Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part 6

At sighania mansion, study room
Yash pointing om,ru and gauri -now will u 3 explain me what’s going on
Om understands that there is no use to hide anything and tells everything about shivika meeting, their marriage, how Shivay thought to propose her after getting her memory back
Rudr -sorry to intrept actually Anika bhabhi never lost her memory it was mine and Anika bhabhi’s plan to expose lady baba
Om looks shocked-shivay was going to marry tia for getting anika’s memory back,this is not expected from you rudr
Rudr-come on o any ways marriage didn’t happen know,be happy
Om-if that day tia would have not slipped from the stairs and suffered a miscarriage surely marriage would have happened and tia would become Mrs Shivay singh oberoi as Choti ma was pestering Shivay
Rudr-no even then bhai would have stopped the marriage
Yash gets irritated with their fight-stop it now u both,now think of the way how to unite them both.
Gauri -first we should know why di left jiju,then only we can do something
Om-gauri that ur work, from today u should find out why bhabhi left bhai
Yash-then fine children from today our mission unite shivika starts.

Three of them confused-SHIVIKA
Yash-shivay and anika
All of them nod and smile
Gauri -so our first plan to make ansh close to jiju and other oberois
Om ru-done
Yash-when about tia,she is still in oberoi mansion
Rudra -take a chill dadu,tia is liked only by chotima, all others like Anika bhabhi, we will handle lady baba and Mrs Kapoor
Om – fine dadu then we will take your leave,will meet in the evening
Gauri -k,take care dry safe
Rudr hoots listening gauri’s words for om while om hits him

Everyone r busy discussing about the engagement, Ansh sits on floor with his toys and plays all alone talking to himself in his babyish tone
Shivay enters speaking in phone and by mistake stamps ansh rhino breaking it’s head, he immediately lifts his leg but already the damage is done
He sees a cute boy crying rubbing his chubby hands on his face
Shivay immediately sits down lifts the ansh in his arms and looks into his eyes,he feels as if he is seeing his own pair of blue eyes.
Ansh crying -put me down….. I will not talk to u…u broke my lhino head
Shivay laughs at his talks-iam sorry
Everyone gets shocked as the great Shivay singh oberoi apologising to a 3 yr kid
Ansh-I will tell mumma to punish you
Shivay -fine iam sorry, what should I do that I should forgive u
Ansh asks him to put him down and gives him a water gun and ask him to fill water
Shivay asks the maid to fill water and he gives the gun to ansh
Ansh puts all the water on Shivay.
Om ru enter and get shocked while others cup their mouth
Rudr whispers to om-looks r like bhai but attitude is like bhabhi
Om smiles-how cute he is looking
Shivay doesn’t say anything, he just smiles, this is another shock to everyone as they don’t remember when Shivay smiled the last time
Shivay -now happy
Ansh-no,will u make pasta for me
Shivay nods and says-ofcourse champ,come
Om-without me u will make pasta
Everyone notice om and turns to him
Om hugs everyone and takes their blessings
Shivay too hugs him-om y r u late
Om-we went to sighania mansion to drop gauri
Gayathri -didn’t anu go to pick up gauri
Rudr -she came dadi but om just wants to drop his fiancee
Everyone laugh while om glare at him
Gayatri -o so u both met anu
Om ru-yes, after a long time
Gayatri gives a confused look

Om covers up-I mean we met in childhood, it’s indeed a long time,now come on Shivay let’s make pasta for this little champ
Everyone go to kitchen and start their cooking session
Dadi is very happy as Shivay was smiling for the first time after Anika left that to because of ansh
Everyone get a instant liking for that little kid
Shivay After making pasta, feeds ansh with his hands
Om ru take their pics and post to gauri
Om-we need not do anything they easily came close
Rudr -so our first step is successful
Gauri calls om
Gauri -om,is it my jiju, he is very handsome
Om-gauri he is ur jiju,so respect
Gauri -jealous
Rudr smiles -ha bhabhi o is getting jealous
Om glares at rudr
Gauri -anyways iam very happy, looking at them,I will show dadu even he will be happy to see this
Om-yeah,we will meet in the evening to discuss our next step
Here Shivay and ansh r playing in his room
Om and rudr comes to shivay’s rooming see him making ansh sleep, they get. Amused seeing Shivay so calm
Shivay signs them to be quite and takes them to pool side
Om-shivay u were totally changed with ansh
Shivay -don’t know om I met him for the first time, but I felt like he is mine
Om thinks because he is your son shivay
Shivay-anyways iam happy for you, u r getting married to the girl u love,he looks at rudr and asks-what about u
Rudy-bhai iam trying my level best to convince sumo, I know I did a mistake but she forgave me but asked some time to come back,anyways she will come on the engagement as she can’t ignore om,that day I will however beg her to stay back
Shivay and om laugh at him

Anika is confused how to face the oberois,then she thinks why am I scared, Ansh is my son,no one can separate him from me,thinking that she again starts working on file


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