Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part-2

Part 2

Anika reaches the sighania group of companies
Ms Sharma(anika’s P.A)-welcome to Mumbai mam,iam Riya your personal secreatary mam
Anika -thank you
riya-mam today we r having meeting with Mr chabbra in half n hour
Anika-no,u can leave
Riya-yes mam and thinks that mam doesn’t speak only if she knows the real Anika who don’t know to stay quiet
In the meeting room
Dev chabbra(Priyanka’s ex fiancee) arrived
Riya-please be seated sir mam will be arriving shortly
Dev smiles and sits
Anika comes,Dev gets shocked seeing her
Dev-you r Anika right OBEROIS wedding planner
Anika gets shocked she knows she has to face her past in Mumbai but this early was not expected,Anika composes herself
“Mr chabbra we r here for the deal so let’s start the meeting. Everyone gets shocked but doesn’t say anything as they heard Anika gets angry soon
Meeting goes on and the deal is signed.
Anika -Mr chabbra I would like to meet you in my cabin

In the cabin
Anika -iam sorry Dev for speaking to you like that but I don’t want my past to affect my present
Dev-that’s ok,Priyanka already told me
Anika gets shocked listening Priyanka’s name “you both still in contact.
Dev-you were not there in Mumbai from past 3 yrs right,Shivay agreed for our wedding and we r officially engaged.
Anika -wow, iam happy for you both
Dev-Priyanka will be happy if she knows you r in Mumbai
Anika -no Dev please don’t tell anyone that iam in Mumbai, I need some more time to face them
Dev-ok bhabhi
Anika looks shocked
Dev-you know everything
Anika just smiles -how is everyone om ru,prinku, dadi, teju uncle Janvi aunty, Shakti uncle, pinky aunty and shi…and stops before completing
Dev smiles -everyone r fine
Anika -how r ur mom, dad and reyaan
Dev-even they r good,reyaan broke up with somya as somya is already married to Rudra
Anika -r somya and Rudra together
Anika just nods
Dev-ok then will meet you again bhabhi, take care bye
Anika -you too Dev,bye
Anika again sits remembering her days with oberois

In oberoi mansion
Gayatri arrived, Kalyani hugged her immediately “after a long time iam meeting you,iam very happy.
Everyone gets shocked seeing her as her face resembles of anika’s, it just that if Anika gets old she looks like Gayatri. Dadi smiles seeing them. Now everyone understand why dadi is too attached to Anika as she resemble her best friends face
Gayatri “why r everyone shocked looking at me.
Dadi”it’s nothing like that they have seen you first time, so.
Gayatri “but where is my billu,I hope he remembers me,he saw me when he was 8 yrs old.
Dadi”there he is pointing at Shivay who just came from office
Shivay too looks at her shocked before he speaks anything pinky introduces him to gayathri
Pinky -Shivay u did not pick up tia
Shivay was about to answer, but Gayatri intrupts
“who is Tia.

Pinky -shivay’s wife
Shivay angrily looks at her.
Dadi diverts the topic “accha wer is bhaisaab
Gayatri -wo actually he took Ansh to water park
Listening Ansh name he remembers Anika telling him that if they have a daughter she will name her shivika and son, he will be named ansh
A small smile appears on his face
Shivay-who is ansh,everyone look at him as this is the first time in 3 yrs he himself asked something or else he would just answer in monosyllables
Gayatri -ansh is my great grand son,my anu’s son
Dadi-anu got married, I saw her when she was 6 yrs old,u know Shivay u used to pull her hairs always, u both were very close afterwards they shifted to London.
Janvi -but aunty why didn’t come to Mumbai after that.
Gayatri -we came beta but I lost my son Sanjay and daughter in law akshara after that I never wanted to come here,her eyes become moist

Everyone feel bad as everyone know akshara as a very kind hearted women
Dadi-accha leave those old memories tell me how is anu,whom she married, I always wanted anu to marry Shivay but we don’t know what God decides
Shivay leaves from there
Gayatri -that is the reason we came to Mumbai.
Dadi -means I didn’t get u
Gayatri -5 yrs back anu fought with yash ji and came to India. 3 yrs back anu came back to London by getting married and she was 1 month pregnant
She didn’t tell us anything about her husband, even we didn’t question her.yash ji in the name of business brother to

India to unite with her husband, he also stays in Mumbai as we got to know that 5 yrs back she came to Mumbai from London
Dadi-don’t worry gayu everything will be alright soon keep faith on bappa
Pinky and jaanvi too agree
Dadi-tomorrow it’s Shiva rathri we arranged a Pooja at home, if can please come with family,aah I forgot how is gauri
Gayathri -she is fine,she completed her medicine and is staying in U.S
Dadi-don’t,even om is looking after business in U.S
Gayatri -how is rudr
Dadi-don’t is here in india,helping his father in business
Gayatri -good,fine Kalyani we will come tomorrow, take care bye

That’s all for today guys,will continue tomorrow byeee????

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