Ishqbaaz(Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 20



Didn’t even think it was possible for me to reach this far but Today’s Extra Long Episode will be the last of my FF as I do not write frequently and wont have time to write it anymore due to college work and busy with other things , Dw this episode will be very interesting With a Suprising Twist Read and Find out 🙂 😉

Dadi returns from the temple and is told about the good news and teases ishana a little and says finally after all these bad omens this family is seeing the light and a world of happiness and love. Omkara hugs Dadi and says it’s all unbelievable and I jus hope this is not a dream, if it is I never want to wake up. The rest of the family join the trio and all have a laugh together. Pinky sits by Anika and saying when will she recieves some good news ofcourse Ansh will want another sibling. Anika looks down while Shivaye holds her hand without anyone noticing, Jhanvi sees this and says people take advantage of the moment and start their love anywhere, all glance at her and confused. Jhanvi says no am jus saying, Shivaye realises and smirks. He lets go of Anikas hand and shakti says well the only bachelor left is Rudra, soumya interrupts and says forever bachelor because he Crnt stay with one girl if he gets married he’d be stuck in hell. Rudra says oh really well in fact I will get married to and that’s a challenge, Jhanvi says marriage doesn’t happen based on a challenge marriage is a beautiful bond which brings two lovers together and it shouldn’t be taken as a game. Soumya and Rudra are lost in each other’s eyes and everyone looks on and says ohhhhh! Soumya says it’s not like you think. Shivaye says so you’ve been secretly doing this and think we won’t find out. Rudra blurts out what am I hiding, I proposed to her and told her my feeling but she hasent even told me anything yet. Malika says Hm chori chori Pyaar Aur woh Bhi Rudra. Hm yu didn’t even tell your brothers Dumbell we are disappointed. Rudra embarrassed on his outburst says okay fine I’m sorry but… Tej says am glad that my son has finally become serious just let me know when your ready and yaknoe the rest;) Rudra confesses his love to Soumya once again on full senses, he proposes to her in a very unique and cheesy way, Soumya laughs while he makes a face. Everyone looks on and awaiting for Soumyas response she gets up and shocks everyone thinking she will leave but she has tears rolling down her cheeks and Rudra gets up and asks her what’s wrong or she doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t feel the same. She hugs him tightly and says to never leave her side and always love her because she loves him too. Rudra says so is that a yes and everyone says oh duffer will always remain duffer. Dadi says she means yes!! Rudra says oh and slips the ring on her finger and everyone claps.

Soumya and Rudra, Ishana and Om and Shivaye and Anika Romance away. Anika holds Shivayes hand and says who knew that we were ever going to be together, we couldn’t stay without fighting, taunting and making each other’s life difficult. Shivaye laughs and says I cannot believe that I’ve started listening to my heart and as Dadi says Became an ishqbaaz, I’m glad for having you in my life and I will love you forever. Anika puts her head on Shivayes shoulder and says I love you Baggad billa he says I love you Panika! They laugh and he holds her hand and makes her face him he leans in closer and they share a kiss and he holds her waist and brings her even closer she puts her hand around his neck and caresses his hair she unbuttons his shirt and opens her blouse and moves her hair to one side and they pull the sheets over them. Omkara and Ishana sit by the pool and reminisce their old times together. Om lies his head on ishanas lap and dedicates to her a shayari, the sun rises everymorning the sunsets every night but nothing compares to your smile within my sight. Ishana claps for him and says I wish I had something to say but you make me speechless and she blushes Omkara holds her hands and says I promise to make the future brighter than ever and with the coming of our baby nothing could be more perfect. Ishana has tears in her eyes and he says there’s no room for these here I want to see you smile. He kisses her forehead and she kisses his forehead too. Scene switches to Rudra he sets up a candle light dinner in his room and as Soumya returns to get her last bag to shift in her new home he surprises her and she looks around amazed and says Rudra you’ve done this for me he goes no the neighbour soumya says so funny Rudra he says no I’ve done this for my beautiful and bestest friend whom I love immensely. She turns around and hugs him tightly he goes why always the hug don’t I get more soumya raises her hand and says what? He says I was just joking she says me too I know you wouldn’t ever think of that about me and you know my expectations he says thanks soumya says why he says for coming in my life for fighting with me, cheering me up and being by my side in difficult times you’ve taught me that there’s way more than appearances and I will pray to God everyday but with you and to always be with you. Soumya says enough of this emotional talk lets eat am hungry he says ofcourse. He presents all the dishes and they both dive in to eat, after the meal he kneels down to asks for a dance and they dance on Teri galliyan.

