Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part 5

Gayatri -tomorrow Kalyani invited us for mahashivratri Pooja,we have to attend it
Yash- ask anu also to come
Anika who was standing behind said-no daadu tomorrow iam busy,u people go and leaves from there
Next day yash,gayatri and ansh go to OBEROIS
Everyone get shocked as ansh very much resembles Shivay .
Rudr-daadi if Shivay Bhaiyya would have son then he will be exactly like this
Ansh looks at him and smiles
Pinky-how cute he is looking and kisses on his cheeks
Ansh immediately rubs the place pinky kissed
Pinky -mummyji did u see,even Shivay used to rub like this if anyone used to kiss him
Yash gets doubt listening pinky ‘s words but shrugs it away as Shivay is married to tia according to world
Dadi and rudr too get shocked seeing too many similarities, pinky too find it weird that Gayatri is looking like Anika, Ansh resembling Shivay but shrugs off as pandit was calling for pooja
Yash-where is shivay
Dadi-he told he has an important meeting today,what about anu
Yash-same with anu
After Pooja everyone r sitting in hall

Dadi -bhaisaab I wanted to ask something
Yash-don’t hesitate Kalyani ji tell me
Dadi-i always wanted Shivay to marry anu but it did not happen, I will be happy if atleast gauri will marry om
Everyone get happy listening this
Janvi-but mummyji we must know gauri and om’s opinion also in this
Yash-I heard om is also in Los Angeles, we will arrange a meeting, if they like, they will marry
Tej-fine then I will talk to om
Gayatri -then I will speak to gauri
Both the families inform om and gauri
Gauri is waiting for om and om comes she gets shocked seeing him and runs to him and hugs him.I LOVE U OM
Om too gets shocked seeing her-LOVE U TOO GAURI.
Gauri -U here
Om-r u gauri sighania
Gauri -U R Omkara singh oberoi
They both smile
Gauri -even destiny don’t want us to separate
Om-so let’s inform our family to proceed with the marriage gauri nods shyly
Gauri -I have to inform anu di
Om-even I must inform Shivay and rudrr
Gauri and om met in a disc where they both got drunk and ended up marrying each other
After knowing the truth they applied for divorce stayed together for 6 months and separated
But after separating both understood they love each other and started searching for their partners
Unfortunately they were informed by their families about the meeting, though not interested just for the sake of family members they meet.

Gauri calls anika
Gauri-anika di iam very happy, I told u about om right whom I got accidentally married
Anika-yes,u found him
Gauri narrates her everything
Anika -iam very happy for u,come soon to india
Gauri-ok di,how is ansh
Anika-he is fine,went to ur sasural with daadu and dadi
Gauri blushes
Anika -everything happened so fast,they went for pooja and see u got ur love
Gauri -it’s all destiny di
Anika smiles at the name of destiny”ok gauri bye,will be waiting for you, take care
Gauri-u too di,bye
Om and gauri plan to return back to India as engagement is fixed.
Here in INDIA everyone r busy with preparations of gauri and Omkara engagement
Both r arriving today
Anika calls gayathri -daadi iam going to airport to pick up gauri.
Here Rudra comes to pick up om
In airport
Anika is waiting for gauri and rudr was waiting for om
Om and gauri arrive holding hands
Gauri seeing Anika leaves om’s hand runs towards her,both om ru look at Anika and gets shocked
Rudra runs to anika, hugs her and cries’bhabhi wer were u, I missed u lots,even om comes there and hugs her
Gauri gets shocked seeing all this
Gauri -om u know my di
Om ru-she is our Anika bhabhi, Shivay Bhaiyya’s wife
Gauri -U mean di is Anika Shivay singh oberoi
Both om ru -yes
Om-so u know her
Gauri -she is only my anu di,I mean Anika sighania
Both om ru shocked
Rudra -so my guess is correct,Ansh is shivay Bhaiyya and Anika bhabhi’s son right.
Anika is still shocked with all the things
Anika coming out of shock-gauri u r going to marry Omkara
Gauri -yes di
Anika smiles u r lucky, om is very good unlike his brother
Om-bhabhi u r misunderstanding Shivay, he before he completes she asks him not to tell anything to shivay
Rudr-daadi bhabhi

Anika cuts him-thank rudr if u respect me u will not tell Shivay anything, let time decide everything, I can’t face him this soon.
On the other side yash gets to know that Anika was working as wedding planner for shitia wedding, he thinks that he will meet Shivay regarding this
Here in office Shivay After his meeting comes to his cabin and starts talking to anika’s photo which is on his table
His secreatary comes and informs him about yash’s arrival
Shivay-we send him
Yash comes in
Shivay-who be seated
Yash looks at him and gets shocked and understands that Shivay is the father of ansh.
He gets very angry as he thinks that Shivay is already married to tia and angrily gets up hitting the table due to which anika’s photo frame was about to fall down but Shivay holds it.yash calms down seeing anika’s photo in his hand
Shivay -r u fine sir
Yash-yes….I mean yes iam fine,I just remembered something, who is she in that photo
Shivay-my wife Anika Shivay singh oberoi
Yash sees tears in shivay’s eyes while saying this
Yash-when tia
Shivay was about to say but stops -may I know the reason u r here for
Yash-nothing I have seen wen u were small child I just wanted to see you, fine I will take ur leave and in ur childhood u used to call me dadu, I will prefer that don’t be formal shiv
Shivay gets tears in his eyes as his dadu used to call him shiv
Yash leaves thinking what happened between Anika and Shivay
He comes home and finds gauri,om, rudr,Anika
As Gayatri and ansh r in oberoi mansion
Gauri hugs h Yash-I missed u dadu,iam sorry to leave u
Yash kisses her forehead -that’s ok dear,he looks at om
Yash-same young man,hug ur would be grand pa in law
Om smiles and hugs him and takes his blessings
Rudr too hugs him
Yash-om meet my elder grand daughter Anika sighania
Om and rudr-hello bhabhi
Gauri hits her forehead -arey not bhabhi it’s di
Om, ru -yeah di, iam sry
Anika-I have some work and leaves from there
Yash understands they know everything
Om-ok dadu, I will meet u in the evening and gauri will pick up u at 5 and starts leaving
Yash-where will pick up ur Anika bhabhi
Three of them stop in their tracks
Gauri -wo dadu
Yash shouts -three of u in the study now
All the three follow him to study room


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