#Ishqbaaz#Shivika#Meant to be yours (first shot)

#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Meant to be yours

Hello evryone
After yesterday episode n precap ,me n my idea partner (chocopie) were going through some of our ideas .we got 2 concepts on it. One PRI already submitted as os second concept I am submitting as 5s.
Upto tia revelation both have same but then there is pole difference.
So I guess u have read prologue of this 5s.here goes first shot of our collab work.
First shot:
After knowing truth regarding how Shivay have forced Anika to get married to him everyone have boycotted Shivay and now Shivay is feeling alone and low and he went o OmRu’s room but they were not there so he went to poolside soot of their and there he find them and Shivay went to them and in barely audible voice he speak

Shivay: OmRu WO
Om: Shivay it will be better if you don’t speak to us and you don’t have to give this apology look to us because today we saw your actual face.
Rudar: Shivay bhiya not even iny wildest dream I’d thought that you can do such cheap things and can step so low…
Om: Rudra w don’t need to say more to him and come lets go to our room we’ve to handle Sahil too.
And before Shivay can speak anything OmRu left from there and Shivay felt like some one have stabbed him and lifelessly he sit on corner thinking about each words his brothers have told to him and how they are standing on Anika’s side and as soon as Anika step in his thought devil inside him wake up and without any thought he started moving towards his rather to say their room.
Here Anika who is watching all this from pool side window saw him coming and next minute she settle on recliner and next second Shivay enter in room but he didn’t speak anything just looked at her but Hus eyes are throwing daggers at her and his face is turn red due to anger which is bubbling inside him but somehow he is controlling it and god knows why but he choose to keep mum take of his night dress from wordrobe and he is about to step in bathroom for change but listening Anika his leg automatically stop and he turned towards her

Anika: Shivay!!! Don’t be upset,they can’t angry on u for long time.they will talk to u soon.
Listening her Shivay’s anger brust out he move towards her and coming to her he hold her tightly by her hand and speak
Shivay: how u do all this anika? You know what Tia is right you are planning to stay permanently in this house by casting your charm spell on everyone and I should have trust Tia but no I said her you are not like that but every time you proves me wrong whatever I think about you is always wrong Tia is right about you are golddigger an you can do…
And he stop making faces and looking at him Anika ask
Anika: What??? What can I do??? And if you are thinking that I am doing anything to stay permanently in this house then no I’ll sign that divorce paper and will leave soon. And I…
Shivay: Wow, and what will you charge to sign that divorce paper????
Anika: Shivay yet you are thinking that I am doing this all for money????
Shivay: Anika, I don’t need to think I know it. Rather to say I should know girls like you who can sell her self can do anything for money.
Anika is shocked listening him and she felt week on her knees but she don’t want to saw him that she is weak so she asked
Anika: What are you talking about???
Shivay: Do not be shock Anika I know you’ve spend a high with Daksh in his room for 15lakhs before this marriage. I…
Before he can continue a tight slap on his cheek have sealed his lips due to shock and he looked at owner of that hand who have slapped him with utter shock and before he can speak anything Anika speak
Anika: This is for thinking such low about me and before I’ll do anything else which I’ll regret later just go out of my vision.
But Shivay is stunned and he didn’t move an inch from his place and crying Anika move him and run toward poolside not knowing she have to fight another battle with creep Tia there who have witnessed this all from poolside window.
As soon as Anika entered poolside area she heard someone clapping and she look into direction and there she find Tia and she look at her with anger and smirking Tia walk slowly in her direction and after standing in front of her she speak
Tia: Wow, finally universe give you some wisdom and you know Anika I am happy that soon you’ll be out from Shivay baby’s life and Shivay baby will be mine for forever. (With dreamy look)
Anika: You know Tia, dreams which we see with open eyes never come to true and Tia before my exit from this mention I’ll throw you out from this mention and Shivay’s life.
Tia: Awww Anika you are thinking to much don’t give stress to your little mind else it’ll brust out.
Anika: Tia at least I’ve this small mind but you are such a stupid brainless and shameless girl.
Tia: Shut up Anika.

Anika: Better you keep your mouth shut and leave form here.
And fuming Tia leave from there and long back Anika forget her pain which she having due to Shivay’s word and she move towards omRu’s room and soon they discussed something and after making whole palm to expose Tia she left fro there and try to retire to sleep sitting on recliner but Shivay’s word are echoing in her mind and tears are not stopping and she looks at bed but Shivay is not there.
Anika mind:Anika why are you crying for the person who have blamed every now and then.
Anika heart:but he is the one who has locked her in his heartbeats, he is ruler of my heart since so long .
And she remember how Shivay have spoke about his confused feelings for her under effect of sedative after he has saves her from goons.
AM: But he is the same person who have throw you in this fire where you are burning with each passing second.
AH: But he too burning with each passing second along with me.
And Anika is totally stressful with her internal war. destiny is also playing with her.the video tape which has tia truth got stuck.om is asked to wait for few hours to secure ta video from it.

