Hey people…….
I am back again to irritate you…..
Now let’s start before I eat up your heads with my chatter……
Chapter 4 –
Hey people…….
I am back again to irritate you…..
Now let’s start before I eat up your heads with my chatter……

*Oberoi Mansion*
Anika was walking in the hall and checking something in her phone when suddenly she collided with…….. Pinky auntyji….. ??. Anika just ignored her and was going to cross her and go but Pinky came in front of her and stopped her.
Pinky: What do you think haa that you have come back in this house and you will start to rule out? Remember one thing you were never fit for this house and will never be fit also. So don’t think big okay.
Anika: Done? (saw a confused Pinky) I asked are you done with your threats or some more is left to be given? Go on I am listening…. Because if I start saying naa then you can’t stop me… So Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi start counting your days as soon very soon your real face will come out in front of all….. And remember I have come back to my house where I should belong….. With my husband and my family…. And this time you can’t throw me out of the house…… Mark my words….
And Anika walked away leaving a fuming Pinky behind her. All this was heard by Shivaay who had just returned with Sahil but hid behind the pillar to hear their talks secretly. He came out when the hall was empty and he indicated Sahil to go upstairs to his room. Sahil left. Shivaay was in deep thoughts.

Shivaay (thinking): I have to do something before Mom does something again…. This time toh Anika managed but I am sure she won’t be able to do it all the time. I just hope before it is too late I fix everything…..

He was brought back to the present by his brothers.
Om: Shivaay we heard everything from Mahi…. So what are you planning to now?
Shivaay:Meet Mr Bajaj and enquire about it.
Om: Are you sure about it? Do you really want to go deep into this matter…
Shivaay:When I have got a way to find out about Anika’s family I want to do it….
They all agreed and left towards Mr Bajaj’s office.

*Shivika’s room*
Anika was doing something when she was blind folded by someone from behind.
She brought him in front and hugged him.
Anika: Kaisa Hai tu? Thik hai naa? And why did you go to Shivaay’s office?
Sahil:Anika didi chillax… I am absolutely great and regarding going to SSO’s office then just like that you know…. I only wanted to go… Just for some fun….
Anika:Aacha now jiju is more important than didi? Yaa right now this will only happen naa…..
Sahil: Aare Anika didi it’s nothing like that… I missed you so much….
Anika: I missed you too Sahil….
Sahil: Aare haa…. I had to tell you something…. I saw Mona didi today. Actually she came to pickup her niece and Mahi Bhaiya was staring at her only.
Anika:Really? Mahi saw Mona?
Sahil: Yes,.. but what’s the big deal in it?
Anika: Then I have hit a bull’s eye….. Aacha come with me I need to go somewhere…. Will you come or stay and rest?
Sahil: No I will come…. By the way what’s going on in your head?
Anika just smiled at him but didn’t say anything…… She called someone and instructed something….
Anika:Khanna ji….. I need you to do this immediately….

*Bajaj Industries*
ShivOmRuHi reached and directly went towards Mr.Bajaj’s cabin.

Mr. Bajaj: What a present surprise Shivaay….
Shivaay:Yaa Mr. Bajaj… Not only me but my brothers are also here…

They shook hands with him and settled down.

Mr. Bajaj:So any particular reason for which you all are here?

Shivaay looked at everyone else and all nodded to continue further.

Shivaay: Actually Mr. Bajaj that day when we were sighing a deal with my company in your house. Me and Mahi had came across a photography that was kept in your living room….
Mr. Bajaj(confused): Which photography are you talking about?
Mahi(interrupting in between): The one where you were hugging two small girls….
Mr. Bajaj(remembering):Oh Yaa…. That one…..
Shivaay: Yaa that one…. Actually we wanted to ask you who are those two girls? If at all you don’t mind to share your personal things with us…..
Mr. Bajaj: Now what should I hide from you Shivaay you are like my son… I never thought after my son’s death I will be able to get the happiness of a father again….
Shivaay (holding his hand): Never say like this Mr.Bajaj…. we(looking at his brothers) all are like your son…. What happens if you have lost one son…. See in return you got 4 sons….
OmRuHi: Yes Mr.Bajaj we all are your sons …. So please never be upset……

Mr.Bajaj nodded and smiled at them.

Mr. Bajaj: You all wanted to know about those two girls right?(they nodded)……… They are or rather were my best friend Mr. Randhir Singh Raizada and his wife Mrs. Sanyukta Singh Raizada ‘s granddaughters…… They have a grandson too Arnav Singh Raizada who is happily married to Khushi Singh Raizada….

