Hello guys I’m back

RECAP-OmRu  vows to bring Shivaay back. Somebody comes to meet Rudhra.

It was already so late so OmRu thinks to drop Dadi  but Dadi says she will go morning as she has to stay alone Pinky and Shakthi has gone to Haridwar.she will be feeling lonely in        that big house.

R-Dadi but Bhavya is there na so now she will be alone….

D-Bas karo excitment haan Bhavya !!!Bhavya !!! you didn’t think of her when you fighted with her now what…There is so many apart from her also need to forgive your mistakes..

R-cool dadi I know i have done so many mistakes but doing with Bhavya is bigger

D-I don’t know but whoever  has come gone to meet her friends….


After a long drive Shivika returns to Goa  so tired..

S-Annika freshen up and come i will make baacha would be so hungry!! isn’t it  baby?papa abhi aatha hoon …

A-so you are making breakfast because baby is hungry not me?

S-Don’t start again… you know what you are to me..

Even though Shivaay manages to stay normal he can’t .Annika notices it..

A-Are you drived whole night  so you freshen up and come i will make something for you…

S-Are you serious Annika  you are not single now  you have another life inside you so rest is needed to you.go and freshen up.

A-Shivaay  I…

S-just do what i said .please don’t take stress eat healthy and take good rest only 2 1/2 mnths is left for welcoming our baby

A-Haan Shivaay only 2 1/2 mnths then we have our baby playing in our arms.

S-Days go very fast.chalo change and freshen up.

he goes to make breakfast..

A-ok ok I’m going

Shivaay thinks of meeting his brothers after 9mnths and he was left guilty as he couldn’t see Gauri his sister.

S-I’m sorry Gauri there is no way left to meet you but i wanted to meet  you .i heard you were unwell still i can’t  please forgive me….(out of thoughts)Oh God!!! i forgot to ask what           Annika needed in breakfast (he goes to ask)

A-(stands in front of mirror and checks her baby bump)

Shivaay enters….

S-Annika what  do you need want(suddenly seeing his wife actions he was shocked)what are you doing  i said to

A-freshen up.Shivaay i want to feel my child each passing minute he/she is part of me my blood  so i’m checking him hoe mush baby has grown whether  baby is happy ar not..

S-finished nowadays ajeeb behave kar rahi will be happy ofcourse baby has got entertaining father..

A-seriously Shivaay..

S-you know na i sing for him everyday.i give him kisses and more love ,the food he needs etc…

A-I know how you sing  aapki awaas na  even A.R.Rahman will get defeated eewww…

S-ok  mei maang thi hoon ithnae bhi acha nahi but still my baby like it….

A-haan haan  he/she kicks me like anything.tadibaaz bhagad billa…

S-I missed it(he kisses her)Thank you…what you need for eating

A-pasta.ifeel like eating it….

S-(checks Annika )you fine sweet heart .you don’t like it right….


Rudhra picks Dadi and comes to Oberoi Mansion and is so excited to meet Bhavya….

R-Chalo dadi I’m going to meet Bhavya….

D-(thinks)sorry puttar you need to understand your wrong marrying one girl and not understanding her feelings is not good.its a tough phase for you .i won’t allow you to think about     Bhavya you have feeling for her but its not i belive you should go through this test as this is necessary…

R-dadi  where are you  standing like a statue….

D-haan puttar go …

Rudhra runs to his room and gets shocked

R-Aap yahan kya kar rahi hoo?

PRECAP-Swetlana is searching for someone who is lost  before so long…..? who is it….?

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  1. Miss ff…..
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  3. Awww….the cute moments between SHIVIKA really made me blush??
    So SHIVAAY even sings bor his baby with his
    Enjoyed the entire conversation betweenn SHIVIKA
    Excited for the nxt…..
    Please post soon dearie????

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thank you dear. yes Shivaay sings for baby after hearing him sing baby sleeps he is going musical training too.i think will post on wednesday dear

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    awesome..par i m concerned for the baby kyunki woh har roz billu ki gaana jo sunthi/suntha hai.. hehehe.. will be waiting for the next..

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      ha ha billuji’s ganna is baby’s favourite

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