Here in hall every family member at having their break fast with heavy heart and OmRu, Sahil and Anika are not there but no one ask about them but Saumya informed that OmRu went to drop Sahil school and no one ask Shivay about Anika thinking she might be fighting with her inner turmoil and soon Tia make her entry and she is blabbering something and something to gain attention but no one is interested in her tactics .
Anika passing ta whole day for ta video slipped into sleep in night.
Shivay returned from office at ta same time OmRu make their entry and looking at family members they speak.
OmRu: We need to show something to you all. and Tia we need you too here.
Rudra started vedio showing Tia is upset and bursting her anger in her mother and looking at this few sweatfoam started forming on her forehead and before vedio can continue further electricity went off and Tia take breath of relief but soon her breath hitched listening Rudra

Rudra: Sumo, plz bring your laptop.
And soon Saumya bring her laptop and switch it on and soon seeing Anika’s picture as desktop background she speak
Saumya: I don’t this one is my laptop seems like Daksh bhaiya forget his laptop in my room that night when he stayed in my room and I stayed in his room with Anika didi.
Listening this Shivay’s eye balls pop up from socket and before he can ask anything to Saumya vedio started and he started seeing it keeping in mind to ask Saumya about that night later but once again his mind and eyeballs pop up seeing Tia hugging Robina and listening their conversation Shivay’s anger along with every family members brust out and next second he heard “Thud” voice and he saw his mother have did honour of slapping Tia before he can Do and next second Dadi too join Pinky and later all interrogate Tia and she blurt out truth.

Om already informed police they came take tia away.then shivay asked Saumya about that night and Saumya informed him everything about that night his guilt is at a level from where if he die out of guilt he won’t be able to earn forgiveness of his Anika.
And remembering Anika he started thinking that how come she is not there in all chaos and he always blamed her. She always fought with him for his safety but he never trusted her.

He goes to a deserted road n cries his out.
In mansion: evryone are happy finally that truth came out.anika too wakes up n gets to know everything.omru start playing with sahil who is jumping with his one leg on sofa.
Tia mom comes in rage with a gun to kill anika for creating all this mess but ta bullet reached our little angel sahil heart .
Omru caught tia mom and called police.but what is ta use of it sahil is already dead.anika world ended there.they all try to contact shivay but he is wandering on roads.
Sahil funeral is done.anika left mansion not even talking to anyone.after an hour family got to kow abt her but its very late.she already left.
Shivay returns n gets to know abt sahil n collapses on floor.bcoz of him sahil is dead.if he is not there no tia drama will have happened.he don’t have courage to go to anika.he can search her if he want but what will he say “sry?” for sahil death? He cant.he can’t face her,meet her eyes,.
He locked himself in his room for 2 days.next day he came out with luggage and left to London to handle business there.he can’t stay in that house which is cursing him evry second.his brothers, fmily members can understand his pain still they can’t forget that anika suffered bcoz of him.

Precap: shivay return.

That’s it guys our first shot completed.4 shots are remaining to complete this.pls do comment below.whatever be it is jut say us below.plzzzzzzzzz
We r waiting to know how is our collab work.

With love
Chocopie(PRI) n nans


  1. Lalli

    OMG dear its soo beautifully conveyed and sahill death it may won’t happen pure anika but shivay love towards Anika after knowing the truth and waiting for shivika togetherness

  2. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Hi chocopie(if u don’t mind me calling u that) and bubbles!! Sorry for not commenting on the prologue of this ff… was out then fir socha ki seedha iss par hi comment kar deti hoon.

    It was fantastically fantabulously fantabulous .. although I am sad that sahil died, it was still really nice… eagerly waiting for next!!!!😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍💗💗💗

  3. Aviana

    Its wonderful Pri’s idea are always mindblowing and I love your collaboration with her you both are amazing writer post next shot soon whoever from you both is going to post…

  4. Pri_24


    |Registered Member

    Brilliantly written and I can’t say more coz In know idea and readers plz if you liked and enjoyed this then drop your view even few words or single emoji will motivate us so so comment peeps….

  5. Rads

    Its superb as I mentioned in OS i enjoyed it alot and coming to next part I am shocked with twist of Sahil’s death and waiting for Shivika to reunite…

  6. Ria

    Nans and Priya you both are wonderful writer and you created this amazing masterpiece and I ma eager to read further shot of this story…..

  7. Bhavana

    ufff……..i cant handle this much pain, im felling really bad for annika…….plz… plz… post nxt part asap……..agar mein nxt part jaldi nahi padugi…….for sure mein pagal hojaavugi……….

  8. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    The first one was obviously happier. This is painful. But I am curious to know what might happen next. Please update soon.

  9. Anujohnson


    |Registered Member

    OMG!!!!!!! MIND BLOWING!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    no more words to say as my dictionary has no more words to express how awesome it is………

  10. Tulasi


    |Registered Member

    Awesummmmmm…… asusual … waitng for d next…. a lott…. dono ne milkar dhamaka kar rahe hain… luv u both a lottttttt…… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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