hi zara and i want to write an ff on its about ansh(anika-shivaay)
so basically anika meets shivaay and they have their constant arguments like in the show
but the thing is that anika prentends to be and orphan and poor..but the truth is that she is the daughter of the richest nri indian..but she ran away from home..because of her own reasons…the other intersting thing is that ishaana is a positive character and she is anikas younger sister.
so when anika is planning the wedding of shivaay and tia…she never meets ishana but knows she is om’s gf and everyone in the fam know that..
lets introduce charecters –
mrs kapoor(tia’s mum)-so this will be played by ishita from yhm(divyanka tripathi)
mr kapoor(tia ‘s dad)-raman bhalla
aditya kapoor(tia’s younger brother)abhishek verma
mrs dalal(anika’s mum)-played by the lady who plays tia’s mum on the show
mr dalal(anika’s dad)rohit roy
ishana dalal-anika’s sis-om love intrest.played by vrushika metha
anya dalal a.k.a anika singh
kiara dalal-anika’s youngest sis.most pampered kid.14 years(kiara bose roy)
other all charecters are same and oberois live like a happy family and no issues in between them
btw little anika is played by anya dalal(grand daughter of tarla dalal)very pretty view her pics on instagram

ishqbaazians-episode 2
a little girl is running on the road(played by anya dalal)..she bangs into 2-3 cars…she is seen crying very badly…she has an expensive 4 crore bagpack with her
flashback ends***
another flashback***
a man recivies a call-
on the call it is said-
“sorry sir,we can’t find anya memsab anywhere”
the man breakes down…he is seen crying and hugging a little girl of about 2 years
flashback ends

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  1. I think U should make Raman nd isita ankia mom nd dad i am sorry say it ur ff if i hurt u jara

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