Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part-4

PART – 4
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Anika calls Shivay from the public phone
Anika-hello shivay
Shivay-who is this
Shivay-who r you,do I know you
Anika-I will meet you on farewell in the disc where I have seen u for the first time,love u lodzz muahhhh….
Rahul and anjali gets shocked as Anika kissed him on phone….
Shivay rushes to the public phone but Anika hides,Shivay gets disappointed and leaves
anika sees this and smiles…
Anika-see Rahul he will surely accept me.
Anika returned from farewell, Rahul informed her that Shivay was going towards disc, so even she is going out when her daadu stopped her.
Yash-anika we need to talk

Anika -yes daadu
Yash-when r u taking the responsibility of sighania industries
Anika-dadu not again,I want to do something myself not with the family name
Yash-anika enough of this,I asked u to take the responsibilities after bachelor’s, u said u will take after masters,so now u have to make a decision
Anika-not now daadu iam going to disc to propose my love
Yash gets frustrated -here iam telling about the most prestigious sighania industries and u are bothered about that boy
Anika – daadu let it be, we will talk later
Gayathri -yash ji let her go she will….. Before she completes yash shouts on her”will u shut up.
Anika and gayathri get horrified, even gauri runs downstairs listening her daadu’s voice
Anika-why r u making it an issue daadu, we will talk afterwards about this
Yash-today you make a decision, then go n meet him.
Anika-no daadu I have to go
Yash-today you r not only ignoring me but u r ignoring the most prestigious family name with which u cannot survive
Anika stops in her tracks-what did u say daadu
Yash-yes just be Anika and go ,u don’t have any respect in this world,even the person whom u r proposing go n introduce yourself as only Anika he will not even look at your face,you r Anika Sighania that r reason u r respected, don’t forget that

Anika gets tears in her eyes-fine from today I will live as Anika without any surname and I will prove myself to u,and I will marry the person I loved without telling about me
Yash laughs-dont be stupid Anika….u will loose
Anika-yes we will see who will loose and she packs her bags and leave
Gauri and gayathri try to stop her but she doesn’t listen
Gauri-daadu stop di she is leaving
Yash-where will she go she will come back beta don’t worry…
Anika goes to anjali’s house and cries hugging her and tells her everything
Rahul calls Anika and tell Shivay left after waiting 3 hrs for her to airport
Anika”where did he go
Anjali-anu now what will you do
Anika-I will go to Mumbai
Rahul-r u mad anu,u never went to india before how will u stay there and u don’t even have money as you left everything and walked out
Anika-dont worry I will take care of myself, promise me you both will not tell anyone about my whereabouts, I will be calling you, if I come to know you told about me to anyone I will never call u
Rahul and anjali cry hugging her-ALL THE BEST for ur love,we wish you to get successful
After that Anika came to Mumbai in search of shivay and met with a small accident and sahil’s father saved her but unfortunately after a yr he was dead giving sahil’s responsibility to anika.
Anika joined as wedding planner, then shivika marriage, then fake memory loss to expose tia.amidst all this Shivay and Anika consummated their marriage when Anika was blaming herself for not able to give Shivay heir.

Next day was shitia wedding
Shivay went to save om from kali thakur
Anika was happy as she thought tomorrow she will expose tia and propose Shivay then tell him about her identity.
Anika calls Shivay while he is sitting with om in railway station after banging kali thakur

(here in this ff only land issue with kali thakur not because of gauri)

Anika-hello shivay wer r u
Shivay -iam in barely with om,I will come by evening, u have your medicines and rest
Don’t sleep alone, make prinku to sleep with you
Anika smiles and says bye but both doesn’t cut the phone.
After 2 mins Anika sees she didn’t cut the phone and was about to cut it when she hears her name from om’s mouth
She listens what they’re speaking
om- you care for Anika bhabhi, you have feelings for her,we all understood except you.
Shivay to om-I know I have feelings for Anika
Anika gets happy listening this but next set of words shatters her dreams
Shivay-we both don’t have any future,she doesn’t have surname, I can’t imagine her as the mother of my child
Anika looses her balance and phone slips down, she gets shattered listening this.
She cries very badly as today morning she was informed by the doctor that she was two weeks pregnant
Anika keeps her hand on her stomach -baby don’t worry if your dad doesn’t want u I Anika sighania will take care of u
She writes a letter to shivay
“I HATE U SHIVAY and hate myself for loving u I wish u to have a happy married life…

She keeps the letter on the table,packs her bags and leave the house without informing anyone…
She comes back to london
At sighania mansion, LONDON
Seeing Anika standing infront of him after two yrs yash gets shocked and rushes to her and hugs her
“where were u, I scolded u and u left ur daadu without arguing with him before he continues he sees that she fainted.
They call doctor and gets to know that Anika is pregnant and yash then notices mangalsutr and informs them not to give her stress as it may be dangerous for both mother and child.
Anika wakes up, gayatri hugs her.
Anika looks at yash who is staring at her”daadu you r angry at me,I lost daadu u r right there is no value without surname, I don’t want to live and tries to cut her wrist with the knife beside her bed.but yash stops her and slaps her.
Yash-today I was happy seeing you but wen my anu became this weak,u have to live atleast for the baby growing inside you.
Anika then remembers she is pregnant and hugs yash and cries”daadu from now I will do whatever you say.
Yash too doesn’t ask about her past 2 yrs and thinks to find himself as doctor said not to stress her.
Anika-dadu wer is gauri
Gayathri -she got angry on your daadu as she feels your daadu was responsible as u left the home and left to U.S for further studies
Anika cries and call gauri back saying that she needs her.after that gauri stays with Anika till ansh gets one yr and goes back to complete her masters,and Anika comes to Mumbai with Gayatri, yash and ansh as yash wanted to live his rest of the life in india

Anika wipes her tears listening ansh voice and goes to his room.
Shivay caressing anika’s photo -why did u leave me Anika and remembers their consummation

After pinky told Anika that Shivay is the father of tia’s baby, Anika silently went inside her room and started accusing herself for not able give Shivay heir.
Shivay unable take it anymore, kissed her and he doesn’t know how they both carried on.
Shivay “I thought u will stop the marriage ,but instead u left me. I thought to propose u and marry u again as I got the chip from Romi before going to barely but u left me even before I came.i realized my feelings after I spoke to om.

Om- Shivay u have feelings for Anika bhabhi Shivay-I agree om I have feelings for Anika but we have no future, I don’t know her surname,upon that I can’t see her as the mother of my child he takes a pause looks at om
But now these all don’t matter me om because I have fallen madly in Iove with her, iam going to propose her infront of whole world and make her mine and give her.everyone happiness of the world.
You never complained when I hate you but u left me when I started loving you.I understood your importance after u left me,pls come back, I promise I will never hurt you and cries hugging her photo

precap-oberois meet ansh.

That’s all for today guys, hope u liked it.Too much of flashback guys, hope u people r not bored, it was required to connect the story.

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