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Recap-Annika is 6 mnths OM rudhra and dadi is having small chat

OBEROI MANSION:(After 4 hours)
Om comes inside the Oberoi Mansion happily.he calls everyone.
O-Rudhra,Dadi,gauri,chotima,chotepapa everybody come.i want to say something.
D-what happened puttar any good news about Shivaay..
R-say O i’m waiting..
P-you know where my Shivaay and my bahu is right Om..
Sa-tell om.
O-I don’t know exactly where Shivaay is but i think we got some clue today. we had a meeting with J.P industries today they are going to conduct the business summit
after two mans from all over india is participating in it even small companies.
Sa-what is in that every two years they conducts this last time Shivaay attended .this time you will go.
O-Exactly .they have given invitation card to the summit.going through the invitation card i found SOR constructions.i’m feeling this company is related to us..
R-O don’t exaggerate tell straight forward.
O-SOR !!!think rudhra we use this often.i feel this is very was started only 8 mnths back but quite successful within short period of time.
R-O are you trying to say SOR is ShivOmRu…
O-yes rudhra Shivaay always writes SOR in each places he writes do you remember that day(Shivaay was preparing some presentation in it SOR is written. om asks what is
this SOR shivaay? he says we three i will write this everywhere you both should always attached to me even in name i feel i gets all strong and confident when i
writes this).
Everyone says now we are sure that this is Shivaay..
O-so i have to now confirm whether it is him or not. shivaay be ready i’m sure i’m nearing you..
R-O you could have gathered the information if you felt its bhaiya on office itself na.
O-duffer i tried but nobody is ready to say we should find ourselves..

In Goa:
Shivaay comes from office .he brought gift to Annika and not to forget his un born child too
S-Annika where are you .see what i have brought.
A-(keeps her hand in stomach)yes i’m coming.
S-wait i will come you be there.
A-Shivaay if i walk nothing happens it small distance.
S-(comes inside)its ok Annika you take rest and eat healthy thats enough for me..
A-Shivaay for six months iam only doing this.see i have become moti
S-Take sweets Annika in two weeks iam having business summit with JP industries in which iam having the chief discussion of my project.our company has started only
before 8 months but we have achived something .if our project is liked by other business mans we can collabrate and make our company more powerful..
A-its good news.but Shivaay oberoi industries is also part of it right.
S-yes Annika but i won’t go infront of them
A-but how shivaay your project?

PRECAP- Om at summit,what is Shivaay plan for summit?….

Take care and see you guys soon….

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