Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part-1

Part 1

At sighania mansion
A young woman of around 26 yrs is standing near the window and looking outside with tears in her eyes
“why did u do this to me when I loved you more than anything and remembers the words she heard from him the last time she left him
“I can’t imagine her as the mother of my child om”she cries more thinking about these words.
Suddenly she feels someone hugging her legs and looks down, there her 3 yr old billu/Ansh looking at her with those Kanji eyes innocently
ansh-mumma why ale u crying,she smiles listening his words…
Anika-no beta mumma is not crying, something went into my eyes, he asks her to bend down,she bends down, Ansh hugs her and kisses her eyes “now u will be fine mumma.anika holds his chubby hands and kisses him.

At OBEROI mansion
A man of around 28 yrs is also standing near window holding a letter which was written by his beloved before leaving him
Shivay -why did u leave me Anika, that to just by writing a letter, I Hate you for what u did to me….
Pinky comes from behind
Shivay how many days you will remember that cheap girl, even today Tia is waiting for you beta, please marry her beta
Shivay-mom please,not again.if u came to talk about my marriage please leave
Pinky -fine,today your dadi’s best friend Gayatri sighania is coming from London, so dadi wants you to be here by evening 6
Pinky -and please pick up Tia, I want to introduce her as my bahu before she completes Shivay asks her to leave.pinky angrily goes from there
Shivay again looks at the letter.
At sighania mansion
Gayatri -Anika r u sure beta you want to go to Mumbai
Anika -yes dadi, I left that place 3 yrs back for my self respect, now iam going there for my dadu, If I would have listen to him 5 yrs ago today I would not be in this position, I decided from now I will do what ever he says and leaves from there

Gayatri cries thinking how her grand daughter became so stubborn.
Yash-gayathri u r crying again
Gayatri – now what u expect me to do,I lost my son and daughter in law 10 yr ago, after that I lost smile on my anika’s face,and gauri she is not willing to come back to India, bow what should I do
Yash hugs her-don’t cry for my mistakes, I can’t bring our son back but I can bring smile on anika’s face and gauri back to India, I promise because of me Anika became like this, she lost her smile in Mumbai, we will bring her smile back there only,I promise
Gayatri – what do u mean
Yash-I got to know from the private investigator that Anika came to Mumbai from London, now we have to know whom she married and who is the father of ansh
Gayatri -I hope we find him soon
Yash-don’t worry I promise we will find him,wen r u going to meet OBEROIS
Gayatri -in the evening, Kalyani(OBEROIS dadi)will be happy even if u come.
Yash-I will try because I promised Ansh that I will take him water park so will see
Gayatri -ok
What did yash do? Why did Anika came to India 5 yrs back?why did leave Shivay??In next chapter.

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