Next morning, Anika lays in bed with Shivaye by her side and lays her head on his chest she blushes away thinking about their night and he wakes up and hugs Anika they look at each other and share an Eyelock* O Jana plays* he kisses her forehead and says last night was the best night of his life and she smiles at him without any words coming to her mouth, Ansh tries to come in but the door remains locked from the inside he shouts mama and papa to open the door otherwise he will break it Anika tries to get up but Shivaye tells her to stay as he wants this moment to last forever she says well if you haven’t forgotten you have a child too and that is waiting at the door and if he gets angry then he goes I know she says Yh all this anger could only be inherited from his beloved father. Shivaye laughs and says and all his weird behaviour from you Anika says really! They both share a hug broken by the banging on the door by Ansh Shivaye shouts and says don’t break the door I am opening it wait. Anika holds Shivayes hand and goes close to him wispering in his ear that she had an amazing night too and kisses him on the cheek and rushes to the bathroom while Shivaye stays smiling and opens the door Ansh hugs his dad and says good morning where mama? He says oh in the bathroom. Ansh says come down quickly I have a surprise.

Everyone is gathered in the hall by Ansh and Shivika, Ishkara and Roumya complain that he woke everyone up extremely early. Dadi says looks like people didn’t get sleep last night they all look at each other’s faces and try to act confused. Dadi says all my children are trying to hide it but i can see everything all of you have became ishqbaaz and those who love shouldn’t hide it but embrace it. I’m happy that all you have understood the meaning of love and finally this family is complete. They all hug and Ansh says ok okay can we focus on me now. Anika says okay my love but what’s the announcement that your are becoming impatient to tell he says let me say Shivaye says let him say otherwise he’s gunna explode like an atom bomb omru laugh and says just like his father used to. Shivaye smiles, while Ansh screams! Everyone laughs and he says no one is taking me seriously everyone says go on he says that I have told dads assistant mishra to book us all tickets as we are going on vacation to Canada. Shivaye says how did you contact mishra Ji, he says oh you and mom were busy last night and you guys were so lost you didn’t realise me coming in and taking your phone. Everyone tries to control their laughs and Shivayes says it’s not funny Anika embarrassed. Dadi says stop it otherwise Shivaye will explode like an atom bomb? they all laugh. Ansh then reveals ishana and Omkaras, soumya and rudra a closeness last night he goes everywhere I turned everyone was lost. Dadi gives him high five and says love carnt be hidden it is seen.

The whole family is having breakfast together. The male members of the family serve the women food and they are impressed. Everyone praises Shivayes cooking and says Anika is lucky as she doesn’t have to cook and step into the kitchen. Ansh says papa is mamas puppet. Shivaye says shush. Anika laughs. Jhanvi and others discuss about ishana and Oms child and the godh Bharai, they all begin to argue on the preparations of the function including Ansh.

Everyone is in preparation for the godh Bharai in the evening, Dadi is all dressed up and Ansh compliments her saying my bare Dadi is on fire today. Dadi tells him to stop buttering her he hugs her and says your the best she goes I am the best. Soumya is dressed up and walks down she collides into Rudra and they both stare at each other while petals drop from above.
Malika and sidartha arrive and meet everyone Malika asks for Anika Dadi says she is getting ready Malika says if Shivaye is there too they will never come down looks like I will have to get them, just then Jhanvi drags Malika and says you need to help me with all these preparations as Anika seems to be busy Malika says Hm what else Can i do then ? sidartha. Says Dadi looks like I will have to call this couple down ile be back she says okay dear go call them. Sidartha reaches Shivayes room and knocks Shivaye says come in and Shivaye greets him and asks him if he’s okay he says yeh am good but everyone else is waiting for you two to get down Shivaye says am ready but Anika doesn’t seem well. Im concerned and I told her to rest but she insists in taking part in the celebration now you tell me how can I stop her once she makes up her mind she does what she wants to. Sidartha laughs and says am glad that you two are finally back together because honestly you two are made for one another.shivaye says am sorry for whatever happened and I hope you have forgiven me about that he goes it’s not your fault Shivaye even if I was in your place I would have thought the same and done the same its all cool. They were talking about the past which brought apart Shivika for some time *Flashback-Shivika broke up years ago due to Tia, as Shivaye threw Anika out of his life because he thought Anika was having an affair with sidartha rana and has his child as Tia had filled his ears against Anika because she wanted Shivaye. Later Shivaye finds out the truth and apologises to Anika but she refused to forgive him and tells him to never show his face. In fact Anika was trying to pacify sidartha as Malika couldn’t be a mother and she was supporting both of them and when Malika explains this to Shivaye he realises what he has done.)