Shocked would be an understatement that they were going through right now….. Anika is the sister of the famous business man Arnav Singh Raizada…… Mahi understood that Shivaay was in shock so he took up the front and asked further.

Mahi: But Mr.Bajaj…..
Mr.Bajaj: Call me Uncle…. It’s too formal….
Mahi(smiling): Okay… But uncle why are you telling were the granddaughters….. Where are they now? Or what happened to them? And why granddaughters? Who were their parents?

Mr. Bajaj sighed and went into flashback.
(All that will be written from hense forth will be under flashback and it will end with Flashback ends. I hope I am not confusing you people)

*Raizada Mansion*
We can see a lady about the age of 20 is doing Aarti and all other members are standing behind her. An couple in their late thirties is standing behind her with two cute looking baby girls in their arm and a boy of about 5 years in standing beside them. After the aarti is done the lady turns around and she is revealed to be Chandni…. She gave aarti to everyone and took blessing from the couple. The couple is revealed to be Randhir and Sanyukta, her in laws.
Sandhir: God bless you beta…
Sanyukta: Where is Advay Chandni beta?

(So I have fulfilled the wishes of the people who wanted Advay and Chandni as couple….. But…..)

Chandni: He already left for office today…. He said he has some very important meeting to attend so he went….
Randhir: This boy is forgetting his family only for the business. I wasn’t so much engrossed in it as he is…. I just pray that he doesn’t forget about himself one day….
Chandni: Don’t worry Papa I won’t let that happen….
Randhir: Only because of you I am tension free and I know that you can only make him a family man too..
Chandni smiled.
Sanyukta: Ha ha all talks with Papa only Mom toh bhaar me jaye…
Chandni: Nothing like that Mom… (hugging her) You know that I love you more….
” No I love Dadi mole(more)”,came a voice and they broke the hug to see the small boy standing and frowning. Chandni picked him up and kissed his cheeks.
Chandni: Off course Arnav…
Arnav: And I love my sisters too…
The two babies squealed in joy. The two babies- Arundhuti and Naina… Were Advay and Chandni’s two babies. Arundhuti being 1yr and 6months old while Naina only 10months old.

” Yaa…. Yaa forget about me only… ”. They turned and saw another man of around in his late thirties entering.
Arnav: T. Dadu….
And he jumped from his mummy’s lap and ran to him.
Randhir: Aare Tarun come naa… How are you?
Mr. Bajaj: I am fine…. How you Chandni beta? And don’t tell me Advay is again gone?
Chandni: I am fine Dad… And yes Advay is again gone for an important meeting….
Mr. Bajaj: This man is seriously taking everything too much very seriously… I hope he doesn’t forget his family….
Chandni: Don’t worry Dad nothing will happen…. I am there naa…

(So let me tell you in brief…..
Randhir and Sanyukta has only one issue that is Advay Singh Raizada who is married to Chandni. Now Advay is looking after his family business because Randhir has been strickedly told not to work due to his health issues. Advay and Chandni are parents of three beautiful children – eldest being Arnav then Arundhuti and lastly Naina…. Mr. Bajaj is their family friend and Advay and Chandni considers him as their second father so calls him Dad. Now am I clear with the family picture)

*Same day evening*
Advay returned from office in a hurry.
Advay:Chandni…… Chandni….
Chandni: What happened?
Advay: I need to go for a business trip tomorrow night and it’s urgent so please pack my stuffs…
Sanyukta: What’s this Advay? Again business trip? Think about your family once. At least think about Chandni you have taken her anywhere for a long time. Take her with you at least.
Advay: But Maa she will be bored. I will have meetings the whole day.
Sanyukta: So what? Make time for her… No I will not listen to you…. Take her with you…. Do one thing spend some quality time together and then return. Don’t think about the kids I will look after them….
They agreed helplessly but they were happy within themselves. For the past few days they weren’t getting enough time for each other.

