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Recap-Doctor treats Gauri .Shivika comes to hospital.Annika sees Omru on the way  to checkup.

Annika asks doctor to not say about them to Omru or gauri.

Omru tries to enter in doctor’s room.A nurse comes in  the way says doctor is not there she  went to check up a pregnant lady who came for it us she has to leave early as possible.

O-There is no problem we will wait in her cabin.

Shivaay hears this from  inside and hides behind the curtain.Om and Rudhra enters inside and waits for doctor.Shivaay  sees them from behind the curtain and gets emotional  he has not expected that he will see them here and wonders why are they here.

O-I hope gauri  will  be ok.i don’t understand why this girl always put others problems  in her head just like Shivaay and Babhi .

R-its ok O they are selfless but we are selfish.i should have gone with bhaiya and bhabi  but i was selfish to not even think about it.i just tried to stop them even knowing             bhaiya won’t back from promises.

(Shivaay thinks so Gauri is not well and these two is standing  in the same place where i left.i wanted them to live and stand for themselves but no they won’t do and continues to hear what are they speaking)

O-I’m still angry on you for that

R-if bhabi is fine we would have reached SOR constructions.

(Shivaay thinks i’m wrong  that they were in same place  no they have come very near to me  they proved they are SSO brothers i can’t allow them to take  next step if it happens  they will reach me.i have to do something.)

O-its ok however  we are going after two days  be relaxed

R-O  i am  feeling bhaiya is very close to us now do you feel like  that?

O-(he feels same)Stupid how can Shivaay be here.don’t over think …..

Doctor comes with Annika and tries to get in.. opens the door and gets Shocked..

D-Mr.Oberoi you here.i didn’t expect you two here.

O-what happened doctor

D-Nooothing Nothhhhing  what do you want anything serious

O-i want to know about gauri’s health  now.

D-(sees outside where Annika is standing and takes some papers)she  she she is fine .come i will check her once now..

O-Are you ok doctor  why are you tensed nothing to worry  about Gauri right

D-yes oberoi nothing to worry.

O-shall we

D-yes(tells Annika to hide by sighs)(Om notices it)

Om feels something is fishy .they goes Om sees back again and again while walking.Doctor checks gauri .Om asks Rudra to sign the register note before leaving to pick up dadi.

Shivaay comes out from behind the curtain.Annika enters after Omru comes out.

O-(thinks)i feel something is is hiding something she is tensed seeing us and she was signing  somebody to go seeing us why?

R-O i’m going to pick up dadi she called me and said she is ready and waiting or me

O-ok Rudra. don’ forget..(rudra stops him)

R- i remember bye i will be back in 2 hrs.

O-ok be careful.

Rudra goes  to sign the note he casually opens and goes through names.he is shocked to the core seeing Shivika name.he stumbles .again and again goes through names and confirms whether it is real..he don’t understand how to react and what to do…he runs to om..

PRECAP- Omru  meets  Shivaay.  How will the brothers react  coming  face to face after the long  8 mnths? whether it will be sweet  convo or confrontation…..?

Wait  till nex update to know answer..

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