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don’t read epi 6 , both epi 5 and 6 are same …..epi 6(2) is actually 6…..

RECAP-Om goes to summit. Shivaay sends Mr.Gupta  to summit to not come in front of Oberois…

Om after the summit thinks to meet Mr.Gupta to clarify his doubts regarding SOR constructions.he thinks how can  two peoples have the same way of thoughts and presenting the same way. the summit  ends and Om desperately searching for Mr.Gupta.

Mr.Gupta who was having a chat with the business personalities  notices this and takes a leave as Shivaay has  instructed to him  just  present the presentation  wait till summit ends and should come as early as possible  and important thing is don’t have any conversation with oberoi’s. Om runs after Mr.Gupta  but is interrupted by a business man who is a fan of his Art . in ths sneak of time Mr.Gupta escapes .Om misses him he is very disheartened as  he was very near to the truth and he is worried as he don’t know what he is going to say  to family who will be waiting for him…..


Everybody is gathering in the hall (pinky,sakthi,dadi,rudy,gauri) so tensioned

Om enters…,

R-(runs to him) O !!!how was the summit? did you found bhaiya?

G-Omkara ji what happened?

P-(comes near him keeps her hand in his chin  cares it and asks) Om betta  i know may be you couldn’t find him right .i can understand in your face there is no                               happiness  tell us what happened?

O-chotema,chotepapa,rudra,Dadi,Gauri everybody forgive me  please.i couldn’t  do it .shivaay didn’t came there but i’m sure the SOR constructions  is his….

the presentation which they presented is like which Shivaay used to do and to the surprise they got the positive response for the presentation .infact they got the                         approval to carry on.

R-you are right O how can bhaiya easily come to summit.he knows  you or Mr.Oberoi  will surely attend he didn’t came.

O-so the only option left is we have to  go SOR constructions ourself to know about it  but how?

R-find it we shall go i’m sure its bhaiya.

O-Arey the company address is like hidden body is saying even they knows it.

R-O if the company is sucessful in 8 months sure  they will have website and address will be there na.

O-you are right.why my brain didn’t think that way .

R-O you have to be somewhat active in social media then you  would have thought that but you doesn’t know anything about social media..

O-ok i will  take address from there and we shall go.

D-then ok puttar try this way

P-i’m sure you will succeed in this

Everybody goes except Om and Gauri..

G-i will also come with you …

O-i will definetly take you but not now  after finding Shivaay and babhi(holds her shoulder).

G-i’m sure you will find him and bhaujai .hum thumarae mae pura vishwas tha(she hugs him and puts her hand on his chest)

O-(kisses her )thank you gauri for keeping trust in me..

G-(releases herself from his arms)Thank you ki  koi zarrurat  nahi hai mere omkara ji apnae bhaiyon ki kithna pyar karthae hai mai patha tha

O-mere omkara ji haannnn (he comes close to her)

G-(gets  nervous and runs away from him but he catches her gets near her cheek and kisses. gauri gets shy..)Omkara ji aap bhi na..(goes)

O-I know gauri you always supports me trust me but i was not. for you iam special but i didn’t think even to make how special are you for me .i have to think something.but       before  that i have to find Shivaay and babhi .after that see what your nandhi bail can do…….


Shivaay comes and says to Annika that they have impressed everyone with their presentation in summit.our project is approved ..

S-I’m happy Annika before Child’s birth  we have achieved something in business .i thought it  will be hard for me to start a new business  and succeed in this project                 within few months .our child should grow in good environment without my business stress as i have gone through it  as  a managed me very well.

A-enough Shivaay i didn’t do anything. you achieved  it your hard work payed have already managed to the whole empire  alone .it is small work for even managed me ,my mood swings, etc.. its you not me.

S-(thinks something, looks blank and tensioned)

A-(shakes him)Shivaay kya hua ? kushi ka mokha hai  you are sitting as if your life got ruined ..

S-(comes out of thought)no Annika i’m feared of whether i can become good father for my child?

A-what is this Shivaay.don’t worry our child will get the best father in world. you have been good .husband   yeh kya? you well definitely be best dad and our child will grow in good environment  how can’t  he/she is the child of great SSO…

PRECAP-   Three brothers  and two bahus in same hospital !!!!  will they able to meet?   what is their destiny will fate allow them to meet or not?…..

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