*Next Day Night*
Everything was ready. Advay and Chandni were set to go and they were bidding bye to all.
Chandni(hugging Arnav): Take care of yourself and your sisters okay. Don’t do any type of mischief with Dada and Dadi. Listen to them okay. And haa always protect your sisters….
Arnav: I will Mommy… But why are you saying to plotect(protect) my sisters… You and Papa are there naa to plotect them….
Chandni: I know…. But still you are their elder brother and it is your duty to protect them from everything….. You will fulfill this promise of your Mommy’s?
Arnav: I plomise(promise) Mommy I will always plotect(protect) my sisters…

Chandni hugged him again…. She went to Mr. Bajaj held his hand and said.
Chandni: I don’t know why am I saying this but I feel like something bad is going to happen, Dad that’s why I am telling you somethings please listen to it.
Mr. Bajaj: What are talking about Chandni? Nothing will happen…
Chandni:No Dad…. Please… I am feeling as if this is the last time I am meeting you all… That’s why I want to say you something. Whatever maybe the situation or circumstances never leave Papa and Mom alone. And I request you look after my kids. Arnav knows that you are like his grandpa but my daughters don’t know. So never let them feel the absence of a father and mother please Dad…..
Mr. Bajaj: I understood Chandni beta but why are saying such things?
Chandni: I don’t know Dad…. Aacha let it be… Take care of yourself and others…. (hugging him) I love you Dad…. I will miss you….

Advay and Chandni left for airport,but Mr Bajaj wasn’t able to understand why did Chandni said those words to him or Arnav….

*About an hour later*
The landline phone of the house rang and our little Arnav picked it up….
Arnav: Hello….
Arnav:Mommy…. I love you too mommy…. Wlere(where) are you mommy?
Arnav:Mommy what are you saying? I can’t understand…..
Mr. Bajaj(taking the phone): Hello….. Chandni beta…. Where…..
Mr. Bajaj(shouted): No….. No…. Nothing will happen to you both…. Just wait there…, We are coming…..

Sandhir came to the hall hearing the noise.

Randhir: What happen Tarun? Why are you shouting?
Mr. Bajaj(stammering): Ad….. Advay….. And Chand….. Chandni ….. Met with an accident…. And…. And….
Randhir(shocked): And what?
Mr. Bajaj: And both of them are very critical…. Chandni had called to say final goodbye to all….

Sanyukta shricked and fell down on the ground crying out loud while Randhir couldn’t understand what to do.

Mr.Bajaj: Randhir we need to go to the spot of accident fast….

He nodded and left with him. But everyone failed to notice the little Arnav who had suddenly turned big in one second. His mother’s words were echoing his ears and he went towards his sister’s room. He saw both of them and placed his hand on their head lightly….
Arnav:I promise to both of you that I will always protect you and never allow any kind of danger to come to you…. I promise…..


Mr.Bajaj: So this is how those two girls and Arnav lost their parents. From that day Randhir and Sanyukta became their parents and I became their Dad…. Though for Arnav I and Sandhir we’re grandparents but just for his sisters he started calling me T Dad and Randhir as R Dad and Sanyukta as Mom…. From that day he became very responsible and very protective for his sisters….

Hearing about the tragic past of Anika , Shivaay couldn’t hold himself more and left from the room. He reached the terrace and started taking deep breaths to control his emotions. Mahi who came behind him held his shoulder and gave him some strength.

Shivaay (crying): Mahi…. Mahi…… Anika is suffering from the time she didn’t even understand the outside world. I at least had a mother and even you had but she…. She is orphan from the time she didn’t understand anything…… How can God be so cruel to her Mahi?? How??
Mahi:I can understand Shivaay…. But you need to be strong for Anika….. You need to know about her further story too….
Shivaay (wiping his tears): Yes right….. I need to know what made her an orphan again…. I have to do this so that I can give her family back…..

They went back and OmRu asked through eyes if Shivaay was okay or not. He nodded and again settled down.
Shivaay: I’m sorry Uncle….. Actually I couldn’t handle the grief and…..
Mr.Bajaj:I understand my son….. Even when I remember those things I feel suffocating and sad for the kids.
Mahi: Uncle where are they now? I mean Arnav,Arundhuti and Naina….
Mr. Bajaj: Do you know the famous business man Arnav Singh Raizada?(They nodded) He’s only Sandhir’s grandson. He’s happily married to Khushi Singh Raizada and has a small girl too…….. But…..
Mahi: But what Uncle?
Mr. Bajaj: Arundhuti and Naina are dead…..
Shivaay (shouted):No…. She isn’t dead…..

Mr. Bajaj looked at him confused while others were like phail gaya raita……

Om(managing the situation): He means to say ki……..
Rudra: Ki our bhabi ‘s name is quite similar to Arundhuti so he mistook it as that….. Right Bhaiya?
Shivaay: Haa…. Haa……
Mr.Bajaj: It’s okay… I understand….
Mahi: Uncle how is it possible that they are dead?
Mr.Bajaj:That also has a bitter past…..

