Hello guys….. I’m back… Thoda  busy hogayi .its a special day for me 


 kya karo yaar no body is wishing me  so i wished myself….. ha ha(just  fun)

RECAP- Mr.Gupta  escapes from Om .Om  and rudra try to find Shivaay using  website. Shivaay worry of becoming good father…..

     S-(goes near her bump keeps his hand) Hello baby how are you.I can’t wait for you to play in my arms. and papa loves you i promise you baby .i will try to be the best          father for you.if you have any problem with me or if i am not caring your mother  and you .i am giving rights to punish  me..

   A-(baby kicks and she feels)he is saying yes by kicking me Thadibaaz papa ka Thadibaaz bacha…

   S-Acha ji so i am  only thadibaaz not sweet or caring .can i show how sweet i am (he comes close to his lips)

   A-Shivaay what are you doing? he is watching us..

   S-(sees around) who!!!  nobody is around only you  and me.

   A-(shows her bump) child is watching if you behave naughty he will punish you..

   S- no he won’t  punish even he wants this (keeps his ears in her bump) he is saying dad is loving mom  but mom has no love  for dad(he makes puppy face)

   A- Cheapde don’t talk like this  ap na no 1 chalu cheez hai. 

  S- no i’m not i’m just loving my wife is there any wrong..

  A-no no there is nothing wrong in loving wife

when he again tries to come close she  cheats him and goes away..


  Om and Rudra found the  address  of SOR constructions  but they couldn’t  find the owner of it .they pack things and get ready .Om goes to gauri to say that he is leaving and will be back soon to take her.but the situation is different  gauri is still sleeping to his surprise..

O-Gauri i’m going  to meet Shivaay .i will be after two days may be.i will return as soon and take you there.i’m  100% confident its Shivaay.he is trying all the possible ways to keep           his face unde hide .in website too there is no name of his  but i know its him..

G-(no response and shivers in cold)

O-Gauri what happened  are you ok(he goes near her and tries to wake  her up)Gauriiii  her body is so hot.


O-she is having high fever but she didn’t say .i have to take her to hospital

R-(enters)what happened O?

O-Gauri is having fever we have to take her to khanna to arrange car immediately.

R-i will tell him(he runs) khanna khanna!!!

D-kya hua puttar is everything ok

R-dadi Chulbul babhi is having fever so we are taking her to hospital.

D-what happened to her suddenly she is ok yesterday night . take care of her


O-gauri get up try to open your eyes (no response from her) 

he takes her in arms and comes down

 R-khanna ready car we are going to hospital

K-sir car is already ready chalo!

R-wait  for 5 mins we will come

K-ok sir


SHIVIKA is ready to go for check up .Shivaay feels for once he should  take Annika  to his family doctor  although the doctor now they are consulting is good.he says this to Annika.

S-Annika i want you to ask something.

A-say Shivaay what is the matter?

S-for  this one time shall we go to our family doctor?

A-what happened Shivaay ?why suddenly

S-Annika if we go there we can know about our family how are they now.i wish to know about them .its already 8 months .iam longing to  hear about them and i personally want                 Dr.Geetha to check up you she is the best doctor in  this period of pregnancy  i want to know the clear details of my baby and wife.

A-its k safai karnae ki koi zarrurat nahi hai.but we have to go mumbai.distance is long if i get unwell.

S-nothing happens i will take care of  you don’t worry.

A-come we shall go if we start now we can reach evening.

Shivaay gets excited and suddenly hugs her but he is not comfortable with hug as Annika ‘s bump is big now.he takes her and they Mumbai Om is taking Gauri and coming to the hospital

  PRECAP- SHIVIKA sees OMRU  in different places seperately .will they come face to face…..

    I know   you guys  waiting for SHIVOMRU and ANRI  face off after 8 months thoda wait karo i promise next epi  it was all about  in hospital of THREE BROS ….

See you guys soon .

Take care and Stay healthy……

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