Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part-3


Anjali, ,Rahul(anika’s friends)
Anika came home in the evening. She saw her grandpa running around ansh, she smiles looking at them.ansh sees her and comes towards her.ansh hugs her legs,Anika lifts him”mumma today I and grandpa went to water park.anika smiles listening him.
Yash calls Mary(ansh care taker) to take ansh with her
Yash-anika I need to talk to you
Anika-yes dadu,tell me.

Yash-I didn’t ask u in these 3 yrs, today I want to know the father of ansh
Anika looks at him blankly”dadu I can tell u his father is very reputed and from a high class family so don’t worry my son is not born to a low class person”.
Yash gets shocked he didn’t want to hurt her”anu you r taking me wrong, whoever he might be iam happy, I just want you both together.
Anika”it can never happen dadu,I detest his thinking, he is just like u who loves khoon, khandan more than feelings.i can never go back to that person killing my self respect.
Yash-anika I know I did a mistake, please forgive your dadu and give my anu back to me.
Anika sadly smiles -may be it can never happen dadu,bye Iam having a conference call and she leaves.
Anika goes in her room and thinks the first time she saw shivay

Anjali-rahul where is Anika,she didn’t come yet
Rahul-don’t know yaar,look there she is pointing at the red sports car,where a girl in black frock got down.
Anika-sorry guys, got late
Rahul-its ok anu let’s go
Anjali-anu, u know I heard that MBA students r very handsome, Rahul glares at her
Anika laughs-stupid u already have a bf

Anjali-iam telling for u because iam happy with Rahul,within a week we will complete our masters, I and rahul started dating when we were in bachelor’s, look at u we r done with masters but madam doesn’t have a boyfriend, if u want anyone can be ur bf
Anika laughs”they r behind my status not me, I want a person who loves Anika not Anika sighania… got it
Anjali-fine, today evening u r coming to the disc
Anika-yes,even gauri will come
Trio leave to their class
Anika,Rahul and anjali arrive
Rahul -anu where is gauri

Anika-at the last moment her friend came and they both sat chatting
Rahul -fine come,let’s go
Rahul and anjali dance while Anika looks at them, suddenly she hears someone shouting, she turns back and sees a girl pulling a boy whose back is towards her
That girl pulls the boy on dance floor

Girl-common Shivay dance
Shivay -Mallika iam not in mood of dancing, u continue and leaves from there
Anika sees that boy going out,she too follows him and sees him sitting outside on the car and talking on phone
She looks at him and admires his features, his dark blue eyes,perfect M shaped lips,his abs
She thinks how hot he is looking and gets stunned by her thoughts because this is the first time she is thinking something like that about a boy.her thoughts gets disturbed by her grandpa call.
Yash-hello anu,when r u coming

Anika is still staring at shivay-dadu iam in love,love at first sight
Yash gets shocked by her words-anu what r u saying
Anika-dadu iam really in love,will tell u after coming and turns back and again stares Shivay
Anjali and rahul come from behind”anu what r u doing here.
Anika-staring that boy

Anika shows shivay to rahul and anjali
Rahul -he is Shivay singh oberoi, MBA final year student, one of the richest boy in our college
Anika gets shocked “he is from CAMBRIDGE I didn’t knew this
Anjali -U will know when u lift ur head from books
Rahul -no use anu he have a gf mallika
Anika gets sad -he is my first love
Anjali laughs and says -you just saw him and u call it love

Anika-yes,to love someone a moment is enough anju….
Rahul-he is engaged anu
Anika -but I want to tell him that I love him
Rahul-are u mad,come
But Anika shouts loudly I LOVE YOU SHIVAY,U R MY FIRST LOVE.rahul drags her while Shivay turns and sees anjali, Rahul dragging a girl.anjali apologies him and run away
Shivay comes towards Anika but mallika comes in between and rahul takes away Anika from there
In car
Rahul -anu r u mad
Anika -yes iam mad for SHIVAY
Anjali -anu please understand he loves someone else.
Anika-let him, I told I love him I didn’t say he should love me.
Rahul and anjali together -U R MAD
Anika just smiles.

Next day in college Anika sees Rahul running towards her
Anika-whats wrong with u rahul
Rahul hugs anika- Shivay broke up with mallika yesterday night.
Rahul-I mean it,I just heard everyone say this
Anika-yes, I told u right when u love someone truly he will be yours
Rahul-now what,u will propose him,we have only 4 days after that it’s our farewell he will leave to india
Anika -let him leave,where ever he is, he will be mine
From that day Anika follows him secretly surprising him with bouquet ? and greetings….
She even wrote on the notice board that she loves him…

rahul-tomorrow is our farewell, r u going to propose him
Anika- ofcourse I will, I heard that even he is searching for his secret admirer
Anjali -if he rejects
Anika -he will not,I have that confidence. Rahul I want his number in 5 mins
Rahul -I have it, I know u will ask me
Anika hugs him-thank you Rahul,love u

Anjali glares at her.anika smiles “ok baba love u both.
Anika calls Shivay…..
What happened wen Anika called Shivay???

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