After that fateful day many things changed. Arnav suddenly became big and responsible, Arundhuti and Naina were taken very good care by their grandparents and big brother and Sandhir became their parents. Like this almost 10 years went by………

*After 10 years *
Arnav was getting ready to go to hostel for his further studies while his sisters were shedding tears because their bhaiyu was leaving them and going.

Arundhuti(crying): Bhaiyu you have to go? Why can’t you stay here and study further?
Naina(crying): Haa bhaiyu Didi is right…. Why can’t you stay here…..
Arnav: If I had the chance then I would have surely done…. But what to do? I have to go…. But promise me that you both will be good girls and not trouble Maa Papa and Dad….
AruNa:We promise bhaiyu….
Arnav(looking at Arundhuti) : Aru… You are now the eldest…. So you have to take care of Chutki and others too… I have full faith on you…. You won’t disappoint your bhaiyu right?
Arundhuti: I promise bhaiyu I will look after Chutki and others too…. In your absence I will look after the house very well….. But you will always be the eldest…. For the time being I am taking the responsibility but after you come I will be burden free….

He laughed and hugged his sisters who were his life…. And later that day he left for his hostel with Mr. Bajaj……

*Leap of 6 months*
Everything was going on very smoothly…… As she had promised to her bbaiyu Arundhuti was looking after the family and her sister very well….. But it seems like someone’s bad eyes has fallen on the house.

*One day*
All were sitting in the hall and enjoying their evening when suddenly the front door of the house broke open. Four to five men in black cloths entered the house and held Arundhuti and Naina in captive and tied up Sandhir. Luckily Mr. Bajaj wasn’t there with them. They were clueless as to what was happening.

Randhir: What are you doing? Why have you held us captive?
Leader: We have been given orders to kill you all….
Randhir:But what harm we done to you all and who has given you orders?
Leader: Mr. Nikhil Khurana…..
Randhir(shocked): What??
Leader: Yes we were the one to kill your Son Advay and your Daughter in law Chandni 10 years back…. And how we have been given the orders to kill you all…..

Shocked would be an understatement that Sandhir was experiencing and AruNa were clueless about it.

Randhir: You want to kill naa. Kill us but leave my daughters….. Please leave them….
Leader: Aare how can I leave them? They should be killed first…. Bur don’t worry you all will die together….. Set up bombs everywhere and close all the exits….

Everything was set and the men had tired AruNa also and left the house locking the front door.

Mr. Bajaj had come to their house for dinner but before he could enter the Mansion gate…………. BOOM….. The whole house just in fire and it seemed like everyone in it had died….


Mr. Bajaj: After that when investigation was done no body was found as everything in the house had turned into ashes and some body parts were found. So the police announced that Sandhir and AruNa were died…

The whole past of his Anika shook him to the core. He was just numb and he didn’t say anything after it.

Om: Were you fully confirmed that the girls were died in that blast?
Mr. Bajaj: I had accepted it but Arnav never believed. He always said that AruNa are alive. We even tried to search for them but failed. So I have accepted the truth that they are dead but Arnav still believes that they are somewhere near him and alive…..
Shivaay: Thank you so much uncle for sharing such a tragic past of your to us. It means a lot to us….. If you don’t mind can I request you something?
Mr. Bajaj: Sure my son… Go ahead….
Shivaay: Is it possible for us to meet Arnav once please….
Mr. Bajaj: But why do you want to meet him?
Shivaay: Just for once uncle… And trust me Uncle if what I am thinking is right then you will get the most beautiful gift ever…. Please Uncle once… Please….
Mr. Bajaj: I don’t know what are you talking about but I will take you all to him. I will ask him when he is free.
Shivaay: Thank you so much Uncle….

They all left from there and headed towards OM.

*Paralleli at the same time ie when Shivaay and Co were with Mr. Bajaj Anika and Sahil were somewhere…. Where let’s see*
* Suntop Cafe*
Anika and Sahil were sitting on a table having their drink and waiting for the two person sitting in front them to speak up something.

Anika: Now if your maun wrath is over then will you please speak up my Devranis….

So our Anika had located two of his Devranis and who are they any guess….. Okay let me tell you… They are Gauri and Mona…. Right guess people….. ?

Gauri: Anika didi…. Woh….
Anika: I don’t want to hear any stammering from you all… Just speak up….

Mona and Gauri looked at each other and were thinking who would speak first.

Anika:Gauri just speak up….. If I wouldn’t have caught you today in this cafe then I don’t know from where I had to search you….

