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Recap-SHIVIKA ,OMRURI  goes to hospital


  Om takes Gauri  and calls for doctor.Gauri is so weak.Om is in worry he thinks why didn’t she tell him that she is unwell.i’m sure she wouldn’t take care of her due to family situation.she had lost her weight too but i didn’t noticed .i didn’t asked her about anything.i was just immersed in finding Shivaay.

 Dr-what happened Mr.oberoi?

O-doctor Gauri is having high fever.

Dr-i will check her .you be patience .

O-ok doctor (he walks here and there in lobby)

Dr-Mr.oberoi Gauri mam is affected by Typhoid should stay here for two days.

O-ok doctor.if its for 1 week too its ok.she should get situation is not good if she comes there again her health get worsens so its good if she takes rest here.

Dr-if she is ok in two days  1 week is not needed.just take care she will be alright soon.

O-ok doctor. thank you

Doctor goes. Rudhra comes…

R-what happened O is babhi ok

O-they have checked her .injection and trips is going on.she will be ok but we have to stay for two days.

R-so we can’t go to meet bhaiya for two days.

O-yes rudhra she needs me only two days na we have waited for 8months its just two days.

R-you are right O.just two days babhi health is important..


    Here Om and Rudra is having talk.Shivaay and Annika enters inside  the hospital.Shivaay heart is restless as if his brothers are very near to him but he thinks how can  om and rudhra be here. its impossible may be i  and om used to take rudra often may be it feels like they are close to me. Shivaay enters their name in the register note and they goes straight to doctor’s room.on the way everybody sees them with shock but doesn’t say anything..

S-May i get in doctor.

Dr-yes you shall

Shivika comes in..

Dr-Mr.oberoi aap.its very pleasure to see you after  so long.

S-Thank you doctor

Dr-Mr.oberoi if you called me i would have come to meet you.

S-its ok doctor.i came here for check up Annika is 7 months pregnant.i want to know about my  wife and baby’s health  als whether there is any risk in delivery.

Dr-i will check her.Mrs.oberoi come with me.

Doctor takes  Annika to  check up which is near to the room where Gauri is admitted(it was same floor but in opposite direction gauri’s room is facing left side on the corner edge but check up room is facing right side in front corner near steps )Annika asks Doctor about oberoi family. doctor says about the family situation she even says about gauri admitting in the same hospital. Annika thinks phel ghaiya raitha if we comes face to face it will be a big problem

    They comes  near Check up room.Doctor shows the room where Gauri is admitted.Annika watches the way and happens to see Omru outside talking to each other.Annika is so happy and says to her  baby that they are his/her chachus.she suddenly gets in when she saw Omru trying to come on the way.they misses to see her.

Om says to rudra for once we ask Doctor about Gauri’s health after that you go and pick up dadi here she has called  more than 25 times.

R-ok O.i will pick up dadi

PRECAP-Om and Rudra enters Doctor’s room while Shivaay  is inside waiting for Annika…will  SHIVOMRU meet?

Keep thinking and wait until the next update..

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    Update as soon as possible

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    It is nice one… Don’t bring cliffhanger… And make them meet each other…

    Dear shiny
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    T C A S S ?

  5. Same to you!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful episode……
    Oberio’ ko mila do…….
    Take care

  6. It’s amazing??
    They were so close, about to meet but the destiny seems to have its own plans.
    Precap is intriguing!!!! I just can’t wait to watch the obros coming face to face??
    Eager for the next?
    Post soon

  7. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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    We all waiting for ur thinking about brother ‘s meeting

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