Everyone is together and have sweet family moments. Ishana and Om sit together and are about to cut the cake..

whilst Ridhimma, Roop and Swetlana begin a countdown. Tension begins to rise and as they are on their last count they are surrounded by police and are told to put down their weapons as they have been surrounded and no escape is possible so they may aswell surrender. Roop and Swetlana shocked at their plan ruined wonder how can such a plan get flopped. Ridhimma speaks up and says no matter how much bad tries to win and sometimes overpowers, the truth and honest ones always win. You tried to ruin Oberois what do you think that I will turn against them jus because of a break up I loved Omkara but along the way I got blinded by money and once I realised I was doing wrong I chose to walk the right path and to make you think I was with you when infact all of your plans were ruined by me. Roop says you betrayer I Crnt believe you I let you in with us and you treated us like this what wrong did we do with you. She says not with me but with the ones I love and you had multiple chances to turn your ways but you chose not to and your chances ended the time you planted a bomb in the Oberoi mansion and tried to harm all of them and you got to the wrong side of me. Inspector make this case strong and ensure that they are locked up in a secure room with no outside contact and make sure they get the most worst punishment possible. The three brothers along with their respective other come and say just a minute, ridhimma says you guys, Omkara says yes us you think we wouldn’t know all about this, inspector Ranbir randhawa is not just an inspector but he is also part of our family prinkus husband and to think he won’t inform us we were aware of all these attacks just after Ansh’s accident and Ranbir told us everything I was shocked Ridhimma that you were involved but then you were protecting us you are our saviour. I’m sorry and I feel truly guilty for thinking wrong of you and .. Ridhimma says enough om jus because I did all this doesn’t mean you will thank me I did this for myself to keep you alive. Ishana stand still and distraught on Ridhimmas confession. Shivaye comes and slaps Roop and says you were family and betrayed us many times this time there’s no forgiveness for you only punishment. Everyone slaps her one by one and taunts her finally om slaps Swetlana and says my dad made a mistake by bringing you in his life but now I will remove you from existence you made my childhood hell and tried to separate my mother and father how dare you bl**dy cheap women. Shivaye consoles him and Rudra says take them inspector. Ranbir apologises for keeping them in the dark for sometime as it was for their benefit and in fact you guys wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Ridhimma. They all thank her and Ishana comes up and hugs her saying I thought so bad about you and snatched your love your reason for living pls forgive me she says you have pained me Ishana but nothing is worth more than Om and his happiness for me just keep him happy and I won’t ever come between you guys and in fact am leaving India today so you won’t ever see me Omkara hugs Ridhimma tightly and says your are always going to be my best friend and do keep in contact she says no it’s better we break all ties here and move on otherwise it will keep on hurting all of us and I don’t want to turn to the wrong path again he says I believe you won’t she says I don’t trust myself as they say love is blind. Ridhimma cries,she bid bye and leaves. Ishana and OM hug

They all return home and Anika faints at the doorstep Shivaye who is attending a call is shocked as Om shouts and says Anika Rudra hold Anika in his arms and says DiDi get up open your eyes he lays her on the sofa and everyone is shocked they call the doctor, Shivaye says I told her to rest but since morning she had been running around, Dadi says don’t worry all will be fine keep faith, doctor does check up and says congratulations mr Oberoi there’s some good news everyone smiles and pinky is shocked and says for real doctor she says yeah congrats. Ansh runs and hugs Anika, Shivaye holds her hand and kisses it and says thanks for giving me this happiness of becoming a father once again.

All smile and celebrate whilst Dadi walks of to a picture of her husband and says look all of your offsprings have finally become ishqbaaz jus like you, this family is united and I jus wish you could be here and see this moment yourself with me but Ik your looking from wherever you are. I love you and knoe I don’t mind coming to you soon because I have seen what I wanted my family as one and happy, the three brothers join her and hug her saying that she won’t leave them they won’t let her and they hang up their grandfathers photo.


I hope you guys enjoyed this FF pls comment below if you liked this FF i would love to read your views.

****also comment below how you are liking the current track of ishqbaaz with Tia’s return, omru scenes and the Shivika wedding. I’m definetly enjoying it and am happy that Shivika got married jus waiting on daksh return? and Oms opposite. But disliking this Tia she’s is such a pain. Pls do share your views I’d like to know.

&Do let me know which scene has been your favourite throughout the episodes of ishqbaaz!!!

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