Yes Ladies and gentlemen our Anika had ordered Khanna ji to trace Mona’s number as soon as she heard from Sahil that Mona had visited his school. And our efficient Khanna ji did his work efficiently and found out where she was. Mona was working in Suntop cafe as a cashier. Anika had come to encounter her and to her good luck she caught Gauri too working as a waitress. So now our heroine is sipping her tea along with Sahil who is busy having his milkshake waiting for her sweet devranis to open their mouth and speak up.

Mona: But how did you find us out? I mean….
Anika(with attitude): Don’t forget who am I…. I am Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and now if your question answer is over then will you speak up.
Gauri: Bhaujai…. Actually (looking at Mona) We want to discuss this in private not here so can we please go somewhere else….. If you don’t mind….
Anika(calling someone):Khanna ji where’s Shivaay and others?
Anika: Okay…. Can you drop me in his office?
Anika(cutting the call): Come let’s go…..
Gauri: But Bhaujai… Office… Omkaraji might be…..
Anika:No one is there and we aren’t going to Oberoi Industries….. We are going to Shivaay’s office…. Now stop questioning and come.

They left from there and went to A. S. Enterprise.

*A. S. Enterprise*
Anika entered and everyone greated her. She smiled at them and went towards Shivaay’s personal cabin. GauNa were speechless seeing the whole thing and the room was just breath taking especially the photo…..

Anika: Sit comfortably…. I will order something for you all….
Gauri: No need Bhaujai we are fine.
Anika: Okay so start…. Who will say first…..

Gauri pointed at Mona and Mona pointed to Gauri. Sahil hit his head on the table seeing it.

Sahil: Do one thing the one who is the eldest will speak first…. So Anika di who is eldest?
Anika: According to logic Mona is elder in relation to Gauri so Mona should speak first…..

Gauri grinned and looked at Mona giving her a ‘ I told you look…’ . Mona glared at her and looked at Anika with puppy eyes.

Anika(sitting on a big chair):Now start…..

Mona sighed as now she was fully trapped.

Mona(sighing):It all started when I met Mahi 6 months back…..

(It starts from the time when Mahi had come to OM and had taken up Shivaay’s place)
Mona was returning from her work when she heard someone playing a sad tune. She followed the sound and found a man sitting by the hilltop crying and playing his mouth organ. She stood their and heard it. She could sense the amount of pain he was going through. Mona went towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned around and he is revealed to be Mahi.

Mona:What are you doing here ? It’s so cold outside and you are sitting here and playing this mouth organ.
Mahi: I don’t have a place to stay…. My mother kicked me out of the house because she thinks that all the problems in her life is due to me. I don’t have anyone in this world…. No one…….
Mona:It’s nothing like that…. There will be someone or the other in this world who would be your well-wisher and if you don’t have then you should find one.
Mahi:Naa…. No one wants to be associated with me because I am illegitimate son of my mother and everyone disgusts me….
Mona:It’s nothing like that… Don’t loose hope… Aacha okay if you want we can be friends you know….

He kept on looking at her in disbelief.

Mahi: You are kidding right?
Mona: Why would I ? And I too need a friend as I’m an Orphan…. Though I don’t have anyone in this world still I try to find some happiness from the things or the people around me…. So friends?

She stuck her hand out for him and he took it. As soon as their hands touched they felt a spark passing through their body. They left the hand and looked everywhere else.

Mona: Aare dosti toh karli par naam toh paata hi nahi? Silly me… So myself Mona…. And you….
Mahi(smiling a bit): Mahi…
Mona: As you said you don’t have any place to stay…. So why don’t you stay in my house? I won’t mind at all…..
Mahi: Aare no no it’s not needed…. I am fine here…..
Mona: Now when we are friends you have to listen to me… Now(pulling him up) get up and come with me…..

They started walking and Mona kept on talking and talking. Mahi was enjoying her company and he had a constant smile in his face. They reached her house and they retired for the night. Like this days passed and with every passing day their relationship was gaining a new phase. Mona started liking him but for Mahi it was always just friends.

*One day*
Mona returned from her work and was about to enter the chawl when some ladies and men stopped her from going.

Mona:What happened Kaki why did you all stop me?
Lady1: As if you don’t know?
Mona: What did I do Kaki?
Lady2: Aare you are staying with someone that too a man. What relation you have with him?
Mona: He is just my friend Kaki…..
Man1: Just a friend? Aacha you think you can fool is so easily. We don’t know what all happens behind the door. Aare you are a black spot for this society. God knows with how many men you have slept till now…..

