Hello guys i’m back .here is the next part……
RECAP-Om gets a small clue related to Shivaay he tries to confirm in goa shivaay plans for something for summit.
Annika asks Shivaay whether oberoi industries is part of it and if yes what is going to do…
S-yes Annika i won’t go in front of them.i’m planning to send one of my best staff to attend it..
A-but Shivaay if any wrong can have your presentation through video call na you need not go but you can be part of it.
S-Are you serious Annika if i do this om or bade papa will come to know about me.if om gets to know he will surely come here .its like giving address of us to him.
if bade papa comes to know he won’t feel good may be we can’t get this project’s approval.
A-yeah you are right why didn’t i think that way….
S-its ok Annika we will play safe by doing my idea.the voice will be him but mind will be mine.
A-whatever think well before doing anything.don’t take too many risks.

S-Don’t take stress Annika .i thought it countless was best and safe for us.i can’t take it lightly i’m sure om or bade papa will surely come to summit.
A-ok!!(baby kicks stomach Annika senses it)Ah!Ah!
S-what happened are you ok?
A-chote thadibaaz bhagad billa is kicking me showing thadi
S-arey wah he is not bhagad billa but naughty annika.(makes innocent puppy face)you know i’m so calm are naughty so its Annika..
A-accha ah!Shivaay keep your hand in my stomach you can see the movement of our baby
S-really i’m coming (she moves his hand and he senses it and feels happy)

A-how is it he is moving
S-(he gets emotional)it feels so good(kisses her)thank you Annika for this happiness given by you.
A-no Shivaay i should thank you for this happiness(hugs him tightly)
IT is the day of summit.Om is eagerly getting ready for it but tensed too.Gauri comes to room and sees Om in tension..
G-Omkaraji aap thayar ho!(takes one suit in hand)!meine soccha ki aap is suit pehnae me achae lakrahai aap ..

O-gauri its time i will wear this one if i change it gets late.
G-arey omkara ji you are looking good in this too
O-gauri i’m leaving you be safe and take care of family they are too tensed.
G-have breakfast and go and All the best for summit
O-thank you gauri but finding mr brother is more important than this..
G-both are same for me …work and bhade bhaiya is like god for me..
O-Gauri i will have something there now i no need breakfast..
G-(takes food plate and tries too feed him)i know you are tensioned and you wont take anything there too have some and feeds him..
O-Thank you gauri(hugs her).i will be soon bye

G-hmm!!(thinks shankarji hummara omkaraji sath rehna)
Shivaay is explaining to Mr.Guptha about the things he had to do in summit. he says ok guptha be careful the summit is in pune so if you start from here now

you will reach correct time..
Om comes to attend summit more early too and waits for Shivaay(he belives that it is 100% Shivaay who started SOR constructions)The summit is about to start om is impatiently waiting but there is no trace of Shivaay.summit started each of them presented their SOR constructions presentation Om is waiting for the person who is going to perform but to his surprise Mr.Gupta presented om was expecting to he noted the presentation was almost like Shivaay used to do.The idea proposed by Mr,gupta is liked by everyone he gets approved to carry on in his project.its a great profit for SOR constructions. Om searches for Mr.Gupta. he has high hope that the presentation is prepared by Shivaay

PRECAP-Om searches Mr.gupta….will he gets to know abot Shivaay the owner of SOR constructions,Shivaay’s fear…… about what?

Keep supporting guys Take care and see you guys soon…

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