, what happened? (shouting) Doctor…… Doctor…..

OmRu entered the room and saw the scene. Rudra immediately rushed out to call the doctor. Doctor arrived and send everyone out of the room. Few minutes later, doctor came out.

Shivaay: Doctor what happened to Anika suddenly? Is she fine?
Doctor: Miss Anika is out of danger. She will gain consciousness any moment.

Shivaay just ran into the room and saw her. She was trying to open her eyes but was failing. He went beside her and started carenessing her hair softly.

Shivaay: Anika….. Open your eyes….. See, your Billuji is here. Open your eyes Paanika….

Finally she opened her eyes and looked at his blue green eyes directly. World seemed to be stop for them. Shivaay gave a smile to her while she looked at him in a confused manner.

Shivaay: Anika…. You are back….. You had scared me to hell…..

He hugged her tightly and started crying. She was confused seeing him and didn’t know what to do. Her tears also flowed down involuntarily sensing his pain.

Anika: Why are you crying? Did you hurt yourself?

She asked in a childish manner. Shivaay broke the hug and looked at her in shock.

Shivaay: Anika, how are you talking? I know I did wrong with you but….. Please don’t joke.
Anika: I don’t know what are you talking about? Who are you? And is my name Anika? Aare haa, my name is Anika. Maa Papa calls me Anika. Who are you?

The world came crashing down for Shivaay when she refused to recognize him and her childish behavior shocked him to core.

Shivaay(almost shouted) : Anika, what are you saying? Why are you taking like this to me? Anika…..

Hearing his loud voice she started crying like a baby. He panicked seeing her.

Shivaay: Anika, calm down. I am sorry to scold you. I am sorry….. Stop crying…..

Hearing her cries, OmRu entered.

Om: What happened Shivaay?
Shivaay(with tears) : I don’t know Om. She is behaving weirdly.
Om: I will call the doctor.

Shivaay tried to calm her down and she finally stopped crying but was sobing silently. Doctor entered.

Doctor: What happened Mr. Oberoi?
Shivaay: See naa, she is behaving weirdly. Talking like a child. She doesn’t even recognize me. What happened to ber doctor?
Doctor(going towards her) : Miss Anika, how are you feeling?
Anika: You are a doctor? You will give me injection?
Doctor : No. Why would I give you? You are a good girl right?
Anika(small smile) : Yes, good girl. I am a good girl. But that blue colour eye man is bad. He scolded me.
Doctor: So you tell me what should I do?
Anika: Don’t do anything to him. He was crying so badly, you know. He’s like a baby crying.
Doctor(giving her injection without her knowledge) : Really, then what are you?
Anika(huge smile) : I am a big girl of 5 years old. I am a big girl.
Doctor: Do you know who is that Man?
Anika(looking at Shivaay) : No, I don’t know but he looks so fair, like a Prince.
Shivaay(coming forward) : Then, I am your Prince….. My Princess……
Anika(huge smile) : Princess? Like the princess in the Cinderella Story?
Shivaay(with unshed tears but a smile) : Yes, like that princess. But you are the Princess of my heart…. (pointing to his left side of the chest)
Anika(almost closing eyes and keeping her hand on his) : Princess of your heart…… Princess and Prince…….

And she drifted off to sleep. Shivaay caught her hand on his and kissed it. He was crying continuously when he got to know what happened to her.

Doctor: Mr. Oberoi….. Miss Anika lost her mental stability…..
Shivaay: I understood that doctor and it has happened because of me. Just tell me when will she be normal?
Doctor: I can’t tell you. You need to be patient and handle her with utmost care and love. Your love can only bring her back……

Shivaay looked at her and promised within himself.

Shivaay(thinking): I promise you Anika…. My love will surely bring you back….. I will never leave you alone…… Never……


Shivaay (still carenessing her hair) : From that day, she became my responsibility. Her world starts with Prince ends with Prince. She doesn’t remember me but her heart does and her insutions something related to me is always correct. 3 months have passed but still no improvement. Sometimes she gets flashes but she can’t remember anything. I’m trying all the possible ways to get her memory back but no. So now when she was saying about marriage and happily ever after something clicked into my head. I will marry Anika tomorrow again and let’s hope her memory returns back.
Mahi: So much happened and you didn’t even bother to inform me?
Shivaay: I didn’t want to disturb you in your studies.
Mahi: Bhai bhi bolte ho aar ayesa kaam karte ho.
Shivaay: Sorry naa….
Mahi: Ok fine…..
Anika(murmuring): Let me sleep and don’t disturb……
Mahi(whispering): I think I should leave. Good night…..
Shivaay(whispering): Good night…..

Mahi left the room while closing the door behind him. Shivaay shifted Anika to the pillow and went for changing. He came back and saw her calm face.

Shivaay(thinking): Who will say that this calm girl can become so childish? (he chuckled) She looks so adorable when awake. I have to do something to bring her memory back. Tomorrow I will get married to her. I don’t know what will happen. But I can only hope that it works.

He laid down beside her and pulled her in his embrace. The moon and stars witnessed their sweet love.

Precap: Shivika’s simple marriage….. Will this trigger some events in Anika?

Just enjoy and shower with your votes and comments……

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