Ishqbaazo ki kahani (Chapter 1)


It was being two days since Mallika came to Oberoi mansion. She has made a good bond with Saumya & Anika too. Specially with Anika. Anika stayed at Oberoi Mansion as Sahil had gone to Summer camp. She also has started to work with Oberois as head Architecture.
Anika , Mallika , Soumya & Priyanka were talking in there room. Just then they hear some voices. They came to hall.
Tej – Shivaaye , we want that land anyhow.. I hope u know what i mean by that…
Shivaaye – Yes Bade papa…. But…
Tej- But… What is the problem Shivaaye?
Shivaaye – Bade papa for that land finally 3 tenders are selected. One is our’s, another is of Rana’s & the third one is of Deewans..
Tej- Deewans…. U mean…
Shivaaye nods…
Tej- Ok lets see… BTW Shivaaye u shld go to the place were the final decision will be announced & Btw i have also heard that Kabir Deewan is back from US.
Shivaaye looks at Mallika.
Anika (to herself)- Kabir Deewan… Mujhe aisa kuy lag raha hai jaise maine yeh naam kahi sunna hai. (Anika used to call Kabir as KB so she did not remember his original name.)

Scene Shifts to Deewan Mansion—

Deewan Mansion is shown. A lady is seen doing make up & singing Bijali girrane main hu aayi, Main hu hawa hawai hawa hawai… She is Shiela. Just then a mid age man comes. He is Anuj.
Anuj- Shiela ho gaya tumhara…
Shiela makes a face. They go in hall. Two ladies were already sittig there. One was Anisha & other was Avantika.
Shiela goes & sit nxt to them while making a face.
Anisha & Avantika look at her & then at Anuj.
Anisha – Waah aaj meri bahu bahut beautiful lag rahi hai.
Shiela smiles hearing it.
Shiela- Really Mummy jii..

Anisha – Haa… hai na Avantika..
Avantika- Abb Haa Maa, u are right..
Shiela was on sky now.
Shiela- See na Avantika & Mummyji … Anuj calls me make up ki dukaan.
Avantika & Anisha try not to smile.
Anisha- Anuj this is wrong… huh.. how can u talk to my daughter in law this way…
Avantika- Haa bhaiya.. What if Bhabhi does too much make up..
Shiela makesa poutface- Avantika u too… They all laugh…
Anuj- BTW were are Kabir & Sameer…

Scene shifts to otherside of deewan Mansion.

A boy was running on tred mill. He was none other then Sameer Deewan (Mohit Sehgal)
He stops & look at the pool.
Sameer- Bhai.. were are you… Its been 5 minutes u are underwater. Bhai… He goes near pool.
Just then someone throws water on him.
A hot & s*xy guy come above the water. He is Kabir Deewan (Shaleen Malhotra).
Sameer- Bhai… U scared me.
Kabir comes out of pool & wears bathrob.
Kabir- Sammy… lets get ready… Today is a big day for Us, for our company, & mainly for me.
Sameer nods. They go to there rooms to get ready…

Screen Freezes…….

Precap – Faceoff between Kabir & Shivaaye ….

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