Everyone was accusing her and Mona stood helplessly with tears continuously flowing from her eyes.


Mona turned around and saw an angry Mahi standing with blood shot eyes.

Mahi: Not a word more against my wife…. Did you all get that?
Lady1: Aare if she is married then where is her sindoor and mangalsutra?
Lady2: Haa right where is it?
Mahi(in rage): So you all want prove right then see it….

He pulled a shocked Mona with him towards the temple where a hawan was going on. He took the sindoor from the plate and filled her hairline with it, he pulled out a black bedded chain from his pocket and made her wear it, he picked her up in his arms and started walking around the hawan kund and completed 7 rounds of the marriage. He looked at her eyes and promised to himself that he would never let any type of sadness come to her. He turned towards the chawl people and glared.

Mahi:Now you all are satisfied with it. Now technically we are husband and wife…. So now please stop spending your dirty talks.

He walked away from them to her house with her still in his arms. Mona was still in shock. He placed her on her bed and shook her back to reality.

Mona: Why did you do?
Mahi: Because they were accusing you for no reason and I couldn’t take it and did what I thought was right at that moment… And what’s wrong in it? You know me I know you and we both are alone in this world. So let’s just hold each others hand and create our new world….
Mona(with tears): Really Mahi….
Mahi(wiping her tears): Yes Mona…. And I will try my level best to do whatever is in my hand.
Mona(hugging him): Thank you so much Mahi….
Mahi(hugging her back): But before that I want to tell you something…. And please don’t judge me after that…….

And Mahi told her everything that he had- his entry in OM, taking Shivaay’s place and lastly saving Shivaay from goons. He thought hearing him she would say harsh words to him but…..

Mona: You realized your mistake and saved Shivaay …. What can be so good in that? But how come you and Shivaay have the same face?
Mahi: Because he is my brother……
Mona(shocked): What the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi is your brother then what are you doing here?
Mahi: That’s the mystery that I am unable to solve.
Mona: Don’t worry one day you will surely get your right full position in this world.
Mahi: Thanks for understanding me. And don’t worry we will our relationship very slowly and since we are already friends we will remain friends only.

She smiled at him and thought herself to be so lucky to get such a husband. And when she already likes him then he will also start liking her someday and lastly they would walk on the road of love…..

But whatever seems easy is never got easily. Same thing happened with Mona. She thought as she’s progressing in her relation with Mahi he would also do so but he still considered her as his friend.

*After some days*
Mona had been noticing that Mahi is distancing himself from her. Firstly she thought that due to Anika’s visit he must be distributed. But when Anika herself assured him that she would make him unite with his family then he shouldn’t be tensed. But still there was some distance between them. When finally she couldn’t resist anymore and confront him.

Mona:What’s wrong with you Mahi? Why are you ignoring me?
Mahi:It’s nothing like that….. You are just thinking too much…..
Mona:Mahi…. Tell me if you are in some kind of a problem. I am your wife you can share anything with me….
Mahi(shouting): No you aren’t my wife….. No…. No….
Mona(shocked): What do you mean by that? I am your wife and I love you Mahi…. I love you….. How can you say like that haa…..
Mahi(slightly pushing her and shouted): No…. You don’t love me….. You love my status… Yes when you came to know that I am also an Oberoi you started loving me… You don’t me but my status… You….

‘CHATAK…..’,Mahi received a tight slap from Mona whose eyes were red due to rage and unshed tears. She pulled him by his collar and said with rage.

Mona(rage): What do you think about yourself Mahi? You will insult my love and I will let you do it then listen very carefully…. I was the one who helped you without even knowing you…. I liked you even before you could understand…. And I started loving you even before you could think…. I love Mahi not Mahendra Singh Oberoi…. Get this in your head…. But you know what your words and belief on my love broke me…. It broke me Mahi….. (Pushing him away) And I can never forgive you for that…. Only that day when you will realize your feelings and my love for you come to me otherwise forget you ever had a wife……

Mona(crying):And after that I left him…. I didn’t contact him for the past 3 months until today just because of you bhabi I could see him…… And I guess he hasn’t changed yet… Hasn’t changed……

Anika hugged her and let her cry. She carenessed her hair and soothe her. They broke the hug and Anika wiped her tears.

Anika: Don’t worry I will fix everything…. (Turning towards Gauri) Now you tell me why did you leave Om?

Precap: Gauri’s reasons….. Shivaay’s extra care…… Shivaay and Bros went to Raizada Mansion…….. And……
OMG so big…..
Just let it seep into you and enjoy…..
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